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Alabama is among the most affordable states for car insurance. Drivers in Alabama pay an average of $2,282 per year for basic liability insurance. Buying collision and comprehensive coverage results in an average cost of $2,711 per year.
By comparison, the national average is $1,627 per year to buy basic liability car insurance and $2,297 per year to buy full-coverage car insurance.
To keep your rates low and your coverage optimized in the Heart of Dixie, Jerry has compiled a guide to everything you need to know about car insurance in Alabama. There's a reason they call us the super app.

Best Car Insurance Companies in Alabama

Which company has the cheapest car insurance in Alabama? Turns out, there's no single answer to that question—because the best insurance company is just the best company for you.
GEICO, Progressive, and Nationwide are among the auto insurance companies offering the best rates for Alabama drivers in 2022. But because every insurance company use a wide range of information—from your credit score and driving history to your ZIP code and profession—to calculate your rate. For instance, if you or a family member are an active service military member, you might qualify for a good rate from USAA.
Discounts matter, too. Maybe you’ve found an awesome low rate on auto insurance from GEICO, but you’re already buying homeowners insurance from Allstate. Bundling your auto coverage with a home or renters policy from the same company could earn you a discount that would bring your average premium even lower than that super-tempting rate from the other insurer!
The only way to find the best Alabama car insurance company for you is to compare rates from multiple companies. You can do this the old-fashioned way—phonebook, pad of paper, and your trusty calculator—or you can download the Jerry app and get (nearly) instant access to quotes from over 55 top insurance companies, including the big names and the little guys.
Your quote comparison is completely free and should take 45 seconds or less. That's the fastest way to track down the best car insurance company for you. Check out the table below to see what real Jerry customers paid with various Alabama insurers!

Compare best car insurance quotes in Alabama

Below are some examples of actual quotes Jerry customers in Alabama got recently—but when looking at these figures, keep in mind that your quotes might not look identical. That's because your unique profile (including your age, driving record, claims history, and more) determines your final rate.
Want to see your own version of the numbers on this table? Download the Jerry app.
Quote DateCarCityNameAgeCarrier
Before Jerry
After Jerry
October 1, 2022Chevrolet Equinox SportBirminghamNancy H.26National General$92/mo.$84/mo.
September 26, 2022Lexus CT 200HuntsvilleAgnes P.60Progressive$190/mo.$85/mo.
October 2, 2022Nissan Sentra SMontgomeryLuella L.52Progressive$126/mo.$108/mo.
September 25, 2022Buick Encore EssenceTuscaloosaLily W.61Progressive$387/mo.$126/mo.
September 29, 2022Nissan Rogue Sport SFlorenceMarion S.23Assurance America$150/mo.$138/mo.
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How much does auto insurance cost in Alabama?

Auto insurance in Alabama is relatively affordable compared to the rest of the country. Why? Relatively low population density and low minimum car insurance requirements keep average rates manageable overall.
But that doesn't mean it can't be expensive to insure a car in Alabama—and "expensive" means something different for every car owner. So what can make car insurance in Alabama expensive?
  • Population density: The state's major cities, such as Birmingham and Huntsville, have higher accident rates due to busier traffic, which means pricier car insurance rates.
  • High crime rates: Alabama's rates of both violent crime and property crime are higher than the national average, which raises the risk to insurers of covering a car in the state.
  • Extreme weather: Alabama is part of both the Gulf Coast and Dixie Alley, making it prone to severe weather from hurricanes to tornadoes, both of which can cause serious damage to your vehicle.
But even if you're in a high-crime urban area or close to a major flood zone, you can still find affordable car insurance in Alabama—and you don't even need to pick up the phone to do it.
Okay, you might need to physically pick up your phone (unless you're using voice controls) to download the Jerry app. But once you've entered your information, Jerry does the rest, pulling quotes, comparing rates, and even helping you cancel your old policy once the new coverage is in place. No phone calls required and no endless paperwork—that's what you've got the world's fastest insurance broker for!
Want to know more about car insurance in Alabama? Check out the tables below.
Now let's break things down a little further. The total cost of car insurance in Alabama depends on how much coverage you buy.
The bare minimum coverage in Alabama, as in most states, is liability insurance. In this case, that's $25,000 per person and $50,000 per accident in bodily injury liability coverage, along with $25,000 per accident in property damage liability. (You might hear people call this 25/50/20 liability coverage.)
But that's not the only kind of insurance you might want to carry in Alabama—just the minimum liability coverage required by law. Liability insurance only covers other drivers' expenses in the event of an at-fault accident, so many drivers choose to add comprehensive and collision insurance to their policy. This combination, often referred to as a so-called "full-coverage policy," pays for repairs to your car if it's damaged in an accident or another incident (including severe weather, vandalism, and theft).
The graph below shows how much you'll add to your overall insurance costs by adding comprehensive and collision coverage to your policy in Alabama.

