Is a Mini Cooper Head-Up Display Worth It?

Mini Coopers don’t come with a head-up display, so if you’re dying to have one, you’ll need to get one installed.
Written by Sierra Vakili
Reviewed by Jessa Claeys
Mini Coopers don’t come with a head-up display, so if you’re dying to have one, you’ll need to get one installed. But given the system’s decent price and considerable contribution to the safety of your Coop, it could be worth the cost depending on your budget.
While a Mini Cooper might not be the most technologically advanced car on the market, it has that soulful, retro feel that you can’t find anywhere else. But if you want to give your Coop a bit of an upgrade, installing a head-up display might be a good idea.
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Mini Cooper head-up display: what is it and do you need it?

If you’ve never heard of a head-up display, or HUD, here’s a quick rundown. A HUD is a system that changes where your car’s information is displayed to keep your eyes on the road. Essentially, it projects information into the driver’s line of sight using a little screen on the dashboard, right above the steering wheel. 
This way, you can access all the information you need to know about your ride while staying focused on the road instead. With a head-up display, you’ll be shown information like:
  • Current speed
  • Navigation signals
  • Warning signals
  • Alerts
  • Navigation
  • Cruise control
You can also adjust which information you’d like to display on your HUD, removing any unnecessary visual clutter. Also, if you have a smartphone, your HUD can sync to it and display all kinds of information from your device. Essentially, you’re saving yourself the trouble of fumbling with your phone or taking your eyes off the road
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Which Mini Cooper models have a head-up display (HUD)?

Neither of the two Mini Cooper models comes equipped with a head-up display. However, HUDs are available for installation in almost all Mini cars—including the Mini Coopers.

Can you add a head-up display to a Mini Cooper?

If you’ve got a Mini Cooper but are itching for that extra added tech—or just want to stay focused on the road—you can add a head-up display to your car. Both Mini Cooper models are compatible with head-up displays. 
All you’ll need to do is research the right parts for your Mini Cooper, and determine if you want to install the HUD yourself or get it done at an auto shop. 
Since a Mini Cooper’s HUD is just a small LED screen, it’s not a ridiculously expensive add-on—probably somewhere around $350 for parts, plus labor. 
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How to use the Mini Cooper head-up display

If you decide that a HUD is a must-have, you’ll be happy to know that it’s really easy to use. Once you get your HUD installed in your Mini Cooper, just press the farthest toggle on the right, next to the stability control toggle and the engine button. After you do that, the screen should pop up from behind your steering wheel, where you’ll be able to see everything you need.
If there’s no toggle, the function to reveal your HUD can be found in your display menu. You should also be able to alter your display settings from the menu, including what information you’d like to see. You can adjust the brightness, height, and rotation of your HUD in settings as well.

Is a Mini Cooper head-up display worth it? 

Now that we’ve covered everything you’ll be getting with a HUD, is it worth the price? It depends on your priorities.
For teens or newer drivers, it could be a worthy investment. HUDs have proven to have safety benefits, reduce distracted driving, and lead to happier roads. If someone is fresh behind the wheel, it could definitely help to have this kind of technology on their side. 
You’ll also want to take into account who will be driving the car. Taller drivers might not see too many benefits from a HUD since they’ll be looking at a bit of a downward angle at the system rather than having it directly in their line of sight. However, since taller drivers aren’t exactly the target market of the Mini lineup, this might not be too much of an issue.
Overall, a HUD is by no means essential. It is, of course, a spunky bit of added flair, but you’ll be able to drive your Coop just fine without it. It all comes down to the priorities and values of the driver. Compared to other add-on safety features, though, the HUD is relatively affordable and seems to do a lot of good.

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