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Compare quotes for Mitsubishi car insurance cost, 2023

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The average cost of Mitsubishi car insurance is $1,826 per year. The cost of Mitsubishi insurance varies, depending on the vehicle's type, driving history, location, and your insurance company.
Finding one insurance company with the most affordable rates for every Mitsubishi owner is a near-impossible task. If someone has multiple speeding tickets and drives a 2011 Mitsubishi Mirage, their insurance rates will be different than someone driving a 2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse with a clean driving record. This could make getting low-cost car insurance for your Mitsubishi difficult.
That’s exactly where Jerry, the trustworthy super app, comes in! Signing up takes less than a minute, and you'll be offered competitive prices from dozens of leading insurers. In this article, we'll go over everything that affects Mitsubishi insurance costs and give you tips on finding the best rates.

How much does Mitsubishi car insurance cost?

The average yearly cost of Mitsubishi auto insurance is $1,826. Mitsubishi insurance rates vary based on the specific model, the driver's history, coverage limitations, and location.
Many Mitsubishi owners are aware of the costs associated with maintaining their vehicles, which can result in a rise in insurance premiums. However, as a budget-friendly car, Mitsubishis are typically less expensive to insure than luxury or premium models.
The simplest way to ensure you're getting the best bargain on Mitsubishi insurance is to compare quotes from multiple companies—and Jerry is here to help!
Jerry contacts your insurance company to obtain information about your current coverage, so you don't have to dig through a pile of paperwork. You'll get all of the best prices and coverage without having to do any of the legwork. If that isn't enough, Jerry can even help you with cancelling your old policy, so that you don't have to.
See what Mitsubishi insurance quotes Jerry has to offer in the table below, along with testimonials from actual Jerry clients.
Quote DateCar
Before Jerry
After Jerry
LocationZip CodeNameAgeInsurance Company
February 5, 2023Mitsubishi Outlander SE$592/mo.$60/mo.Bethlehem, PA18017Norman F.51Progressive
May 20, 2022Mitsubishi Outlander Sport ES$489/mo.$318/mo.
, MS
39641Edna M.36Bristol West
January 2, 2022Mitsubishi Lancer ES$240/mo.$223/mo.Carson City, NV89706Amelia T.25Progressive
December 16, 2021Mitsubishi Mirage ES$600/mo.$377/mo.Martinsburg, WV25403Victor C.55Progressive
October 13, 2021Mitsubishi Endeavor LS$150/mo.$65/mo.East Stroudsburg, PA18301Annie K.36Clearcover

How much insurance do you need for a Mitsubishi?

Each driver's insurance needs are determined by a variety of criteria, including your Mitsubishi's age and the state it's registered in.
You need to, at the very least, acquire the minimum required auto insurance in your state. This typically includes liability coverage (both bodily injury liability and property damage liability). If you cause an accident, this coverage pays for injuries or damages you cause to another driver up to your policy limit.
Depending on your specific state, however, you may be obligated to purchase one of the following types of insurance:
You will be legally protected if you meet your state's minimum requirements, but you may not have the full range of coverage that you need. A "full coverage car insurance policy" that includes collision and comprehensive coverage is often the best option.
As the name implies, collision insurance covers damage resulting from collisions with other cars or objects. Comprehensive coverage protects against losses caused by incidents other than collisions, such as inclement weather, theft, or vandalism.
Your lender can even mandate that you get "full coverage" and gap insurance, which pays the difference between the value of your car and the remaining loan amount.

Mitsubishi car insurance rates by model

The type of vehicle you drive has a significant impact on the cost of your Mitsubishi insurance. Generally, smaller and less expensive vehicles, such as the compact Lancer, will be cheaper to insure than larger and more expensive models, such as the Eclipse Cross.
Let's take a look at the typical yearly insurance rates for a couple of Mitsubishi's most popular models and compare their costs.

How much does Mitsubishi Outlander Limited insurance cost?

The Mitsubishi Outlander Limited impresses with its composed ride and handling, luxury-esque cabin, and roomy cargo space. However, because it’s one of the larger Mitsubishi vehicles on the market, it has higher insurance premiums than some of its smaller counterparts.
The coverage options and the age of the car can lead to variances in the cost of premiums, as seen in the table below:
CarFull CoverageMinimum Coverage
2022 Mitsubishi Outlander Limited$1,414$1,885
2021 Mitsubishi Outlander Limited$2,423$1,464
2020 Mitsubishi Outlander Limited$3,186$1,716
2019 Mitsubishi Outlander Limited$2,606$1,650
2018 Mitsubishi Outlander Limited$2,078$1,117
Check out our detailed guide to Mitsubishi Outlander Limited insurance costs for more details!

How much does Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution insurance cost?

The Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution is a sports car disguised as a compact sedan. With its powerful acceleration and precision reflexes, the Lancer Evolution remains an excellent choice for driving enthusiasts. However, because of the risk associated with driving a high-performance vehicle, insurance costs are generally higher.
See the table below for a comparison of minimum and full coverage costs for various Lancer Evolution model years.
CarFull CoverageMinimum Coverage
2022 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution$1,414$1,885
2021 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution$2,423$1,464
2020 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution$3,186$1,716
2019 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution$2,606$1,650
2018 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution$2,078$1,117
The price of Lancer Evolution insurance may also be influenced by your driving history. Here is the cost of insurance for a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution for drivers with specific infractions:
Check out our detailed guide to Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution insurance costs for more details!

How much does Mitsubishi i-MiEV ES insurance cost?

A compact all-electric car, the Mitsubishi i-MiEV ES is one of the more affordable EV models on the market. Owners of the i-MiEV ES enjoy some of the lowest rates for Mitsubishi insurance because of their strong safety ratings and reasonable pricing.
CarFull CoverageMinimum Coverage
2022 Mitsubishi I Miev Es$1,414$1,885
2021 Mitsubishi I Miev Es$2,423$1,464
2020 Mitsubishi I Miev Es$3,186$1,716
2019 Mitsubishi I Miev Es$2,606$1,650
2018 Mitsubishi I Miev Es$2,078$1,117
Check out our detailed guide to Mitsubishi i-MiEV ES insurance costs for more details!

How much does Mitsubishi Eclipse GS insurance cost?

From 1989 through 2011, Mitsubishi produced the elegant and sleek Eclipse. This sporty compact car was developed to replace the Starion and soon became a fan favorite amongst Mitsubishi fans.
A breakdown of typical annual premiums for Eclipse GS owners is shown below.
CarFull CoverageMinimum Coverage
2022 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS Sport$1,414$1,885
2021 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS Sport$2,423$1,464
2020 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS Sport$3,186$1,716
2019 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS Sport$2,606$1,650
2018 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS Sport$2,078$1,117
Check out our detailed guide to Mitsubishi Eclipse GS insurance costs for more details!

How much does Mitsubishi Mirage LE insurance cost? 

The Mitsubishi Mirage LE is among the smallest and cheapest new cars available. As a result, the components in these cars prioritize cost-effectiveness over longevity. The insurance rates for the Mirage LE are influenced by its low reliability and higher ownership costs.
CarFull CoverageMinimum Coverage
2022 Mitsubishi Mirage Le$1,414$1,885
2021 Mitsubishi Mirage Le$2,423$1,464
2020 Mitsubishi Mirage Le$3,186$1,716
2019 Mitsubishi Mirage Le$2,606$1,650
2018 Mitsubishi Mirage Le$2,078$1,117
Check out our detailed guide to Mitsubishi Mirage LE insurance costs for more details!

Compare Mitsubishi car insurance quotes

Regardless of how many hours you spend looking through plans and contacting providers, there is no guarantee you’ll find coverage perfectly suited to you and your particular vehicle.
Comparing quotes from at least three insurance companies is the easiest way to find the best deals—and with Jerry, you’ll get quotes from over 55 insurance providers!
Instead of wasting time phoning, sending emails, and swapping policies, use the Jerry app. After installing the app, you'll get real-time quotes from the top Mitsubishi car insurance companies in less than 45 seconds.

Best car insurance companies for your Mitsubishi

Owners of Mitsubishis may find some of the cheapest insurance prices from providers such as Nationwide, State Auto, and Progressive, but no single insurer can offer the lowest total insurance costs.
Each car insurance provider utilizes a different algorithm to determine its rates. If you have an excellent driving record, one carrier may lower your premiums, but another may offer better discounts for vehicles with more safety add-ons.
Thankfully, Jerry can instantly compare rates from 55+ major insurance carriers, making it easier than ever to acquire the best coverage for your Mitsubishi.
Find out how much you can save with Jerry by comparing Mini car insurance quotes from different carriers.
Insurance Company
Average Cost
Annual Savings with Jerry
National General$2,870$1,032
State Auto$2,984$908
Compare Prices

Mitsubishi auto insurance cost by driving record

Your driving history also has an impact on your Mitsubishi insurance costs.
In essence, careful driving will likely result in lower insurance costs; even slight infractions may result in big rises in your insurance premiums. While a speeding ticket might increase your yearly premiums by another $2,709, Mitsubishi drivers convicted of DUI should expect to pay an extra $1,826 for car insurance each year.
Check out the table below to see how a clean driving record can dramatically reduce your Mitsubishi insurance prices.

Mitsubishi car insurance cost by location

The very last thing to take into account is your location. Mitsubishi owners in Oregon and Louisiana will pay different rates since insurance prices vary based on your car and where you reside.
Want to see how your rates stack up against the national average? Check out the table below!
Average Cost
Annual Savings with Jerry
Fort Worth$2,539$707
San Antonio$2,708$866
Compare Prices

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