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Looking for car insurance in Alabama? Here you’ll find all the information you need on driving a car in this state, regardless of what kind of car you own, what your budget is, or what kind of driver you are. Whether you live in Birmingham or Mobile, Montgomery or Huntsville — you can read on for the cheapest car insurance, the best car insurance, and the laws you need to know for Alabama car insurance.

How Much is Car Insurance in Alabama?

Why do car insurance quotes differ by state? First of all, each state has different laws around what kind of coverage you need to legally drive. Insurance companies also look at the number of car accidents and thefts in an area, how much people are generally using their car, and how likely an area is to have a natural disaster, among other factors. But while you can’t always control where you live, you can get cheap car insurance by choosing an insurance policy that has the best rates for your needs. If you live in Alabama, here’s what you should know about how much you’ll pay for insurance: On average, drivers in Alabama pay ${averageAnnualPremium} each year for car insurance. This means drivers in Alabama pay ${averageAnnualDiff} the average for the rest of the country. But however much you pay, you can use our advice on this page to save money.

What’s Your Rate?

But how do you know what policy is right for you in Alabama? The truth is that insurance companies take many different factors into account when coming up with your quote. They create a profile based not only on where you live in Alabama, but also on your credit score, marital status, the kind of car you own, and much more.
Not only does your profile change what kind of price you’ll get on car insurance, but it also might change the kind of coverage you want! Not all tiers are the same, and it’s important to know what you’re looking for. You could save money on your monthly or yearly insurance premiums by having a higher deductible. But if you do get into an accident or need to file a claim, that choice will cause you to pay more out of pocket.
The best way to make sure you’re always getting the best coverage for the right price is to let us do all the legwork for you. We can compare quotes from over 40 different insurance companies and find you the best rates in 45 seconds — no matter what kind of coverage you’re looking for.

Real Quotes for Customers in Alabama

CreatedCarsCustomerInsurance CompanyMonthly premiumAmount savedType of coverage
  • Toyota Camry Se
18 year old femaleNational General$127.17$22.83Basic
  • Chevrolet Equinox Lt
35 year old maleSafe Auto$64.50$120.50Basic
  • Toyota Scion Tc
19 year old femaleProgressive$99.67$40.33Basic
  • Honda Civic Ex
35 year old femaleProgressive$85.33$74.67Preferred
  • Toyota Corolla L
23 year old maleTravelers$176.50$89.50Standard

The Cheapest Car Insurance in Alabama

Which companies offer cheap car insurance in Alabama? Below, we’ve ranked Alabama car insurance companies based on which ones have, on average, the cheapest car insurance quotes for basic, standard, and preferred coverage levels for different profiles. These are averages to give you a sense of what drivers in your state are paying. But remember — it’s impossible to know what your quotes will be until you start comparing for yourself. That’s why we’re also showing you some real quotes we were able to find for our members recently. If you shop for insurance wisely, you can get a great deal without sacrificing your own safety and protection.

Cheapest Car Insurance in Alabama for Basic Coverage

There’s all kinds of auto insurance you can get in Alabama, depending on what your priorities are. But if your priority is the least expensive premium payments, you’ll want to check out a basic plan. In most states you legally need car insurance to drive. Basic plans ensure that you have the minimum coverage required by Alabama. These are also plans with liability-only coverage. We were able to look at the average price drivers are paying for basic insurance coverage in Alabama, as well as real quotes from actual customers. You can customize these charts to find rates depending on your driving record, your age, how many cars you drive, you gender, and whether or not you’re a homeowner — all huge factors real insurance companies use in determining rates.

Average Cheapest Car Insurance for Basic Coverage in Alabama

RankCompany nameAvg. Annual Premium
2National General$869

Real Jerry Quotes for Basic Coverage in Alabama

CreatedCarsCustomerInsurance CompanyMonthly premiumAmount saved
  • Kia Forte Fe
23 year old femaleGainsco$51.17$28.83
  • Nissan Titan Xe
  • Chevrolet Tahoe C1500 Lt
  • Honda Accord Dx
34 year old maleProgressive$60.17$79.83
  • Kia Rio Lx
22 year old maleProgressive$114.67$45.33
  • Hyundai Accent Gls
18 year old maleNational General$167$73
  • Chevrolet Camaro Ss
24 year old maleNational General$58.83$238.17

Average Cheapest Car Insurance for Standard Plans in Alabama

Most drivers will want more than the basic minimum coverage that Alabama requires — but still don’t want to break the bank. Standard plans offer both collision insurance and comprehensive insurance which gives you more protection than a basic plan. These plans generally offer a $1,000 deductible.
Below you’ll find the average price drivers are paying for standard insurance coverage in Alabama, as well as real quotes from actual customers. You can customize these charts to find rates depending on your driving record, your age, how many cars you drive, you gender, and whether or not you’re a homeowner. All of these factors can impact premiums, so be sure to take a look at averages and quotes from drivers similar to you!

