How an Audi Lease Return Works

As your Audi lease nears its end, you will need to thoroughly clean your vehicle, have it inspected, and research new lease offers if you need a replacement.
Written by Rob Shapiro
Reviewed by Jessica Barrett
As your
lease comes to its end, you’ll need to thoroughly clean your vehicle, have it inspected, and bring your keys, and, of course, your Audi, to a designated drop-off place. If you want to lease a new Audi after your current lease period ends, you will need to research current offers available from Audi to find the best deal.
Leasing is a great alternative to financing or buying a car. It lets you enjoy a new car every few years and gives you access to vehicles that might normally be out of your price range to purchase. Sounds pretty amazing, right?
To make it a truly stress-free experience, you need to know how to return your car once your lease has expired. An Audi lease return is straightforward, but there are a few steps, none of which can be skipped.
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How an Audi lease return works

Once your Audi lease expires, you’ll have three options for what to do next: 
We’ve already covered the
Audi lease buyout process
in a separate article, so let’s focus on the other two options here.
First, check out the
lease-end guide
available on Audi’s website to plan your end-of-lease journey. This is a simple, helpful tool that makes sure you know exactly what to do with your Audi before the lease ends. It’s a great way to avoid a misstep, which can cost you money or delay getting a new car.

If you want to return your leased Audi and walk away

The first option is to simply return your Audi and walk away. In most cases, you have a lease lined up with a different dealership. This way, you won’t be without a car for even a day. 
Here is what you need to do before returning your Audi if you intend to just walk away.
  • Make sure your lease is fully paid. You can’t walk away from a leased car if you still owe money on it.
  • Note any wear and tear.A dealership might want to charge you for wear and tear, so you need to make a list to negate surprises. One tip is to wash your car so that the exterior is clean and easy to inspect.
  • Clean the interior.You can pay to get your car detailed or do it yourself. If you choose to do it yourself, be thorough. Make sure you vacuum, wipe down surfaces to remove dirt and dust, and polish whatever you can. If you don’t, a dealer will—and it will cost you.
  • Remove any modifications.Anything you installed on or in the car is considered aftermarketand should be removed before you return your car. If not, you will be charged for its removal.
  • Schedule a lease-end inspection. Follow the instructions from Audi to have an authorized inspector take a look at your car. You can have an inspection performed at your home, at your office, or at an Audi dealership.
The most important thing is to check with the Audi dealership you intend to return your car to beforehand, as some have their own rules.  

If you want to lease a new Audi

If you love being an Audi owner, you can sign a new lease and drive away with a new model after returning your vehicle. Dealerships make this option as easy as possible since it’s their preference. 
You want to start this process by following the steps in the section above to prepare your current Audi for return and schedule an inspection. Next, you’ll need to:
  • Pick a new Audi model.
  • Choose a dealership.
  • Browse current offers to see if there’s a deal that appeals to you and/or that you’re eligible for. 
  • You can also sign up for the Audi Loyalty Program, which will get you a 1% rate reduction.
You should also take these steps to make sure you get the deal and package you want:
  • Review your finance options and decide which is best for you.
  • Review the Audi Care packages and all warranty and coverage options. 

How to return an Audi lease early

The best course of action to return your Audi is to wait until the lease has ended. Every situation is different, though, and sometimes you may want to terminate a lease early. 
While this is more complicated, it is a doable option.In most cases, your dealership can help you with either buying out your lease or trading your car in for a new model and, subsequently, a new lease. Either way, an amount will be calculated based on what you owe for the remainder of your lease. Sometimes, if your vehicle has more value than the amount you owe, you can put the difference toward your new lease. 
One way to avoid paying any unnecessary fees is to
transfer your lease to another person
. This is a non-standard lease-end option, so you’ll have to work with your Audi dealer to make it happen. Remember, it’s easiest to pass your lease on to someone with a credit score that’s equal to or better than your own and who has a high enough income to afford the car

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Yes, you can return your Audi to any authorized dealership. You might have to schedule an appointment beforehand.
Yes, if you want to return your Audi lease early, you have some options, including transferring your lease to another person. If you want to return your car for a newer model or break your lease, you may have to buy it out.
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