Is the Jerry App Legit?

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Yes, the Jerry app is a legitimate and licensed insurance broker that is backed by groundbreaking AI technology. Not only is Jerry the No. 1 rated insurance comparison app, users find an average annual savings of $879 a year!
Jerry uses rocket science (just kidding, it’s actually artificial intelligence and machine learning) to help make car ownership affordable and easy for everyone.
Jerry compares rates from 50+ insurance companies, including many top national companies such as Metlife, Travelers, Progressive, Allstate, Nationwide, AAA, etc., as well as regional insurance companies that offer competitive local rates, in real time.
All you have to do is answer a few simple questions (that take roughly 45 seconds) and Jerry will pull information about your existing policy and offer you coverage options that are equal or better than your current plan.
When you find a policy that works for your coverage needs and budget, Jerry cancels your old one. Translation: no phone calls and no annoying forms required.
Even though Jerry is the (proven!) best way to shop for car insurance online, it makes sense to be cautious when sharing your information online. So let’s pull back the curtain on how Jerry helps people find cheap car insurance.
"I dreaded searching for new insurance with a better rate because, let’s face it, the whole process is daunting. But these guys took all the work out of it. They took care of everything, including canceling the current policy so I didn’t have to. Amazing, amazing, amazing." — Jerry user

Is it a legitimate company?

Yes, Jerry is a legitimate, licensed insurance broker that has over 1 million users in the United States.
Jerry is currently the top-rated insurance app on the App Store because of its friendly-to-use interface, straightforward customer service, and the unbelievable savings it provides its users (a jaw-dropping average of $879 a year!).

What does Jerry do?

Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of how Jerry finds you the best savings AND coverage, without compromises, manual insurance shopping, or that awkward call with your current insurance’s loyalty department.
Sign up in 45 seconds. In the Jerry app, you answer a handful of easy questions and instantly get quotes.
Jerry collects and analyzes your current coverage. First, Jerry checks to see if you could be getting a better rate than your current policy using the power of machine learning.
Get quotes from insurance companies. You’re in the driver’s seat now—you don’t lose coverage, you just find savings. If you find a policy (or a price) you like better, Jerry helps you register or transfer. No paperwork, ever.
Trust that you’re always getting the lowest rate. Why? Because Jerry sends you three quotes before every policy renewal. When it’s time to renew your coverage, Jerry is there to help you get the lowest rate. If you have questions, Jerry’s agents can provide friendly advice and help you adjust your policies.
Digital insurance card. Jerry provides a digital card right in the app so you never have to dig through your glove box for proof of insurance.
It's free. Generating a quote with Jerry is free!

How is Jerry different from other insurance comparison apps?

Jerry users love its speed, user interface, and (of course) the savings!
When you use other insurance apps, you have to input things that you would never know off the top of your head, like your VIN or the fine print of your existing policy.
Not only are quotes harder to retrieve, they will often only offer quotes from a few insurers, which could leave a lot of unclaimed savings on the table.
The Jerry app requires only 45 seconds to generate quotes (the fastest on the market!). The interface is incredibly easy to navigate, and it confidently handles signups or switching without a hiccup. Jerry is also partnered with nearly 50 top providers, so users can be confident they’re getting the best coverage for the best price.
Ultimately, Jerry stands out because it has solved the biggest problem that car owners face when hunting for insurance: how to achieve maximum cost savings with minimum effort.
Key Takeaway Jerry is faster, easier to use, and provides more quotes than other apps.

How much could Jerry save me on car insurance?

On average, Jerry users save $879 per year when they use the Jerry app to look for cheaper car insurance. Find your state on the list below and see how much you could save.
StatePrice before JerryPrice after Jerry

Does Jerry sell your personal information?

Nope! Jerry has responsible data practices which include data encryption and bank-level security.
Jerry does not sell or share data, so you will not get any calls from other brokers or third parties.
Jerry makes its money from commissions or a small fee that the insurance companies pay to brokers like Jerry when you buy a policy. In other words, you don’t pay to use Jerry.
"I’m saving $90 a month and Jerry was able to get me my documents the same day, plus cancel my current policy."—Jerry user

What ratings does Jerry have?

The Jerry app has a 4.7/5 rating in the App Store and over one million satisfied users. Read reviews from real Jerry customers on the website.

What do real Jerry customers say?

Jerry customers are very satisfied (one could say extremely satisfied) with the experience.
"I received my insurance card in less than 12 hours through email and they even cancel your other insurance for you! That’s pretty cool, not going to lie. This is the new way to find car insurance and I’ve already told about 20 people about it. I honestly couldn’t believe how freaking easy it was. Ended up saving $129 a month!" — Jerry user
"I was looking for cheaper insurance, but I had no idea that I was going to save $230!! I am now paying less than half for 6 months than I was paying with another company. Thank you so, so much!!" — Jerry user

The Takeaway

Jerry is a legitimate company that is making big waves.
It offers a foolproof way to save money on car insurance, and you can do it while sitting on your couch at home or on a bench in the park… or even skydiving (as long as there is cell service up there).
The mobile app is free and it only takes 45 seconds to compare policies and look for savings.
Join thousands of users and you may be pleasantly surprised how easy it is to save money with Jerry on your side.

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