All About the 2001 Saturn SC2 Special Edition

In 2001, Saturn produced a Limited Edition SC2 known as the “Bumblebee Edition”. Only 99 of these cars were produced which made for exclusive ownership.
Written by Mary Cahill
Reviewed by Kathleen Flear
In 2001 Saturn produced a Limited Edition SC2 coupe known as the “Bumblebee Edition” due to its coordinating yellow and black interior and exterior. Only 99 of these cars were produced which made ownership of this special edition Saturn very exclusive. 
The 2001 Limited Edition was part of the second generation of the SC2—-the coupe version of Saturn’s S-series. Although production of the Saturn brand ceased in 2009, the SC2 is known to have a great resale value due to its remarkably low repair costs—including being named overall best in sales satisfaction by J.D. Power.
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What is the 2001 Saturn SC2 Special Edition? 

The Saturn from 2001 was branded as a Limited Edition—and it certainly was. For one, it’s extremely rare—just 99 were made, and each SC2 came with a certificate of authenticity. Let’s take a deeper dive into what makes The 2001 Saturn SC2 Limited Edition special. 

2001 Saturn SC2 Limited Edition overview

This special edition SC2 was rolled out under the name Limited Edition, but it’s easy to see why it became better known as the Bumblebee Edition. Not only was custom two-tone leather upholstery used in the Limited Edition SC2’s interior, but the bold black and yellow seats and door panels mirrored the exterior color scheme of a yellow-painted body and black roof and mirrors. Needless to say, this was a coupe that turned heads.   
Just like the rest of the 2001 SC2 models, the Limited Edition features Saturn’s signature 2 + 1 coupe rear access door on the driver’s side that would later be a body style feature of the
, which replaced the S-series and was sold between 2003 and 2007. 
The 2001 Saturn SC2 Limited Edition is a subcompact car that’s affordable and pleasant to drive. Back in 2001, it had a starting MSRP of $16,650. 
Key specs
  • Dual overhead camshaft four-cylinder engine
  • Four-speed automatic transmission
  • Logo embroidered front seat headrests
  • Seating for four
  • Comes with a certificate of authenticity
  • Number designation inside the fuel filler door

What’s special about the Limited Edition?

Aside from the unique styling that has a more upscale feel than a regular Saturn SC2, the Limited Edition is special primarily for the fact that it's hard to come by. Chances are the owners of the SC2 Limited Edition understand its rarity and may not be interested in selling it.  

2001 Saturn SC2 Limited Edition vs. SC

The SC2 is the upper trim level of the SC, whereas the base model is the
. Saturn’s S-series was produced from 1990-2002 and came in several body styles—for instance, the sedan version was called the SL and the station wagon was known as SW. As you might have guessed, SC stands for coupe. 
When it was new, the starting MSRP of a regular model SC2went for around $15,645—nearly one thousand dollars less than the Limited Edition SC2. These days, you could anticipate paying an average retail price of $2,150 for a used 2001 model. 
The 2001 SC2 Limited Edition and the regular 2001 SC2 are fitted with the same dual overhead camshaft four-cylinder engine. The SC1 has a 1.9-liter single overhead camshaft four-cylinder which gives a little less horsepower than the upper trim’s motor. 
The 2001 Saturn SC2 trim is also available with leather seating—but the snazzy yellow and black motif is specially reserved for the Limited Edition. You can find an SC2 in a similar flashy yellow hue as the Limited Edition, but without the black roof and side-view mirrors. Both the SC2 and SC2 Limited Edition come with a sunroof whereas the SC1 does not. 

How to find the best Saturn SC2 insurance

Unless you’re lucky enough to get your hands on one of the 99 SC2 Limited Edition models produced in 2001, you may have to settle your sights on a more traditional SC2 model. But regardless of what vehicle you end up with, keeping it protected with a good car insurance policy is an absolute must. 
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