Average Cheapest Car Insurance for Standard Coverage in Alabama

RankCompany nameAvg. Annual Premium
3National General$1,429
7State Auto$1,692

Real Jerry Quotes for Standard Coverage in Alabama

CreatedCarsCustomerInsurance CompanyMonthly premiumAmount saved
  • Lexus Is 250
52 year old maleProgressive$78.83$93.17
  • Nissan Rogue Sv
  • Ram 2500 Slt
46 year old maleNational General$137.17$62.83
  • Toyota Prius V
  • Mazda Cx-5 Touring
34 year old femaleNational General$101.42$28.58
  • Dodge Charger Se
  • Dodge Ram 1500 St
54 year old maleNational General$132.92$77.08
  • Chevrolet Uplander Ls
35 year old maleNational General$81.58$37.42

Cheapest Car Insurance in Alabama for Preferred Coverage

Preferred coverage protects Alabama drivers the most against any accidents or theft. Like basic plans, you’ll have collision insurance and comprehensive insurance. This is higher end full coverage, generally with $500 deductibles. That means you’ll be paying less out of pocket in the event of a claim. The downside? Your premiums are likely to be higher than what drivers with standard plans are paying. But if you comparison shop, you can still find the preferred insurance policy that’s less expensive.
We were able to look at the average price drivers are paying for preferred insurance coverage in Alabama, as well as real quotes from actual customers. You can customize these charts to find rates depending on your age, your driving record, whether you’re over or under 25 year old, the number of cars your drive, you gender, and if you own a home — all huge factors real insurance companies use in determining rates.

Average Cheapest Car Insurance for Preferred Coverage in Alabama

RankCompany nameAvg. Annual Premium
2National General$1,585
7State Auto$2,135

Real Jerry Quotes for Preferred Coverage in Alabama

CreatedCarsCustomerInsurance CompanyMonthly premiumAmount saved
  • Volkswagen Jetta S
48 year old femaleProgressive$56.83$122.17
  • Kia Forte Ex
26 year old maleProgressive$90.50$21.50
  • Nissan Rogue S
29 year old femaleProgressive$102.67$127.33
  • Honda Civic Si
  • Ford F150
  • Honda Accord Sport
41 year old maleProgressive$103.33$21.67
  • Chevrolet Silverado K1500
30 year old maleProgressive$74.50$75.50
Insurance companyAverage annual premium in Alabama
National General$1,228.33
Bristol West$926
State Auto$2,035.14

Cost to Insure Different Cars in Alabama

Auto insurance companies look into several different factors when coming up with their rates. A big one is what state you’re in — which is why it’s so important for Alabama drivers to compare their rates to people in the same state. The car you drive can be a big factor as well. No matter what town, city, or country you live in, certain cars are just going to cost you more in coverage than others. Check out our chart to find out how much different cars cost to insure in Alabama. And you can use our table of real quotes from customers to see what people just like you are paying.
CreatedCarsCustomerCarrierMonthly premiumAmount savedType of coverage
  • Buick Envision Premium
48 year old femaleNationwide$106.26$107.74Preferred
  • Chevrolet Equinox Lt
38 year old femaleNational General$84.83$78.02Standard
  • Pontiac Montana
48 year old femaleProgressive$96$78Preferred
  • Lexus Es 330
24 year old maleProgressive$182$23Preferred
  • Nissan Sentra 2.0
32 year old maleProgressive$83.33$88.67Standard
  • Honda Accord Ex
21 year old maleAllstate$76.94$183.06Basic
  • Toyota Corolla Base
26 year old maleProgressive$91.67$138.33Preferred

Car Insurance Laws in Alabama

Make sure you are properly insured to drive in Alabama to avoid fines or loss of your license. Like almost all states in the U.S, Alabama requires you to have your vehicle properly insured when driving. This is extremely important to help pay for any damages when car accidents happen. While heavier traffic is usually found in more populated areas in the state, such as Birmingham, Montgomery, and Auburn, accidents can still happen in rural locations.
This is where the protection of auto insurance comes in. Each U.S. state government mandates a minimum amount of insurance that residents in that particular state need to carry. Read on to find out more about the minimum amount of auto insurance that the state of Alabama requires.

What Car Insurance Is Required in Alabama?

