How Long Is a Toyota 4Runner

The Toyota 4 Runner comes in at 15.8 feet or 15.9 feet, depending on which trim you decide to buy.
Written by Sean Boehme
Reviewed by Kathleen Flear
The smallest Toyota 4Runner comes in at around 190.2 inches or 15.8 feet. Depending on the trim you buy, the SUV could end up being about an inch longer. 
Whether you’re driving on asphalt or journeying off-road, there isn’t much the Toyota 4Runner can’t do. But before you decide to buy one of these beefy SUVs, it’s in your best interest to make sure it can fit in your garage.
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How long is a Toyota 4Runner?

One of the things that makes the Toyota 4 Runner such a versatile SUV is the many trims that the car comes in. Most of the higher-end 4Runners include a host of improved features and technologies to make riding in one more comfortable, although perhaps the most meaningful improvements help to improve the vehicle’s off-road performance
Although the 4Runner’s various trim levels don’t change its size all that much, an inch could be the difference between squeezing into your garage or not. Here is a look at how trim levels affect the SUV’s length.
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SR5 and TRD

The Toyota 4Runner’s lower trim levels, such as the
SR5 Premium
, and TRD Sport, all come in with a length of 190.2 inches (15.84 feet).
These are some of the more barebones trims offered for the Toyota 4Runner. The base version does come with a few notable perks including keyless entry and Apple CarPlay compatibility. The TRD Sport has larger wheels and the SR5 premium includes several interior improvements such as heated seats.
Notably, every Toyota 4Runner is powered by the same 4.0-liter V6 engine. So if you’re worried about the extra length added on by the trims below, you can go for one of these trims instead and enjoy the same powertrain.

Limited and TRD Pro

Some of the Toyota 4Runner’s high-end trims, such as the
and TRD Pro, are slightly longer than the base model. These trims come in at around 191.3 inches (15.94 feet). If neither the extra inch of length nor the price difference is all that important to you, you could benefit by opting for one of these higher trim levels. 
The Limited is more of a comfort and quality-of-life oriented trim, delivering a powered moonroof and automatic climate control. The TRD Pro is the vehicle’s highest trim level and improved shocks and springs make it incredible off the asphalt. 

Will your Toyota 4Runner fit in your garage?

The only way to make sure that a Toyota 4Runner is going to fit into your garage is to measure the garage yourself. If you haven’t had a chance to do that or you are moving somewhere new, that’s okay too!
The average garage in the United States is somewhere between 20 and 24 feet long. That’s enough space to fit any 2022 Toyota 4Runner pretty comfortably. Of course, using your garage for storing something other than your cars could mean cutting into your space and making for a tighter fit. 
As far as width, that probably won’t be a major issue. Most single-car garages are somewhere around 12 feet wide and the 4Runner is only 75.8 inches (just over six feet wide). If you’ve got a two-car garage, measuring it beforehand is the best way to go. 

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