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The average cost of Ford car insurance is $1,691 per year. But the exact cost of Ford insurance varies based on your model, driving record, and location—and your insurance company.
As nice as it would be if there was a one-size-fits-all insurance company for Ford owners, the fact is that if you want the best car insurance rates, you’re going to have to shop around. A driver with a Ford Focus and a spotty driving record is going to need different coverage than a Ford owner with a Mustang Mach-E in their garage. How can you find reliable and cheap auto insurance?
Take a spin with Jerry, the top-rated insurance app for car owners. Jerry partners with over 55 insurance providers nationwide to bring you affordable quotes for the coverage you need. You can shop for new insurance and even cancel your old plan—all through the app!
Before we give away all of our insurance secrets, let’s get into the nitty-gritty of your Ford car insurance.

How much does Ford car insurance cost?

On average, the annual cost of insurance for a Ford is $1,691 The model of Ford you drive is going to affect how much you pay for coverage, as well as your driving record, demographics, and more.
In general, Ford insurance is fairly affordable. That’s because:
  • Ford models have been around for a while, meaning that parts are easier to access and less expensive to purchase.
  • Mass market appeal and customer brand loyalty have built Ford’s reputation, making it even easier to find replacement parts.
  • The Ford motor company has a good reputation when it comes to reliability, meaning fewer trips to the mechanic and fewer repairs that your insurance company has to pay for.
Keep in mind that these average costs don’t take the year or model of your Ford into account. A brand-new Bronco is going to cost way more to insure than a base model F-150 that’s a few years old. Custom upgrades can increase your insurance costs while adding safety features can reduce your premiums.
As you can see, a ton of factors go into determining your rates—and each insurance company weighs these factors differently. That’s why it’s essential to shop around to get the best deal on your car insurance with peace of mind that your Ford is protected and that you’re not overpaying for coverage.
Not keen on calling every local insurance agency? The Jerry app can do all the hard work of insurance shopping for you! In less than a minute, you’ll have access to personalized quotes from over 55 top providers nationwide—all you have to do is tap your favorite and Jerry will help lock in your new policy!
Want to see how much Jerry can save you on your Ford insurance? The table below has some examples, plus reviews from satisfied Jerry customers!
Quote DateCar
Before Jerry
After Jerry
LocationZip CodeNameAgeInsurance Company
April 25, 2023Ford Mustang$200/mo.$176/mo.New Orleans, LA70114Owen W.30National General
April 10, 2023Ford Fusion SE Hybrid$550/mo.$292/mo.Douglasville, GA30135Ida C.45Progressive
March 30, 2023Ford Explorer Limited$147/mo.$78/mo.Walworth, WI53184Lucile H.47Progressive
February 4, 2023Ford Escape Xls$120/mo.$101/mo.Lindale, GA30147Lloyd C.45Assurance America
January 4, 2023Ford Fusion SE Hybrid$331/mo.$304/mo.San Antonio, TX78238Cole K.52Bristol West

How much insurance do you need for a Ford?

To properly insure your Ford, you have to at least purchase your state’s minimum required car insurance. Each state has different requirements, but let’s start with what’s generally included: liability coverage (both bodily injury liability and property damage liability). If you’re at fault in an accident, liability coverage makes sure that the other drivers’ costs are covered.
Some states also require the following coverages:
Got all the liability insurance to legally hit the road? Great! But before you take your Ford off the lot, you may want to consider adding more protection—after all, liability insurance won’t pay for your damages in an accident. 
If your old Ford Expedition is on its last legs, it may not be worth insuring, but for Ford vehicles that have a lot left in the tank, adding collision and comprehensive coverage (or a “full-coverage car insurance policy”) is highly recommended.
Full coverage insurance means that your Ford will be covered in the case of damage caused by accidents, severe weather, vandalism, theft, and more. Some lenders require buying “full coverage” insurance. Other common policies required by financers include gap insurance, which will cover the difference between your vehicle's actual cash value (ACV) and what is left on your car loan if your Ford is totaled.

Ford car insurance rates by model

As you can imagine, a large part of your insurance rate is determined by which model of Ford you own. Similar to most car brands, the smaller vehicles with lower price tags are cheaper to insure, while larger or luxury cars are more expensive. Keep in mind that higher trim levels also push up insurance premiums.
But even those general rules fall short. Is a Ford F-150 Raptor more or less expensive to insure than a Ford Mustang? To help iron out some of the finer points of insuring a Ford, let’s take a look at the most popular Ford vehicles and their average annual insurance rates.

How much does Ford F-150 insurance cost?

A top pick for Ford is the perennially popular F-150! Whether you are looking for a workhorse truck or a more comfortable ride with cargo room for the occasional haul, there is an F-150 trim style that can fit your needs. With a fair number of safety features available and a decent reliability rating, the F-150 gains some points towards affordable insurance.
Here’s an idea of the average premiums for F-150 drivers based on coverage options and the age of the vehicle.
CarFull CoverageMinimum Coverage
2016 Ford F150$1,542$930
2013 Ford F150$1,937$1,092
2010 Ford F150$1,314$887
2007 Ford F150$1,498$896
2006 Ford F150$2,463$1,067
If you’d like to read more, check out this handy guide to Ford F-150 insurance costs!

How much does Ford Mustang insurance cost?

