8 Top GMC Terrain Competitors

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If you’ve got your eye on a new GMC Terrain, you should consider top competitors, like the cheeky new
Bronco Sport
, the legendary
Jeep Cherokee
, or the refined new
Mazda CX-50
before you make your purchase.
The 2022 GMC Terrain gets a truck-centric glow up for 2022, but that doesn’t improve its off-road specs, even with available all-wheel-drive. If you’re looking for chrome-forward style, the Terrain will likely get you going, but when it comes to performance capabilities, the Terrain falls far behind most of its competitors.
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, has gathered the deets on 8 of the GMC Terrain’s top competitors.

1. Chevrolet Equinox

Starting price: $27,695 to $32,895
Selling points: Cavernous interior, agile handling
Weak spot: Sluggish powertrain, pricey for what you get
The fact that the
Chevy Equinox
is one of the most popular compact crossovers is actually surprising. Yes, it has ample passenger space, and enough infotainment features to suit even the most tech-savvy driver. In terms of interior quality and storage space, though, it falls woefully short of its competitors, including the GMC Terrain.
Adding insult to injury, the Equinox’s 170-horsepower 1.5-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder lacks the power necessary to motivate the ute past anything more than sluggish performance—especially when paired with the heavier AWD system. That said, the Equinox is agile around corners, and otherwise pleasing to drive, as long as you don’t need to pass anyone.

2. Mazda CX-5

Starting price: $27,975 to $40,925
Selling points: Agile handling and upscale styling 
Weak spot: Forgettable towing capacity and sluggish powertrain
Where the CX-50 offers a more rugged appearance than we’ve come to expect from Mazda, the
Mazda CX-5
plays up the brand’s reputation for affordable luxury and style. A mid-cycle refresh in 2022 turned up the style on the CX-5’s exterior and tuned up the performance on the transmission for a smoother performance. Like the CX-50, AWD is standard for the CX-5, making it a solid competitor for both the GMC Terrain and its Mazda sibling, the CX-50.
CX-5s offer the same powertrain options as the CX-50 with a standard 187-horsepower 4-cylinder and a range-topping turbocharged 256-horsepower 4-cylinder available at higher trims. No matter the engine, the CX-5’s handling is athletic, and its ride is smooth—this coupled with a luxurious interior set the Mazda apart from the GMC Terrain. 

3. Volkswagen Tiguan

Starting price: $27,785 to $38,615
Selling points: Plenty of cabin space, agile handling
Weak spot: No-frills interior, poor off-road performance
If you’re looking for a ute that offers family-friendly amounts of space, the
Volkswagen Tiguan
will be the strongest competition for the GMC Terrain for you. The Tiguan’s long wheelbase sets it apart from other compact crossovers, and allows room for a functional third row of seating. 
Though it doesn’t offer much by way of towing power, the Tiguan comes equipped with a 184-hp turbocharged 4-cylinder that offers a delightfully sporty, responsive driving experience. Like the Terrain, the Tiguan features standard front-wheel-drive (FWD), with AWD optional on all trims. 
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4. Kia Sportage

Starting price: $27,285 to $38,085
Selling points: Lots of options for the price, comfortable ride, large passenger cabin
Weak spot: Weak base engine
When buyers look at a Kia price tag, it’s easy to assume the old adage—you get what you pay for. But with a Kia, nothing could be further from the truth—you get much more than you pay for. This alone makes the 2023
Kia Sportage
a strong competitor for the GMC Terrain, but a complete makeover for 2023 adds bold styling, increased cargo capacity, and a larger passenger cabin, plus a class-leading tech package with loads of standard features on the base model.
The Sportage really pushes past the competition with its newly available hybrid and plug-in hybrid powertrains, and available X-Pro trim that adds off-road potential unheard of in the GMC Terrain.

5. Hyundai Tucson

Starting price: $25,245 to $43,775 
Selling points: Zippy turbocharged engine, classy cabin
Weak spot: Diminutive cargo capacity, poor fuel economy
Like Kia, Hyundai doesn’t skimp when it comes to value, even in low-level trims. Unlike Kia, though, the
Hyundai Tucson
’s 2022 redesign didn’t add any additional room for cargo, but a well-equipped cabin and rugged XRT model still make it stiff competition for the GMC Terrain. 
Hybrid and plug-in hybrid powertrain options push the Tucson ahead of the Terrain in terms of fuel economy, and all trims offer a full boat of driver assists and plentiful tech features. That said, if you’re looking for a volume knob on the infotainment system, you won’t find one here. 

