How Long Is a Honda Fit?

The 2020 Honda Fit is between 161.4 inches and 161.8 inches long depending on its trim.
Written by Shannon Fitzgerald
Reviewed by Kathleen Flear
The 2020 Honda Fit ranges in length from 161.4 inches to 161.8 inches depending on the trim. The Fit’s length also varies by generation, with older models tending to run shorter. 
As a subcompact hatchback, the Honda Fit can “fit” in practically any parking spot or tight garage space. But if you own a Fit of your own, or you’ve got your sights set on one, you may be wondering just how narrow a spot the Fit can manage. 
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How long is a Honda Fit?

While the Honda Fit varies in length by trim and model year, there isn’t too much of a size difference between models. In its final 2020 model year, the lengths of the
, and EX-L trims all measured 161.4 inches.
Whether you equip the LX with the standard manual transmission or with the optional automatic transmission (standard on the EX and EX-L), the Honda Fit’s length doesn’t change, either. 
Despite its short length, all trims of the Honda Fit share a cargo volume of 16.6 cubic feet, and 52.7 cubic feet with the back “magic” seats folded. This is more cargo room than almost every other subcompact vehicle—with the 2020
Mitsubishi Mirage
Chevy Sonic
only measuring maximum cargo volumes of 47 and 47.7 cubic feet respectively.
So let’s break down when the Honda Fit does vary in size—namely when it’s a Sport trim or a different generation model.

Sport trim

The 2020
Honda Fit Sport
is the longest Honda Fit you can purchase at 161.8 inches. It also comes with 16-inch standard alloy wheels, as opposed to the standard 15-inch wheels. While this size difference is slight, it may make a slight difference when squeezing into that extra tight parallel parking space.

Length by model year

The Honda Fit was introduced late to the North American market and discontinued early in 2020. Of the years Americans could help themselves to this spacious, subcompact gem, there were slight variations in its size. 
Here’s a general idea of how the Honda Fit’s length differed by generation in North America: 
  • First generation (2007 to 2008): 157.4 inches
  • Second generation (2009 to 2013): 161.6 inches
  • Third generation (2015 to 2017): 160 inches
  • Third generation facelift (2018 to 2020): 161.4 to 161.8 inches
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Will your Honda Fit fit in your garage?

Unless you have a very small garage, chances are your Honda Fit will, in fact, fit. But, if you’re worried and haven’t gotten the chance to measure your garage yourself, here are a few specs to ease your mind. 
In average American homes, garages run between 20 and 24 feet in length. Your Honda Fit, in its longest Sport trim, only comes to about 13.5 feet long. Therefore, not only could your Honda Fit easily squeeze into the garage, but you could also fit storage shelves, bikes, or garbage cans in front of your Fit if need be, too. 
Will you be able to park another car next to the Fit? Definitely in a double-car garage. Not likely in a single-car garage (unless your second car is a motorcycle). 
Typically, a single-car garage is about 12 feet wide. The 2020 Honda Fit, regardless of trim, measures 67 inches in width—about 5.6 feet. Before you jump to park two Fits in your single-car garage, though, keep in mind this measurement doesn’t include mirrors.
To avoid scrape-ups, stick to the ample maneuvering space you’ll have parking just one Fit in the garage. 
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