How an Audi Lease Buyout Works

Loving your new E-tron, A4, or Q7 and ready to keep it? Here’s the guide for you.
Written by Max Werner
Reviewed by Jessica Barrett
Love your A4 or E-tron enough to make things permanent? Time to negotiate an Audi lease buyout. Don’t worry, it’s a simple process. But, you’ll need to dig up lots of essential information—from repair history to lease agreements.
Leasing, especially today, is a popular way to shop for vehicles. It allows you to drive your dream car without destroying your budget and while circumventing the usual hassles of ownership. The best part about leasing, though, is the flexibility. Looking to trade up? Sure. Want to keep driving it? You can do that too!
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Ready for true Audi ownership? Let’s get rolling.

What is a lease buyout?

New to
car lease
buyouts? Here's the short of it. Lease buyouts allow drivers to purchase a leased vehicle for the remaining cost. Opting to buy out your lease means you’ll pay the residual value—the remaining cost of your lease plus interest—to assume full ownership of the vehicle. This is different from turning in your car to the actual owner.
Here are the two most popular forms of a lease buyout:
  • Lease-end buyout: This type of buyout occurs at the end of the leasing period and is the most common. Once your contract expires, negotiate with the current owner to buy the vehicle instead of initiating a return.
  • Early lease buyout: While many drivers wait until the expiration date to initiate a transfer, it’s not required! If your mind is set on full ownership, you can buy out a lease early. But beware: early buyouts come with unique challenges.

How an Audi lease buyout works

Your lease term is approaching its end, but you can’t bear to see your Audi go? Follow these steps to complete an Audi lease buyout:
  • Initiate a direct purchase from the
    Audi payoff quote page
    . You can initiate a direct purchase at any time. You can also receive purchase documents by mail. Keep in mind that if you’re a driver in Colorado, Florida, or South Carolina, then you must begin the process in person at your preferred Audi dealership.
  • Secure a purchase agreement package. This can be done at the purchase payoff page or by calling 888-237-2834. The package contains a bill of sale, odometer disclosure page, titling information page, and checklist document.
  • Make a check to VCI Account Services. Your package will list a payoff price. This can be paid via check to VCI, LLC.
  • Bring required documentation to the DMV. You should gather the title, bill of sale, and odometer disclosure statement.
  • Complete a title transfer. Once at the DMV, you can initiate a complete title transfer by presenting the aforementioned documents. Just complete the title application—making sure to mention the lienholder, if applicable.
Your last step? Drive into the sunset. After the payoff process, you now have full ownership of your vehicle!
Key takeaway A direct purchase can be completed at any time. If you’re within 90 days of the lease-end period, you cannot receive a payoff quote from the
Audi payoff quote page
. Instead, call Audi directly to negotiate your price.

Will Audi finance a lease buyout?

It’s possible to work alongside your Audi dealer or Audi financial services to negotiate a buyout, but doing so won’t result in the best deal. You should always compare at least three financial offers before accepting an offer.
The logic is simple—dealerships are inclined to upcharge customers to meet strict quotas. Sometimes, getting a bank or credit union car loan gives you more leeway. These financial institutions value relationships and constant continued business, so you can usually rely on them for more competitive quotes.
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icon4.7/5 rating on the App Store | Trusted by 5+ million customers and 7 million cars
icon4.7/5 app rating | Trusted by 5M+ drivers

Is an Audi lease buyout worth it? 

On paper, ownership will always seem like the best option—but everyone's finances are different. It’s important to crunch the numbers and weigh your options before entering the buyout process.

How to calculate Audi lease buyout fees

Audi makes it easy to call their financial services and discover a quote. But the do-it-yourself crowd won’t have much trouble either. Let’s break down how to calculate Audi lease buyout fees.
Check the lease agreement for your vehicle’s residual value. You should find this number under your agreement's “contract” section. Once known, plug this number into an online service to estimate your vehicle’s current value.
Next, compare the actual (current) value with the residual value. In an ideal situation, you want the actual value to be more than the residual value—meaning you’d pay less. Higher actual values give you more wiggle room during a quote negotiation.
This won’t always be the case, though. Maybe your car has gone through a few accidents, seen excessive wear and tear, or driven a few too many miles. A buyout is not your best option if you must pay extra to cover the difference between the actual and residual value of your vehicle.

When it’s better not to buy out an Audi lease

There are a few reasons not to consider a buyout. Here are the most popular:
  • You have difficulty getting approved for a low interest rate
  • You prefer something newer or a different model
  • Your Audi has seen multiple accidents, repairs, or significant wear and tear
Often, a buyout just isn’t worth the price you’ll pay. If any of the above-mentioned circumstances apply to you, consider signing a new lease or returning the vehicle. You can always buy a different model, year, or make upfront once the current lease is off your hands.
Waiting to buy out from an ongoing lease has its own benefits—smart spending can improve your credit score and help you build stronger lender relationships over time. 

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