How Long Is a Jeep Grand Cherokee?

The length of a Jeep Grand Cherokee will vary depending on the body style, trim, and seating options.
Written by Amber Reed
Reviewed by Kathleen Flear
The length of a 2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee will range from 189.8 inches to 204.9 inches, depending on the model and number of seats. 
If you’re in the market for a Jeep Grand Cherokee, you already know that there are a plethora of trim levels, options, and configurations available. It’s important to get the combination of features that are the right fit for your life—both metaphorically and literally. It’s would be a sad, sad day to finally find the Jeep just for you, only to realize it won’t fit in the garage. 
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How long is a Jeep Grand Cherokee?

For a time, Jeep advertised with the slogan “there’s only one Jeep.” That may be true, but as it turns out there are a lot of Jeep Grand Cherokees—and they are not all the same. The length of a Grand Cherokee will depend on the model, trim, and whether or not you elect to have a third row of seats
Here’s how it breaks down for the 2022 model year:

Jeep Grand Cherokee/Jeep Grand Cherokee 4xe

These models are listed on Jeep’s website as the New Grand Cherokee and the All-New Grand Cherokee 4xe. The 4xe is the first plug-in electric hybrid Cherokee and is available in five trim levels for 2022, while the regular Jeep Grand Cherokee has seven trim levels to choose from. But no matter what model or trim, they’re all the same length: 193.5 inches

Jeep Grand Cherokee L

With the exception of the
, all of the trim levels on the New Grand Cherokee can be configured with three rows of seats to make a
Jeep Grand Cherokee L
. This increases the length of these models to 204.9 inches, which is the longest that the Grand Cherokee gets. 

Jeep Grand Cherokee WK

The Jeep Grand Cherokee WK is listed as an entirely different model, and its exterior styling is more along the lines of the previous generation of Grand Cherokee. This version is slightly smaller than its newest siblings, at 189.8 inches long. What’s the WK stand for, you ask? Apparently nothing, with many sources speculating that it’s for “who knows.” 
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Will your Jeep Grand Cherokee fit in your garage?

The simplest way to determine whether or not your Grand Cherokee will fit in your garage is to measure the garage. But perhaps you’re moving into a new place and haven’t had the time to measure, or maybe you just want to make sure it’ll fit a hypothetical garage of the future. Whatever the reason, Jerry’s got your back!
The average American garage is between 20 and 24 feet in depth, or between 240 and 288 inches. That should be long enough to fit all the versions of the Grand Cherokee, even if you get the longest one and have a garage on the shorter end of the spectrum. 
The width shouldn’t be a concern either, as the average single-car garage is at least 12 feet or 144 inches wide, and the widest Grand Cherokee is 77.9 inches in length. 

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