6. Honda CR-V

Starting price: $28,045 to $36,600
Selling points: Plentiful storage, above-average fuel economy
Weak spot: Unimpressive towing capacity, uncouth base engine 
Honda CR-V
may not wow any drivers with over-the-top performance on or off road. But if you’re looking for a functional ute with great fuel efficiency, plenty of cargo space, and a comfy ride on long trips, the CR-V is a great option to the GMC Terrain. 
Though it may not be the most playful crossover, the base CR-V’s turbocharged 1.5-liter 4-cylinder paired with a smooth-shifting CVT, make it pleasing to drive. The hybrid system, available on upper trims is smooth and unobtrusive, even if it’s not as peppy as some of its rivals.

7. Ford Bronco Sport

Starting price: $30,410 to $38,185
Selling points: Cheeky, retro styling and legit off-road chops
Weak spot: Weak base engine, tight back seat 
If you’re truly looking for a balance between urban living and outdoor adventure, the
Bronco Sport
is the perfect compact crossover for you. Squared-off styling makes for ample headroom and cargo space, even if the cabin materials can appear a bit cut-rate when compared to competitors, like the GMC Terrain.
Where the baby Bronco really shines, though, is off-road. Hitting a legit trail isn’t even a possibility in the Terrain, but the Bronco Sport is built for 4-wheeling. AWD is standard, and even without the lifted suspension and upgraded dampers of the top-trim Badlands (which only adds $8K to the base price, by the way), the Bronco has more than enough clearance to tackle some pretty tough trails.

8. Toyota Rav4

Starting price: $28,310 to $38,250 
Selling points: Loaded with standard driver assists, comfortable ride
Weak spot: Spartan base model, boring handling
Toyota Rav4
may not be the most fun compact SUV to drive, but when it comes to passenger room and cargo capacity, it’s a tough competitor for the GMC Terrain. Base trims offer affordability and utility, but not much more, meaning buyers will have to climb the trim ladder at least halfway to gain access to the creature comforts found on the base models of some of the Terrain’s other rivals. 
Under the hood, all Rav4’s feature a 203-horsepower 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine with FWD standard and optional AWD on some trims. If you’re able to add $10K to your base price, you can take advantage of the exciting new
TRD Off Road
trim that adds larger tires and off-road-tuned suspension to the
XLE Premium
trims’ already impressive off-road starter packages.    

GMC Terrain vs. the competition

Want to see it all laid out? Below is our side-by-side comparison of the 2022 GMC Terrain with its fiercest competitors.
Starting price range
Engine options
Maximum seating capacity
Maximum cargo volume
Maximum towing capacity
Maximum fuel economy (city/highway/combined)
$30,410 to $31,295
Turbocharged 4-cylinder
5 seats
63.3 cubic ft
1500 lb
25/28/26 mpg
$27,695 to $32,895
Turbocharged 4-cylinder
5 seats
63.9 cubic ft
3500 lb
24/30/26 mpg
$27,975 to $40,925
4-cylinder or turbocharged 4-cylinder
5 seats
59.6 cubic ft
1500 lb
24/30/26 mpg
$27,785 to $38,615
Turbocharged 4-cylinder
7 seats
65.3 cubic ft
1500 lb
23/30/26 mpg
$27,285 to $38,085
5 seats
60.1 cubic ft
2500 lb
25/32/28 mpg
$25,245 to $43,775
4-cylinder or hybrid
5 seats
74.8 cubic ft
2000 lbs
37/36/37 mpg
$28,045 to $39,045
Turbocharged 4-cylinder
5 seats
75.8 cubic ft
1500 lbs
28/34/30 mpg
$30,410 to $38,185
Turbocharged 3- or 4-cylinder
5 seats
65.2 cubic ft
2200 lb
25/28/26 mpg
$28,310 to $38,250
5 seats
69.8 cubic ft
3500 lbs
25/32/28 mpg
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