What is the Largest Jaguar SUV?

The lovely F-Pace is the largest Jaguar SUV on the market today.
Written by Amber Reed
Reviewed by Jessica Barrett
The Sumptuous Jaguar F-Pace is the largest SUV currently offered in Jaguar’s lineup. Based on its cousin, the F-Pace sports car, this luxury SUV offers the practicality of an SUV combined with the sheer beauty and performance of a Jaguar. 
Jaguar fans who crave the performance and style of a Jag but also need more room for kids and cargo will want to take a look at the F-Pace—a roomy, luxurious SUV offering from the renowned premium automaker. With four trim levels, all the latest tech, and top-notch materials, you’ll be able to have the grocery getter of your dreams—and still drive it like a Jaguar.
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Meet the biggest Jaguar SUV: the F-Pace

Jaguar has a smaller lineup than most automakers, perhaps preferring to focus on quality rather than quantity. The
Jaguar F-Pace
is one of two SUVs (out of a total lineup of five) and combines the functionality of an SUV with the performance and posh minimalist design of a Jaguar. 
With two rows of seats and weighing between 4,015 to 4,535 pounds, the Jaguar F-Pace is the largest vehicle in Jaguar’s performance-oriented lineup. A tiny sports car it is not, but you wouldn’t be able to tell based on how it drives. 
You’ll be able to accommodate five in roomy comfort, with large windows and an airy, minimalistic cabin that’s outfitted with the latest tech and premium materials. Engine choices range from a turbocharged inline-four to a mild hybrid six-cylinder and an eight-cylinder supercharged beast. You’ll have plenty of space to stow your gear with a maximum cargo volume of 70.4 cubic feet, and the maximumtowing capacity of 5,291 pounds means that you’ll be able to tow along some extra goodies like a small boat or camper. 
But lest we forget it’s a Jaguar, the F-Pace performs true to its sports car bloodlines. It handles and brakes like a sports sedan, and—depending on your choice of trim—you’ll be able to go 0-60 in anywhere from 6.9 to 3.8 seconds. 
This kind of performance and pedigree doesn’t come cheap, and the F-Pace base trim level has a starting price of $52,400. On the other end of the spectrum, we have the powerful (and insanely fast) SVR model with a whopping 542 horsepower under the hood and a starting price of $89,500
Check out the tables below for more details on key specs for the largest Jaguar SUV in the jungle:


Just want to see the numbers? Check out the interior and exterior details of the Jaguar F-Pace below: 
Exterior dimensions
Width (with mirrors)
Front track width
Rear track width
Ground clearance
Interior dimensions
Maximum seating capacity
Front headroom
Front legroom
Front shoulder room
Second-row headroom
Second-row legroom
Second-row shoulder room

Engine and performance

It’s a Jaguar, so you know there’s something fantastic under the hood. There are three different performance engines that can be had in the F-Pace, depending on the trim level you choose. Check out the specs below: 
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Cargo and towing

Underneath the lustrous exterior styling, you’ll find a very competitive amount of cargo room for a midsize SUV. 
  • Cargo volume behind the first row: 70.4 cubic feet 
  • Cargo volume behind the second row: 32.1 cubic feet
These are respectable numbers when it comes to a midsize SUV, and definitely more than the sleek package might indicate from the outside. 
When it comes to towing, the Jaguar definitely shows that it's far more of a racehorse than a working one. No matter what engine you get, the towing capacity remains the same at 5,291 pounds. This isn’t bad, mind you, and certainly competitive with other midsize SUVs like the
Kia Telluride
. But when you compare it to the maximum towing capacities of 7,000+ on the
and the
Porsche Cayenne
, it falls a little short.  

Jaguar F-Pace vs. the competition

The F-Pace might be the biggest SUV Jaguar makes, but how does it compare to other midsize luxury SUVs? The table below stacks up some key specs for the F-Pace and a few of its most direct competitors. 
Size is fairly consistent here, and the F-Pace stays competitive when it comes to cargo room. In general, Jaguar puts a heavier emphasis on performance than opulence when compared to the likes of BMW and Mercedes, which is something to consider if you love fancy bells and whistles. 
One of the biggest differences when it comes to functionality is that while the F-Pace has a max towing capacity of 5,291 pounds, the competition here falls in the 7,000-pound range. Depending on your needs, this may or may not be an issue—but it’s an indication that the F-Pace is a Jaguar first and an SUV second. 
Starting price
Base curb weight
Seating capacity
Cargo volume w/seats down
Cargo volume w/seats up
2022 Jaguar F-Pace
247 horsepower, 2.0-liter inline four
113.15 inches
187.48 inches
4,015 pounds
70.4 cubic feet
32.1 cubic feet
2022 BMW X5
335 horsepower, 3.0-liter inline four mild hybrid
117.1 inches
194.3 inches
4,828 pounds
72.3 cubic feet
33.9 cubic feet
2022 Porsche Cayenne
335 horsepower, 3.0-liter V6
114 inches
193.7 inches
4,582 pounds
60.3 cubic feet
27.2 cubic feet
2022 Mercedes Benz GLE Class
255 horsepower, 2.0-liter inline four
117.9 inches
194.3 inches
4,718 pounds
74.9 cubic feet
33.3 cubic feet

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