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We’ve earned an App Store rating of 4.7 stars for all we do to make car ownership easier.
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This has helped me be more aware of how I’m driving. I like the motivation the point system gives you too.
Victoria M
It truly has improved any “bad habits” that I’ve formed over the years while actively making it fun to keep track of my driving.
Jesse W.
Your app may have saved my life. As I was consciously trying to avoid harshly accelerating, a car blew through the intersection at full speed. I probably would’ve been hit had I proceeded as usual.
Jeremy S.


A driving score is a measurement of how safe you are behind the wheel. Using motion and location sensors in your phone, DriveShield™ will monitor driving habits and give you a 0-100 rating based on how safe you are relative to other drivers on the road.
The benefit is all yours. With your driving score, you get a sneak peek at how safely you drive without your insurance rate increasing. Use safety tips to see where you can improve and keep everyone safe on the road. On top of that, earn rewards for driving safely. It’s a win-win!
When you use DriveShield™ to connect with family and friends, you can see how your family is doing behind the wheel so you can have peace of mind on every trip. Get live location alerts and driving reports for every member in your family so you can make sure everyone is safe.
To get peace of mind and information about those you care about the most, you can choose to share:
  • Your driving score
  • Your driving reports, including trip details and trip ratings
  • Live location
Your friends and family will also choose what they wish to share. Manage what you share, and who you share with by tapping on the three dots in the top right corner of the profile page.
Jerry protects your data. If you want to use your driving data to shop for lower insurance rates in the future, we'll ask your permission before sharing with insurers.
With DriveShield™, you rack up rewards just for being a safe driver! When you have a driving score, you will automatically earn points whenever you take a safe trip. The safer you drive, and the higher your driving score is, the more points you can earn! Redeem points for exclusive rewards.
Just follow three simple steps:
  1. Sign up for your driving score
  2. Drive your car safely and start earning points with every drive. Boost your score and earn points more quickly by driving safely!
  3. Redeem your points to score exclusive rewards–it’s that easy!
Remember: Jerry protects your data with our DataLock™ Guarantee and offers rewards to help you become a safer driver.
Earn exclusive rewards from over 50 partners, including Doordash; Goodyear; SiriusXM; AMC Theatres; and many more. Plus, new rewards are added all the time.

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