Why is full coverage insurance so expensive in Alabama?

As you can see from the graph above, sticking to Alabama’s minimum requirements will keep your costs lower. The higher coverage levels of a full-coverage policy mean you’ll pay more to insure your ride, especially if it’s an expensive or unique vehicle.
But it may be worth it to carry full coverage—and if you drive a financed vehicle, it may even be a requirement from your lender! Comprehensive and collision coverage aren’t the only insurance add-ons you might want to consider, either: personal injury protection (PIP) and uninsured motorist coverage are also strong options.

Best auto insurance for bad drivers in Alabama

Listen: we aren't here to judge. Everyone's had their bad days behind the wheel, and even though most people insist they're good drivers, most of us have at least one speeding ticket or other minor infraction on our records.
If that's you—and even if you've got a bigger violation in your past, like a DUI or a reckless driving charge—your insurance premium is likely higher as a result. That's because insurance companies see driving violations as red flags for driving risk. Just one speeding ticket can cause your insurance rate to rise. Rack up enough points on your driver’s license, and you're liable to be labeled a "high-risk driver."
But don't take this as a sign that you'll never be able to find affordable coverage. In fact, Jerry's an expert at finding reasonable rates for drivers whose record is less than stellar. We'll keep it real: you're not likely to find rates as low as drivers with clean records, but you can still track down some serious savings by using the app to shop.
Want to see for yourself? Check out the table below to see the rates Alabama drivers found—even with imperfect records.

Car Insurance Cost by Violation Type:

Driving Violation
Average Cost
Annual Savings with Jerry
Clean Record$2,335$771
Wrong Way/Wrong Lane$4,032$2,233
Racing/Drag Racing$5,046$1,818
Improper Passing$3,598$1,727
Illegal Turn$3,209$1,317
Failure to Obey Traffic Sign$3,222$1,209
Driving on Sus. License$3,212$1,201
Speeding under 15$2,948$1,122
Careless Driving$3,422$1,110

Alabama Driving Violation FAQ's

Insurance Cost With a DUI in Alabama
If you get a DUI in Alabama, you can expect your car insurance to increase by an average of $74.98 each month.
Read More
Insurance Cost With a Reckless Driving Citation in Alabama
If you receive a reckless driving citation, you can expect your insurance to rise to an average of $187.66 per month.
Read More
Average Ticket Cost in Alabama
Tickets in Alabama can cost drivers a minimum of $150 to a maximum of $300. Watch your speed on the road—it could save lives (and your wallet).
Read More
DUI Arrest Rates in Alabama
Alabama has a DUI arrest rate of 160 drivers per 100,000 people, which is below the national average.
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Alabama auto insurance rates by age

Fatal car accidents account for half of the preventable deaths of Alabama residents under age 18. That's higher than the national average, and it's serious news for young Alabama drivers.
Here's the reality: statistics show that teen drivers have a higher rate of accidents and violations. That's not because young drivers are naturally bad, or because some magical responsibility switch flips on your 25th birthday and makes you a perfect driver. But in general, drivers with less experience are more likely to get into accidents than drivers who've been navigating the perils of the road for decades.
If you're under age 25 and trying to find affordable insurance in Alabama, don't despair. You don't need to be a statistic. Take a defensive driving course or maintain a B average or better in school, and you could qualify for a discounted rate.
Even without discounts, you can still find a great deal by shopping around and maintaining a clean driving record.

