How an Acura Lease Return Works

So your Acura lease is almost up—what comes next? Follow these simple steps for a stress-free Acura lease return experience.
Written by R.E. Fulton
Reviewed by Jessica Barrett
At the end of your
Acura lease
, you’ll need to schedule a vehicle inspection and make an appointment to hand over the car and the keys (along with some paperwork). But keep in mind that you’ve got options if you want to return the lease early, lease another Acura, or even buy out your lease. 
Part of the joy of leasing—and one of the reasons it’s becoming a popular alternative to financing a car—is that it allows you to drive a world-class vehicle during its best years, and then just walk away. Total freedom, right? 
Well, sort of. It’s not recommended that you simply abandon your Acura lease wherever you were last using it on the day your lease term ends. In fact, an Acura lease return involves a few steps, and it’s important not to miss any of the requirements if you want to avoid unnecessary fees and complications. 
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How an Acura lease return works

At the end of your Acura lease, you’ll be faced with the three basic options of any lease-end agreement: 
  • Return the vehicle and walk away 
  • Return the vehicle and lease a new one from the same dealer
  • Buy out the lease and purchase the vehicle
We’ve already covered Acura lease buyout guidelines
, so we’ll be focusing on the first two options here. 

If you want to return your leased Acura and walk away

Let’s start with Option #1: a straight-up lease return. Your timeline for this option starts about two to three months before your Acura lease termination date
  • Two to three months out: Contact Acura Financial Services’ Lease Maturity Center at (866) 777-6495 and let them know that you’ll be returning your leased vehicle. 
  • Two months out: Schedule your Acura lease return inspection. You can either
    schedule online
    or call 1-800-340-4080—but make sure you’ve got the VIN of the leased vehicle and your finance account number ready to go before you call. 
  • One week out: Contact the Acura dealership where you want to return the vehicle and schedule a return appointment. 
  • On the day of your Acura lease return appointment: Bring the vehicle to the dealership in clean condition, along with all the keys, your Owner’s Manual, maintenance records, receipts for completed repairs, vehicle inspection report, and vehicle return receipt. 
  • After the return: Inform the Acura Lease Maturity Center that you’ve returned the vehicle. 
If you choose to return your Acura lease without leasing a new Acura, you’ll be responsible for the following fees and payments: 
  • Any outstanding lease payments on your account
  • Excessive wear-and-tear fees
  • Acura lease turn-in fees
On the other hand, you’ll be free from any responsibility for this or future Acura vehicles. If you’re itching to lease a different make or just done with your driving days, this is the simplest approach to an Acura lease return. 
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icon4.7/5 rating on the App Store | Trusted by 5+ million customers and 7 million cars
icon4.7/5 app rating | Trusted by 5M+ drivers

If you want to lease a new Acura

If you’d prefer to keep on rolling behind a brand-new Acura, your Acura lease-end experience actually starts about six months before your lease is due to expire. That’s when you’ll be able to see the best new lease offers, check out new models and trims, and dream big about
your next Acura lease
From there, the process is similar to the lease return we outlined above. You’ll still need to schedule an Acura lease return inspection as well as a return appointment, and you’ll need to let the Lease Maturity Center know that you returned the vehicle. But when you schedule your inspection two months before the lease is up, contact the Lease Maturity Center to ask about loyalty benefits
You see, leasing a new Acura opens up a ton of potential benefits, savings, and waivers. You might be able to get any outstanding payments on your current lease waived so that you can move on to your new Acura faster. Or, with Acura loyalty benefits, you could nab: 
  • An excess mileage waiver
  • Freedom to roll over unused miles from your current lease
  • A wear-and-use or damage waiver
  • A turn-in fee waiver 
  • Cash bonuses
Every situation is different—that’s why it’s important to get in contact with Acura Financial Services early to negotiate the best benefits package for your lease return! 

If you want to return an Acura lease early

Ideally, you’ll wait until your lease is set to expire before returning your leased Acura. But life happens—maybe your financial situation has changed, maybe you fell madly in love with a different car, or maybe you’re moving to an area where having a car just doesn’t make sense (hello, Manhattan!). 
No matter your circumstances, you may have the option to return your Acura lease early—but it’s likely to cost you. An Acura lease early termination allows you to return the vehicle without making any further payments. Sounds ideal, right? 
Maybe. An early lease termination will come with termination fees that can be steep, and you’ll still be on the hook for your outstanding balance. Because this isn’t a standard option, the only way to end your lease early is to contact Acura Financial Services to negotiate. Make sure to go into that conversation with a clear understanding of what you owe and what you’ll gain from the early return. 
If you want to avoid the fees associated with an Acura early lease return, you can also
transfer the lease to another lessee
. Again, this is a non-standard lease-end option, so it’s going to require some back-and-forth with Acura Financial Services. If you’re thinking of using this approach, make sure to find someone to take over your lease whose income and credit score are equal to or better than your own

How to find the best Acura insurance

Returning an Acura lease is a fairly straightforward process. If only we could say the same thing about finding Acura insurance. 
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As of 2021, the American Honda Finance Corporation will only allow lessees to return leased Acuras to authorized Honda and Acura dealerships. That said, you don’t need to return your Acura to the same Acura dealership where you originally leased it—as long as it’s an authorized dealership, you’re good to go!
Yes—and vice versa! Because Acura is a branch of
, you can return leased vehicles from either make at either type of dealership. Just make sure that you’ve followed the instructions for the lease end inspection, and bring all the necessary paperwork.
It’s possible to return an Acura lease early, but it can be expensive. Contact Acura Financial Services at (866) 777-6495 and weigh your options carefully before you decide on early termination.
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