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Why choose Jerry
We do the hard work for you
Jerry shops for better insurance rates for you every 6 months. We find quotes, negotiate rates, and complete all the paperwork so you don't have to.
Completely free
There are absolutely* no fees. All you do is save money on a better insurance rate.
*By “absolutely” we mean “completely, totally, 100%.”
Zero obligation
Jerry will find you a better deal and you can switch for free. We do all the paperwork if you decide to switch. Or you can stay with your current provider - it’s completely up to you.
How Jerry works
We work with all insurance companies
21st Century
Allied Insurance
Farmers Insurance
Kemper Preferred
Kemper Speciality
Liberty Mutual
Mercury Insurance
Wawanesa Insurance
Nat Gen Premier
First American
National General Summit
Why you'll love Jerry
Saves you hundreds of dollars a year
The average yearly amount of money saved by switching insurance companies is $368.
Shops around for the best deals for your specific needs
Jerry has access to every insurance company and knows how to get the best quotes.
Takes the pain out of comparing companies
Don’t know what liability coverage is - and don’t want to? We’re insurance experts so you don’t have to be.
Signing up takes less time than texting a friend
We’re not exaggerating. Typing in your name, email, and password takes half a minute.