Affordable auto insurance in Alabama for young drivers

More statistics for you:
  • Alabama drivers between age 21 and 25 have the highest risk of fatal accidents
  • Men are more likely to be in a fatal accident
  • Alabama ranks 41st in the nation for teenage driver safety
Think of it this way: no matter what, you're in for an automatic discount on your insurance once you age out of that high-risk category. But until then, Jerry will help you navigate an industry that's trying to overcharge you based on age.
Building good credit can help you save money on insurance as a young driver. So will getting married—yes, your insurance company will check your marital status!
Take a look at the table below to see how much Alabama drivers pay for car insurance based on their age.

Alabama car insurance rates by city

Remember those algorithms we talked about earlier? Your zip code plays a big role in those algorithms, which means that you could pay a different rate based on which Alabama city you live in.
High population density and crime rates tend to translate to higher average car insurance rates, so if you're living in a crowded neighborhood that's a little rough around the edges, you're probably paying more for your coverage than you would in a quiet rural area. But rural drivers face their own problems: speeding on rural roads leads to high fatality rates, which can also raise your rate.
Want to see how prices in your area compare to the rest of Alabama? Check out the breakdown in the table below:
Average Cost
Annual Savings with Jerry
Alexander City$1,816$711
Phenix City$2,265$832

Alabama City Car Insurance FAQs:

Least Expensive Cities in Alabama
On the other hand, Enterprise is the least expensive city in Alabama for car insurance. Annual car insurance costs in Enterprise will cost you an average of $996.
Cities with Highest Rates of Accidents in Alabama
Auburn has the highest accident rates in Alabama—16.04% of drivers have a prior at-fault accident already on their record. Living in a high-accident area means higher insurance rates.
Read More
Cities with the Longest Commute Times in Alabama
Holtville has the longest commute time in Alabama at 39.1 minutes, on average. Longer driving times and more traffic means more risk of filing a claim, not to mention the miles you’ll be adding to your vehicle—all of which raise premiums.
Read More

Average cost of car insurance in Alabama by vehicle model

Your insurance rate also depends on what car you drive.
For a conservatively-priced model like a Nissan Altima, you should be able to find a reasonable quote. That's because the Altima has good safety ratings, comparatively low repair costs, and an overall lower value.
But what if you're insuring a more expensive vehicle, like a Ford F-150 Raptor? Because the vehicle itself is more expensive, repair and replacement costs will be higher, meaning that any insurance company will charge you more to insure your super truck than for the Altima.
You're also likely to pay less to insure a car you don't drive often. But if you're looking for a policy on a luxury vehicle like a BMW X3 or a Porsche Cayman, you can expect to shell out the big bucks.
Average Cost
Annual Savings with Jerry
Kia Optima LX$2,756$1,228
Nissan Altima 2.5$2,414$867
Ford Fusion SE$2,516$774
Toyota Corolla L$2,221$770
Chevrolet Lumina Base$1,680$689
Most Popular Car in Alabama
The most popular vehicle in Alabama is the Toyota Camry. The average Camry driver pays $1,426 a year in car insurance.
Best Fuel Efficient Non-Hybrid Vehicle Alabama
The Mitsubishi Mirage offers a great combined 39 mpg between highway and city driving. If you want a fuel efficient non-hybrid, the Mirage is an obvious choice.
Best Fuel Efficient Hybrid Vehicle Alabama
The 2022 Hyundai Ioniq has an average 59 mpg, making it a great option for a fuel-efficient hybrid.
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Least Expensive Car to Maintain Alabama
The Toyota Prius is one of the most cost-effective cars to maintain over the course of ten years. With a 10-year maintenance cost of $4,000, you can’t go wrong with the Prius.
Read More
Most Expensive Car to Maintain Alabama
With ten-year costs totalling over $15,000, the BMW X1 is one of the most expensive cars to maintain.
Read More

What are the auto insurance requirements in Alabama?

