What’s in the Lincoln Aviator Jet Package?

The Lincoln Aviator Jet package is only available on certain trim levels—but is this purely aesthetic upgrade really worth it? Find out here.
Written by Bonnie Stinson
Reviewed by Jessica Barrett
For only $2,670, the Lincoln Aviator Jet package is a nifty appearance upgrade to the Aviator SUV. You’ll get black trim, black tires, and a black grill plus body-colored wheel surrounds and lower cladding. As if the Aviator couldn’t get any more good-looking!
The humble automobile has grown into a hulking machine that must balance internal prowess with the external appeal. Lincoln’s Aviator SUV achieves this balance with power, poise, and style. But even the alluring Aviator gets better when you add the luxurious Jet appearance package. Sure, this package doesn’t improve the car’s performance—but since when does luxury have to pass a performance test? 
Here’s what you should know about the Jet package before you head to the Lincoln dealership. 
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What is the Lincoln Aviator Jet package?

Introduced in 2022, the Jet package is an appearance upgrade to the Lincoln Aviator. This package is not available on all
Lincoln Aviator configurations
. It’s limited to the Lincoln Aviator Reserve, Reserve 1, and Black Label trims.
This package swaps chrome for black exterior elements to your Aviator SUV, including glossy black trim, mirror caps, front grille, roof rails, and black 22-inch wheels. The package also includes body-color lower cladding and wheel-lip moldings
There are four available exterior color options for the 2022 Lincoln Aviator Jet: Infinite Black, Pristine White, Silver Radiance, and Diamond Red. 

What’s included

The Jet appearance package makes several substitutions in the exterior of the Lincoln Aviator: 
  • 22-inch black aluminum wheels
  • Black high-gloss front grille
  • Black door mirror caps
  • Black roof rails
  • Black door badges
  • Black front and rear door spears
  • Black glass surrounds
  • Black lower fascia
  • Body-colored lower cladding
  • Body-colored wheel surrounds
If you hate chrome, this dark-themed trim gives the Aviator a much more slick and dramatic look to this already impressive SUV.

What it does

Ultimately, the Jet package is purely aesthetic. There’s no performance value included in this upgrade—unless you drive better when you feel cool.
The Lincoln Aviator Jet package swaps out the glaring chrome accents on the exterior of your SUV for darker accents while smoothing out the appearance of lower cladding and wheel surrounds by blending them into the rest of the vehicle.
The truth is that this vehicle already looks handsome, even at lower trim levels. However, the Jet appearance package can up the ante and make your SUV look even more expensive at a fraction of the cost of a higher trim level.
Be aware that specialty modifications and appearance packages can cause a slight increase in your car insurance premium. That’s because special parts cost more to replace.

How much is a 2023 Lincoln Aviator Jet package?

Have we piqued your interest? Good! Now get ready for the price tag.
The Jet appearance package costs approximately $2,670.
But first, you’ll have to purchase an eligible Lincoln Aviator (which includes the Reserve and the Black Label Aviator).

2023 Lincoln Aviator trim pricing

Starting price
Grand Touring
Black Label
Black Label Grand Touring
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* checking your rate won’t affect your credit score
If you opt for the Jet package on the Reserve Aviator, your base price will be $61,175. On the Black Label Aviator, you’re looking at a minimum of $83,395 to add the Jet package.

Is the Lincoln Aviator Jet package worth it?

The Jet package is certainly a sexy addition to an already appealing SUV—and your Lincoln Aviator doesn’t need any help in the aesthetics department.
So is the Jet package worth it? Look, we’re not here to yuck your yum. If it makes your heart happy to get rid of the chrome, then by all means, get the Jet package! 
The only thing we’ll say is that the price tag of $2,670 is pretty high for a purely aesthetic upgrade. But if you’re already spending $58,000 (or $80,000) on an Aviator, then this may not seem like a huge sum. 
Before you invest, consider what else that $2,670 could buy for your Lincoln. 
For just $2,530, you could upgrade your Aviator from rear-wheel drive to all-wheel drive. For $2,500, you could get Lincoln’s Co-Pilot360 1.5 Plus package which includes excellent driver assistance and safety features like parking sensors, adaptive cruise control, and reverse brake assist.
Ultimately, the Jet package is a worthwhile investment for any Lincoln driver who is determined to darken and smooth out the appearance of their SUV.

Lincoln Aviator Jet package vs. Lincoln Aviator Black Label

The Black Label is a trim level on the Lincoln Aviator, whereas the Jet package is a black-themed add-on appearance package on the Lincoln Aviator.
Here are a few of the key features of the Black Label trim Aviator:
  • Illuminated seat-belt buckles
  • Heated, massaging front seats
  • 10.1-inch infotainment display screen
  • 28-speaker sound system with subwoofer
  • Keyless ignition
  • Wireless charging
  • Automatic parking assist
  • Unlimited roadside assistance
  • WiFi

The bottom line

The Jet package is totally unnecessary—and totally cool. For just $2,670, your Lincoln Aviator can transform into a sleek and understated machine that looks far more luxurious than its sibling thanks to its body-color fittings and black exterior trim. If you’re already splashing out on an eligible Aviator, why not go the extra mile with the Jet package?
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