To register and drive a “self-propelled” motor vehicle in Alabama, you must first make sure that you have the required amount of insurance coverage. The minimum coverage types required for drivers in Alabama include Bodily Injury Liability (BIL) and Property Damage Liability (PDL). As an at-fault state, Personal Injury Protection (PIP) is not required in Alabama.
Since PIP coverage is not offered in Alabama, as an at-fault state, lost wages are covered in a different way if you are in an accident. BIL pays for any injuries to another driver because of an accident that you cause. So, if the other driver is at fault, their BIL will cover any medical bills related to injuries you suffer and any lost wages from being out of work.
The other kind of required auto insurance coverage you need in an at-fault state like Alabama is PDL. With PDL, if you are at-fault in an accident, your insurance will pay for any property damage caused by your car. In the same way, the other driver’s PDL coverage will cover any damage to your car if they are at fault.
One of the pitfalls of this kind of insurance system is that drivers might not carry enough BIL or PDL coverage to pay for the total amount of damage done to you or your property. Sometimes, even the minimum amounts are not enough to cover these costs, especially if the accident is serious and not just a fender-bender (or if you drive an expensive car).
As an at-fault state, Alabama allows people in a car accident to sue the at-fault driver for any outstanding medical expenses or damage to their motor vehicle not covered by the at-fault driver’s insurance. But you need to do it within two years before the statute of limitations run out.
Another consideration when getting insurance in Alabama is uninsured motorist coverage, or UM/UIM. Alabama law requires insurance companies to offer this kind of coverage, though you can opt out if you choose. But this can make it difficult to recover any losses from a motorist who either doesn’t have any or enough insurance coverage.
For motorists who opt for UM/UIM, the minimum amount you must purchase is $25,000. Hopefully, other drivers follow the law and have the minimum coverage amounts, but it is nice to have the coverage yourself just in case they don’t.

Can You Drive a Car without Insurance in Alabama?

Alabama requires licensed drivers to have a minimum amount of car insurance. In addition, drivers are expected to be able to show proof of insurance if they are stopped for a traffic violation or are in an accident. If they are unable to show proof of insurance, you have 30 days from the day you are cited to provide such proof. Failure to do so will usually result in a suspension of your car registration. It will then cost you $200 to get it reinstated. You must also show proof of insurance before your registration will be reinstated. If you fail to show proof of insurance again within three years, the reinstatement fee goes up to $400.
If you do not carry the minimum required amount of insurance, you also face other penalties, including having to pay a $500 fine for the first offense. Second and subsequent offenses carry a $1,000 fine and could lead to a suspension of your license for six months.
Motorists caught driving without insurance in Alabama also have to file for an SR-22 certificate with their insurance company and keep it on file for one year. Drivers with an SR-22 need to purchase high-risk insurance, which can cost up to $1,000 or more than normal insurance coverage.
##3 What Are the Minimum Car Insurance Requirements in Alabama?
Alabama requires drivers licensed to drive in the state to carry a minimum amount of car insurance. State law requires these minimum amounts to pay for the costs of medical bills and property damage in case of an accident.
To legally drive in Alabama, you must carry the following minimum coverage amounts.
Minimum Insurance Requirements in Alabama
  • Bodily injury/per person/per accident: $25,000
  • Bodily injury/per accident: $50,000
  • Property damage liability: $25,000
  • Underinsured/uninsured motorist: $25,000

Car Registration Information in Alabama

It is important that you also register your vehicle in Alabama before driving it. The owner of the vehicle has 20 days from the date of purchase or acquisition of the vehicle without having to pay any late registration penalties. If you move to Alabama, you have 30 days from the date you move to register your vehicle.
When you register your vehicle in Alabama, you should receive a license plate to place on the rear of your vehicle. The license plate will also have a decal with the month and year for when the registration renewal fee needs to be paid.
You will need to renew your registration each year according to the first letter of your last name.
  • January: A, D
  • February: B
  • March: C, E
  • April: F, G, N
  • May: H, O
  • June: M, I
  • July: P, L
  • August: J, K, R
  • September: Q, S, T
  • October: U, V, W, X, Y, Z
  • October/November: Commercial Vehicles National Guard Tags
When renewing your license plates, you can do so one of three ways, either at a local County Office, through the mail, or through your specific county’s website. Keep in mind that not all counties in Alabama offer registration renewal using the online method.
The cost for initially registering or renewing your registration in Alabama depends primarily on the vehicle type you are renewing the registration for. This varies from $15 to $23, depending on whether you are registering a motorcycle, passenger car, or truck.
In addition to paying a registration fee, you will also need the following documents when registering a new vehicle in your name.
  • Valid Alabama driver’s license
  • Vehicle registration (if applicable)
  • Proof of car insurance
  • Current license plate (if replacing it)
  • Certificate of title (if you own the vehicle)
  • Vehicle identification number (VIN) (usually found on the vehicle registration)

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