Is the Jerry App Legit?

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Yes, the Jerry app is a legitimate and licensed insurance broker that is backed by technology and an experienced team of licensed insurance agents.
is the #1-rated insurance comparison app with a 4.7/5 rating in the App Store and over 2 million users across the United States. It handles all the hard work of insurance shopping for you—and users still find an average annual savings of more than $800 per year!
Jerry uses rocket science (just kidding, it’s actually artificial intelligence and machine learning) to help make car ownership affordable and easy for everyone.
Is Jerry legit? Yes. 
is a licensed insurance broker and the top-rated insurance app in the App Store with a 4.7/5 rating and over 2 million customers in the United States. Unlike some insurance comparison apps that pull fake quotes or advertise for a specific company, Jerry is a legitimate broker and the easiest way to shop for real insurance policies. 
Insurance brokers have been around for a long time. Unlike insurance agents, who work for a specific insurance company, brokers work for consumers to help them to find the best rates from a bunch of different insurers. Think of a broker as your personal insurance shopper. 
But Jerry is an insurance broker with a difference—and that difference is the power of technology. In addition to all the usual
that other brokers hold, Jerry has teams of expert engineers and insurance agents standing by to help you shop quickly and lock in real rates on the insurance you need—and you can do it all from your phone. 
Download the app, answer a few questions, and Jerry scans real-time quotes from over 55 partner companies. You’ll see the best quotes in your app and get to choose the one that works for you. When you make the selection, Jerry’s insurance agents go to work, getting you switched over to your new policy in record time. They’ll even help you cancel your old policy! 
It all happens with no annoying paperwork, no phone calls (unless you request them!), and no information shared with third parties. To put it another way: Jerry is the fastest, most secure way to get
car insurance
Want to hear more about how
works? Let’s dig a little deeper. 
is the real deal. They accomplished what would normally take me days in around 5 minutes. Now I’ll be saving $75/month for insurance in Austin, TX!” —Nicholas E.

Is it a legitimate company?

Yes, Jerry is a legitimate company! Founded in 2017, Jerry Services Inc. (that’s our big fancy name) is based in
Palo Alto, California
—but you’ll find Jerry employees around the globe—some of the brightest minds in tech and insurance working together to create the best insurance shopping experience. 
Jerry is licensed
as an insurance broker in all 50 states (and the District of Columbia)! 
Jerry’s 55+ partner companies include major national providers like
, and
—plus a whole fleet of regional companies. In fact, these smaller companies are how many Jerry users find next-level savings in the app. You might be eligible for an affordable rate from a local company you never knew existed.
With over 2 million customers in the U.S. saving an average of $800+ each year on car insurance, it’s no wonder that Jerry is the #1 rated insurance app in the App Store! 
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What does Jerry do?

Okay, you’ve heard a lot about licenses and user experience—but what does Jerry actually do? 
The short version: Jerry uses tech to make car ownership easier and more affordable than ever before. The biggest part of that mission? Creating the world’s fastest, most pain-free auto insurance shopping process. Here’s what that looks like. 
When you download the
Jerry super app
, you’ll be prompted to create an account before you can shop. This helps to protect your information and customize your quotes. Get started on insurance shopping by adding your vehicles to your in-app Garage—you can tell the app whether you use those cars primarily for pleasure, commuting, or even rideshare and delivery services.
You’ll answer a few simple questions so Jerry can get to know you and your vehicle: 
  • How many miles do you drive per day, on average? 
  • Is your car financed, leased, or owned outright? 
  • Do you currently have a car insurance policy—and if not, why? 
  • Have you filed any claims on your policy in the last five years? 
  • Do you have any driving violations from the last five years? 
Once you’ve answered all the questions, you can sit back and relax while Jerry searches for quotes. But you won’t have long to wait: Jerry delivers real-time quotes in about 45 seconds. Although the app scans data from over 55 partner companies, you’re not likely to get 55 individual quotes—a broker’s job is to simplify comparison shopping, not to pass the hard work on to you! So we’ll give you the top options with the best coverage for the most affordable prices.
You’ll get to select the coverage you want and compare basic, standard, and preferred plans depending on your budget and coverage needs. And Jerry doesn’t assume that everyone knows what every insurance term means. For every type of coverage suggested in your quotes, you can click for a detailed breakdown of: 
  • What the coverage pays for 
  • What it doesn’t cover
  • Whether you need it (based on state laws
  • Example scenarios
  • Important details to consider
When you shop with Jerry, you never have to sign up for something you don’t understand—we’ll make sure that you know what you’re paying for before you buy.

How are Jerry’s quotes real?

Yes! Jerry's AI generates quotes based on the current rates and information entered into the app at that moment—however, there are situations where price changes are possible.
Here’s the deal: insurance prices are generally valid for a short time. Depending on how much time passes between quoting and a final bind, you might find that your final quote from the insurance company is different from what you saw in the app. 
You’ll also need to request a final price before you can switch to a policy. Why can’t you see that upfront? Well, to put it simply, insurance companies don’t want to spend money on customers who are “just shopping.” Getting a final rate is expensive for the company since they have to run credit reports, check driving records, and look for any prior insurance claims—it’s a big process! 
So, while the quotes you’ll see in the Jerry app are real-time quotes from real companies, that upfront estimate could differ slightly from the final price you get. We’ll always be transparent with you about that—and Jerry’s team of agents work fast to help you lock in the right rate in real time.

How is Jerry different from other insurance comparison apps?

