How Long Is a Toyota Tacoma

How long is the Toyota Tacoma? We talk garage size and street parking.
Written by Max Werner
Reviewed by Kathleen Flear
The Toyota Tacoma’s length ranges from 212.3 inches to 225.5 inches. That’s about a 10-inch difference if you opt for the double dab configuration.
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How long is a Toyota Tacoma?

The base Toyota Tacoma is 212.3 inches long—that’s a big truck! However, with six trim levels, two bed sizes, and multiple cab configurations, the Toyota Tacoma only gets bigger with additional customizations.
Here are the available Toyota Tacoma trim levels:
  • Toyota Tacoma SR
  • Toyota Tacoma SR5
  • Toyota Tacoma TDR Sport
  • Toyota Tacoma TDR Off-road
  • Toyota Tacoma Limited
  • Toyota Tacoma TDR pro
While the SR, SR5, TDR Sport, and TDR Off-road let the driver personalize aspects like the cab and bed size, the Limited and TRD Pro editions are more—well, limited. These trim levels only ship with a double-cab, 5-foot bed configuration.
There’s plenty to consider when setting the dimensions of the new Toyota Tacoma. The most crucial elements to consider are bed size and cab configuration.
Drivers have two options for bed size: a 5-foot bed or a 6-foot bed. Selecting the latter increases the length by around 12 inches. Let’s look at the cab options.

Access cab

access cab
edition is Tacoma’s smallest cab size. This edition does not feature a back seat, but it does allow easy access to the bed through a rear window.
With a long bed, the access cab is 212.3 inches long. The wheelbase is 127.4 inches.
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Double Cab

double cab
is the base Tacoma's roomier older sibling. This edition offers back seats, four doors, and two options for bed sizes. The double cab is perfect for those seeking additional storage or a fitting chariot for themselves and a few pals.
With multiple bed types and lots of room for customization, here’s how the double cab stacks up:
  • 5-foot bed: 212.3 inches 
  • 6-foot bed: 225.5 inches
The 6-foot bed double cab is the longest Toyota Tacoma on the market. For comparison, at just over 18 feet long, the double cab edition is just 2 feet shy of the largest
Ford F-150
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Will your Toyota Tacoma fit in your garage?

The best way to know if a new Toyota Tacoma will fit in your garage is to measure the space. But if you've recently moved or lost your trusty tape measurer, we can still help.
The average American garage is about 20 to 24 feet deep. The largest Tacoma configuration is 18 feet long. So, you’ll most likely have enough room for that new truck—plus a few feet to spare. Keep in mind, though, that this is just an average, and it assumes the garage is empty.
What about width, you ask? Regardless of your bed size, the Toyota Tacoma is 41.5 inches wide, including the side mirrors. The average American garage is 12 feet wide, again giving you more than enough space.
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