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With GarageGuard™, never worry if you’re overpaying for car repairs or maintenance again. Get clarity on what you need done and what the right price is, right now. Find trusted repair shops to do the work.
Track Maintenance Schedule
GarageGuard™ tracks your car's scheduled maintenance, alerts you to service needs, and estimates the cost. From oil changes to tire rotations and more, Jerry remembers so you don't have to.
Diagnose Car Issues
Something not working right? GarageGuard™ can help diagnose the issue. Choose from common issues or symptoms and Jerry will explain the problem and solutions.
Find a Shop
GarageGuard™ lists trustworthy, vetted mechanics in your area. Connect with the shop directly from the app.
Estimate Repair Costs
See estimates for parts, labor and completion time for local repair and maintenance services for your specific vehicle. Know the costs. Avoid surprises.

It’s all in the AllCar™ app.

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