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Jerry has one mission: to be the best agent for you.

The insurance industry has become a labyrinth of jargon, complicated forms, and terrible customer service. In the age of pressing a button and having a car show up in under a minute, how is it possible that shopping for insurance - a part of life that’s almost as universal as paying taxes - is so painful?

People overpay on insurance because the thought of wading through the process is too much to face. The steps aren’t made any easier when you’re treated like a number or, worse, a cash register.

Remember when insurance companies knew everything about you - because they cared? No, neither do we. We created this company to bring back the days of treating people like, well, people. To us, you are an individual and your situation is unique to you. That’s why we’ve optimized what we do to suit you.

Put simply, we do what’s best for you, whether we make money or not. We don’t answer to any insurance company and we care about personal relationships. This industry has dehumanized customers and cares only about transactions and we’re here to boldly say that we’ll switch your insurance if it saves you money - end of story.

Jerry is here to make your life a little bit easier. If we save you time, money, and stress we have achieved our mission.

Art, Lina, & Musawir


Art Agrawal
Art Agrawal
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Lina Zhang
Lina Zhang
VP of Operations
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Musawir Shah
Musawir Shah
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