Of course, Jerry isn’t the only insurance broker out there—and we’re not the only insurance comparison app. So why shop with Jerry instead of one of the competitors (e.g., Gabi, Insurify)? 
It’s easier to use. Jerry’s team of engineers and designers put a lot of work into taking the work out of insurance shopping. Jerry’s interface prioritizes you—you’ll never need to remember random, hard-to-find info like your VIN, and we’ll always explain any terms you don’t know. Oh, and did we mention that shopping takes just 45 seconds? 
Jerry has more partners. With other comparison apps, you might get quotes from just a few companies. Jerry partners with over 55 companies, including insurance giants like
. But Jerry also works with smaller regional companies that can often offer competitive rates tailored to the needs of local drivers. Other apps can’t match that range of options, meaning that you could be leaving savings on the table. 
A team of licensed agents is dedicated to getting you the best rate. Our agents are available seven days a week—and they’re the best in the business. 
The bottom line? Jerry finds users maximum savings with minimum effort. We won’t waste your time with complicated forms, inadequate quotes, or unhelpful customer service—and our users save over $800 a year on auto insurance. 

A super app for car owners

Jerry also does more than compare insurance quotes. As a super app for car ownership, Jerry offers a telematics program that lets drivers earn perks by improving their driving score—yes, you could literally save money in real time by easing up on the gas and putting your phone on silent! 
You also can
refinance your car loan
through Jerry! Like everything else Jerry does, our auto refi program helps put money back into drivers’ pockets. 
“I was a little skeptical at first, but
really finds you tons of options. I’m so happy with my new Progressive rate.” —Jay Y.

How much could Jerry save me on car insurance?

On average, Jerry users save over $800 per year on car insurance. That’s upwards of $66 every month that you can put towards gas money, groceries, your Netflix bill, your rainy-day fund, that dreamy KitchenAid stand mixer… we could go on. That extra $66 is yours to use however you like—we won’t judge. 
Of course, not every Jerry user saves exactly $800. You might find less or more in savings depending on a variety of factors—your age, vehicle, claims history, and a ton more we don’t have the space to get into here.
But one of the biggest factors determining the rates you’re eligible for is where you live. Take a look at the table below to see how much drivers in each state saved with Jerry
Price before Jerry
Price after Jerry
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Does Jerry sell your personal information?

No. Absolutely not. Never. 
Jerry’s all about simplifying your life, not complicating it. That’s another big difference from other comparison apps—Jerry has a commitment to responsible data practices, including bank-level security and data encryption. We’ll never sell your information to third parties, which means you won’t start getting mysterious calls from other brokers after you shop with Jerry (we can’t guarantee that for the other guys). 
Okay, you might be thinking—so how does Jerry make money without selling my data? Simple: like any broker, Jerry makes money through commissions. That’s a small amount of money that an insurance company pays us whenever someone buys a policy through Jerry.

What ratings does Jerry have?

Jerry has a 4.7/5 rating in the App Store. That’s out of 12,000 ratings—which tells you how rarely users walk away with a negative experience! 
You can check out the reviews on either store for yourself, or hear directly from more Jerry users

What do real Jerry customers say?

The biggest feeling that Jerry customers report after shopping in the app is relief. 
You can probably relate. Nobody actually looks forward to shopping for car insurance—unless they’re a very, very special person (and if that’s you, we see you and we love you). Filling out a separate form on every insurance company’s website, waiting on hold to talk to an agent, turning to Reddit for insider information from strangers—comparison shopping can be exhausting! 
Being able to plug your info into an app and find real savings in record time means skipping over a whole lot of exhausting searches, paperwork, phone calls, and wait times—and you still get the good part! 
“I usually hate all the phone calls that come with getting car insurance quotes, but with
I was able to do everything over text. I went from $224 with my previous provider to $193 with Nationwide. Such a relief!” —Gabby P. 
“I was worried that adding my 16-year-old daughter would spike my insurance rates. I called and spoke to Tim, who was pleasant to work with and got me new rate savings.
really helped me save thousands.” —Marshall D. 

Is Jerry auto insurance legit?

auto insurance is completely legit. It’s the easiest way to find real-time quotes that could save you hundreds of dollars on car insurance. It’s also a great tool for car owners to refinance loans, track and improve driving, and earn extra perks and discounts just for doing what you’re already doing—driving! 
If you don’t find a lower rate in the Jerry app, congratulations—you’ve already got the best policy for your vehicle! But keep the app in your pocket anyway. Experts recommend shopping for new insurance rates every six months, and you never know what you might find when you click to compare the next time around!
“The savings are real!
saved me almost $1000 a year for my car insurance. Was I surprised? Yes. Was I happy? Yes!” —Sonia Z.
Jerry is a licensed insurance broker app backed by a team of dedicated insurance agents. We’ll never sell your data to a third party, and we use responsible encryption and security practices to protect you and simplify your shopping experience.
Yes! The Jerry app was created by Jerry Services, Inc., a real company based in Palo Alto, California.
Jerry makes money the same way as any insurance broker—by earning commissions from the insurance companies we work with.
Art Agrawal, Musawir Shah, and Lina Zhang founded Jerry in 2017. The company created the Jerry app to help users save money and time on car-related expenses—especially the dreaded task of car insurance shopping!
Jerry is a licensed insurance broker backed by a team of insurance agents and expert tech and a super app for car owners. Insurify, on the other hand, is only a comparison-shopping website. When you get quotes from Insurify, you’ll still have to make all the calls and fill out the paperwork yourself.
The Jerry app is completely safe to use. We’ll never sell your data to a third party, and it’s completely free. As a licensed insurance broker, Jerry can help you track down real quotes on real policies and switch over in record time.
By Bonnie Stinson
Updated on Jan 29, 2023
Reviewed by Kathleen Flear, Director of Content.
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