The quintessential pony car, the Ford Mustang has an impressive number of packages to personalize its performance and aesthetic. However, the more features you add, and the higher up the trim level ladder you go, the more expensive your Mustang is to replace, leading to extra high insurance costs.
Depending on your model year and trim, you may have to pay much higher premiums. Here’s a breakdown of how full and minimum coverage rates vary between Mustang model years.
CarFull CoverageMinimum Coverage
2019 Ford Mustang$3,345$1,629
2018 Ford Mustang$3,227$1,740
2016 Ford Mustang$4,056$2,814
2015 Ford Mustang$3,114$2,025
2014 Ford Mustang$2,458$1,149
With a speed demon in your garage, it can be tempting to push the limits out on the highway. But even one speeding ticket can hike your insurance rates. Keeping your driving record clean is the easiest way to keep your premiums manageable.
Want to know more? Check out Jerry’s guide to Ford Mustang insurance costs!

How much does Ford Maverick insurance cost?

With a bold compact design and excellent fuel efficiency, the Ford Maverick is an up-and-comer that easily defeats the competition. Its standard hybrid powertrain offers 2000 pounds of towing capacity and a 0 to 60 time of 7.7 seconds. But what does all of this mean for your Maverick insurance costs?
Take a look at the table below for an idea of what you’ll pay for full and minimum coverage levels.
CarFull CoverageMinimum Coverage
2021 Ford Maverick XL$1,433$1,673
2020 Ford Maverick XL$2,157$1,745
2019 Ford Maverick XL$2,988$1,672
2018 Ford Maverick XL$2,451$2,045
2017 Ford Maverick XL$2,402$1,683
To see what other factors will affect your monthly payments, check out Jerry’s guide to Ford Maverick insurance costs!

How much does Ford Explorer insurance cost?

If you need a family hauler with a third row of seating, the Explorer may be your most practical option. Although it lacks refinement, the Explorer’s base and hybrid engines are more than capable of getting you and your precious cargo where it needs to go. Driver-assistance features come standard, keeping your family safe and helping to mitigate expensive car insurance costs.
Let’s consider how your age, driving record, and coverage options affect the average insurance rate for a Ford Explorer with the table below.
CarFull CoverageMinimum Coverage
2021 Ford Explorer$1,433$1,673
2020 Ford Explorer$2,157$1,745
2019 Ford Explorer$2,988$1,672
2018 Ford Explorer$2,451$2,045
2017 Ford Explorer$2,402$1,683
For more information, check out this guide to Ford Explorer insurance costs.

How much does Ford Ranger insurance cost?

Sitting in the sweet spot between the F-150 and the Maverick is the midsize Ranger truck. It’s not going to win any off-roading contests but the Ranger’s competitive towing capacity and maneuverable driving experience keep it in the running. Adding on the available driver-assistance features is worth it, especially if you want to keep your insurance costs low.
For this model, let’s consider how your driving record affects your insurance premiums.
CarFull CoverageMinimum Coverage
2021 Ford Ranger$1,433$1,673
2020 Ford Ranger$2,157$1,745
2019 Ford Ranger$2,988$1,672
2018 Ford Ranger$2,451$2,045
2017 Ford Ranger$2,402$1,683
To see how other factors can affect your Ranger insurance premiums, take a browse through this guide to Ford Ranger insurance costs!

Compare Ford car insurance quotes

Ford has a reputation for building reliable vehicles, just like the Jerry app has a reputation for providing top-notch service. Jerry’s specialty? Finding the most affordable car insurance for the coverage you need.
Instead of calling around to insurance companies or filling out endless online quote requests, download the Jerry app. In less than a minute, you’ll get access to personalized quotes from over 55 providers nationwide. All you have to do is tap your favorite policy, and Jerry will lock in your new plan for you—all through the app!

Best car insurance companies for your Ford

Finding the insurance company that offers the best coverage for you can be overwhelming. For Ford owners, GEICO, Farmers Insurance, and Allstate are all good providers to start with—but keep in mind that other providers may offer you a better rate.
Every insurance company uses a slightly different algorithm to determine your insurance rates. For example, one auto insurance company may prioritize safety features, while another might look at your clean driving record and offer a considerable discount.
That’s why shopping around for insurance is so important. If you don’t feel like wasting a day on the phone, Jerry can do all the hard work of collecting your quotes for you. 
Here are some examples of what different providers offer for Ford auto insurance—plus, how much you could save with Jerry!
Insurance Company
Average Cost
Annual Savings with Jerry
National General$2,812$998
State Auto$2,570$751
Compare Prices

Ford auto insurance cost by driving record

Besides the model of Ford you drive, your driving record tends to impact your car insurance premiums the most.
Safe drivers will generally pay less for their insurance, while even one violation can cause insurance premiums to rise. Ford owners with a DUI conviction can expect to pay $2,473 more per year, and even one speeding ticket can add an average of $1,691 to your annual premium!
Here’s a breakdown of how different traffic infractions affect your Ford insurance rates.

Ford car insurance cost by location

Your location also plays a large part in determining your auto insurance rates. Providers take the local traffic, weather conditions, and crime rate into account when they consider your zip code. Your state, city, and even the neighborhood you live in can make or break your premiums.
Take a look at how your state affects your insurance premiums:
Average Cost
Annual Savings with Jerry
Fort Worth$2,315$692
San Antonio$2,794$898
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