Just about every state has minimum insurance requirements that you must meet before you can hit the road.
Alabama drivers must carry minimum amounts of liability insurance. If you’re at fault in an accident, your liability insurance will cover expenses for the other driver—but it won’t cover your car or your medical bills. However, you’ll pay the lowest rates if you stick to the state’s minimum liability limits.
In Alabama, minimum insurance requirements are $25,000 for bodily injury liability per person, $50,000 of bodily injury liability for each accident, and $25,000 of property liability for each accident. These minimum requirements are known as the 25/50/25 rule.
If you get pulled over by the police, make sure you show proof of insurance coverage, a driver’s license, and registration. Proof of insurance is also necessary for vehicle registration.
No, Alabama is not a no-fault state—Alabama is an at-fault state. In the event of an accident, liability is assigned to the driver who is “at-fault.” Partial liability may be given to both parties, too. Liability insurance will then be taken from the at-fault party to pay for the expenses.
If you want to build out your insurance policy a little more to cover your own car, you'll need to consider options like:
Uninsured motorist coverage pays out if you're in an accident with someone who doesn't carry liability insurance. It's a good idea to buy this coverage in Alabama, where an estimated 19.5% of the people behind the wheel are fully uninsured drivers. An additional 8.5% have less than the required coverage, which is where that "underinsured" part comes in.
Collision coverage and comprehensive insurance are smart additions no matter where you drive, but especially in areas with high crime rates, dense traffic, or severe weather patterns. Here are a few different factors that impact the additional coverage you may need in Alabama:
Though Alabama is ranked 14th for least traffic, it also has high accident rates. Get insured with collision insurance for protection from collision-related damages that liability won’t cover.
Read More
Alabama has more motor vehicle thefts per year than the national average. Only comprehensive insurance can protect you from motor vehicle theft, so it’s worth getting—plus, it offers coverage for weather damage and vandalism.
Uninsured Drivers: Uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage Alabama
19.5% of drivers in Alabama are uninsured—that’s almost 1/5th of people on the road. And if you’re in an accident with a liable uninsured driver, you might not be covered. The risk is so high in Alabama that insurers are legally required to offer $25,000 in uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage, though customers can choose to opt out.
Read More
Alabama residents rate the state a 6.28/10 for road quality, which isn’t exactly a glowing review. Make sure you’re safe from the stray pothole by getting roadside assistance to help with flats, towing, and more.

How to save money on auto insurance in Alabama

No matter where you live or what you drive in Alabama, no matter what your credit history looks like, no matter what coverage limits you want to meet, you can save on your premium by following these smart tips from Jerry.

Shop for quotes (more than once)

You've probably heard it before: the best way to shop for car insurance is to compare rates. But did you know that experts recommend comparison insurance quotes every six months?
If that sounds like more than you can handle, think again. In addition to nearly-instant quotes from over 55 top insurers, Jerry carries out routine price monitoring to make sure that you're always on top of the best rates.
Instead of buying one policy from a single company and accepting that rate for the next ten (or twenty, or thirty) years, you could get fresh, competitive car insurance premiums once a year or more often—and make overpaying for car insurance a thing of the past!

Look into discounts

Just about every insurance company offers discounts based on driving behavior, payment history, loyalty, demographics, and more—but most companies don't directly advertise all of their discounts.
That means you could be leaving lower rates on the table unless you check for the discounts you qualify for. Alabama drivers should look out for the following discounts:
Clean Driving Record Discounts
Having a clean driving record speaks volumes. If you drive safe and don’t make many insurance claims, your carrier will reward you with reduced prices.
Bundling Discounts
Car insurance customers who also get home or renters insurance with the same carrier can get a bundling discount.
Good Student Discounts Alabama
Drivers with a “B” average or higher in their classes could get a good student discount with certain carriers. This can save students 5-20% on their premium.
Safety Ratings and Anti-theft Discounts
Vehicles that have high safety ratings and anti-theft technology mean you’re safer in your car. Carriers will offer lower rates for safer vehicles.

Increase your deductible

Raising your deductible might be the easiest way to slash your monthly car insurance payments—just make sure that your updated deductible is something you can still afford to pay if necessary!
Your car insurance deductible is the amount you'll pay out of pocket on a claim before your insurance kicks in. Common deductibles include $500 and $1000, although it's possible to get a higher or lower deductible in many cases.
The higher your deductible is, the less you'll pay on a regular basis to maintain the policy. That's easy savings—but it's not worth it unless you know that you'd be able to pay the full deductible if you had to.
Here's what you need to know about
car insurance in Alabama:
  • Alabama requires $28 more in coverage than the national average
  • Jerry can help Alabama drivers lower their cost of living
  • Quote comparison sites are one easy and free way to find good car insurance rates
  • Minimum coverage follows the 25/50/25 rule. Drivers in Alabama need a minimum of $25,000 of bodily injury coverage, $50,000 of bodily injury liability per accident, and $25,000 of coverage for property.

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