Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited Lease

The average cost of a Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited lease is about $18,775 for 36 months.
Written by Mariza Morin
Reviewed by Jessica Barrett
A Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited lease costs an average of $18,775 for a 36-month lease, depending on your location, down payment, credit score, and negotiated price.
For reliable off-roading and stellar performance, the Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited has remained the luxury standard of the mid-size SUV category since 1992. If you want Grand Cherokee Limited’s rugged yet sophisticated capability without the commitment of a
car loan
, leasing might be a great option for you. 
Leasing does come with more restrictions than a traditional auto loan. However, you get to drive a vehicle during its best years for a lower average monthly payment. And when your lease is up, you can either buy it upfront or return it. 
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How to lease a Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited

Leasing a Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited is not that much different than leasing any other vehicle. Follow this checklist:
  • Check your credit score: If it’s under 520, you probably won’t qualify for leasing, and anything under 630 is considered poor. But if you have a good credit score above 650, you’re in a position for a good lease deal. A score of 740 or above is considered exemplary.
  • Crunch the numbers: Aim to find a monthly payment that’s no more than 15% of your income (10% is even better). Also, figure out how much cash you can pay upfront. The bigger the down payment, the more you’ll bring down your monthly costs. 
  • Calculate your annual mileage: The average annual mileage cap is between 10,000 and 15,000 miles. Be realistic about your driving habits—if you go over your agreed mileage limit, you will have to pay a penalty for every additional mile. 
Once your finances are in check, head over to your local Jeep dealership to
compare lease offers
. Having a clear budget in mind before you go puts you in a strong position to estimate and negotiate which Grand Cherokee you can afford.

The final step: shop for insurance

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How much does a Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited lease cost?

The average cost of a Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited is about $18,775 for a 36-month lease. This could possibly run you about $450 to $550 a month. 
The exact cost of your monthly payments will depend on your credit score, your lease term, your down payment amount, and any options or add-ons you choose at the dealership. You may also see variations based on your location and the time of year as leasing offers change over time.
Depending on your driving preference, the Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited comes in 4x2 (two-wheel drive) and 4x4 (four-wheel drive). If you want the maximum amount of grip on the road or off the road, you should consider going with the 4x4. But remember: with greater power usually comes greater monthly payments.

The advantages of leasing a Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited

Still not sure if you want to buy or lease? Leasing a Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited definitely comes with its perks:
  • Lower monthly payments: Your monthly payments will be lower since you pay for the difference of value between the time you start the lease and the time it ends rather than for the vehicle's total value. 
  • Most advanced technology: Technology is always rapidly changing, and leasing a vehicle ensures you’ll always have the most advanced technology at your disposal. 
  • Stay current: Leasing means you’ll always have the latest, greatest model year. In addition to updated trim level options and technology, most will also feature the newest engines and performance packages.
  • Warranty coverage: Most leases don’t go as long as the warranty, so you should be covered if you run into an issue.
  • Switch between cars, trucks, and SUVs: If you’re not sure which vehicle style is more you, leasing is a great way to figure that out. Once your lease is up, you can switch up your SUV for a car or truck, if you so choose.
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What to do when your Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited lease is up

When you reach the end of your Jeep lease, you’ll have three basic options. You can: 
  • Return the SUV and lease a new Jeep (either another Grand Cherokee Limited or a different model)
  • Schedule a prereturn inspection
    and turn your vehicle in 
  • Request a payoff quote to buy the vehicle you’re currently driving

How to return a leased Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited

If you’re ready to return your Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited or if you simply don’t need a vehicle anymore—you can return the SUV. Follow Chrysler Capital’s
Lease-End Process
for the smoothest transition. 
Before your preinspection, you should examine the Jeep for excess wear and mileage
Chrysler Capital’s
Lease-End Guide
details the amount of wear that is acceptable when you return your SUV. In general, excessive mileage and wear will result in additional charges. To avoid this, stick closely to your mileage allowance and pay close attention to any overage per-mile charge in your lease agreement.
Typically, your prereturn inspection should be completed between 10 and 90 days before your lease is up. Contact the Chrysler Capital Allegiance Team at (855) 383-0558 to arrange for a prereturn inspection, or you can schedule an inspection online yourself through one of Chrysler's certified vendors:
Alliance Inspection Management
(AiM) or
Once your SUV passes inspection, you can call your local dealer to arrange a return appointment. You should expect to receive your vehicle return invoice 21-30 days after you have returned the vehicle.

How to purchase a leased Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited

Did you fall in love with your Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited? We don’t blame you! Rugged yet luxurious with off-roading capacities, we can see why you would decide to take the plunge and purchase it outright. 
If you want to purchase your Jeep or for any lease-end-related questions, call the Chrysler Capital Allegiance Team at 855-383-0558 to get the process started.
Key Takeaway Check your finances and make any necessary improvements before heading to the dealership to ensure you get the best lease deal. 

How to find the best car insurance for a Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited lease

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