How Long Is a GMC Yukon?

A 2022 GMC Yukon ranges from 17.5 to 18.8 feet long based on its trim level, which may be a tight squeeze in your standard garage.
Written by Melanie Johnson
Reviewed by Kathleen Flear
The length of a 2022 GMC Yukon is between 17.5 feet and 18.8 feet long, depending on whether you opt for a regular or XL SUV.
The GMC Yukon is a full-size SUV. It rocks a powerful V8 engine, can seat up to nine, and tow up to 8,400 pounds. A vehicle of this size can do just about anything, but it might not fit in your garage.
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How long is a GMC Yukon?

The length of a 2022 GMC Yukon varies from 17.5 feet long at its shortest to 18.8 feet long at its longest. 
There are four GMC Yukon trim levels. They are:
  • SLE
    (MSRP of $51,600) 
  • SLT
    (MSRP $58,400) 
  • AT4 (MSRP $66,100) 
  • Denali
    (MSRP $69,500)
All trim levels are offered as a Yukon or a
Yukon XL
, which will determine the overall length of your vehicle. Let’s dig into that below.  


The Yukon model measures 17.5 feet or 210 inches long across all trim levels. While a foot shorter, the Yukon is similar to the XL in many ways. It has the same powertrain (a powerful V8 engine), it seats up to nine, and it is offered in the same four trim levels. 
The standard Yukon has a greater towing capacity. When properly equipped, it can tow up to 8,500 pounds while the XL can only tow up to 8,100. If you’re interested in lugging some big toys around, you might consider opting for a Yukon over a Yukon XL.

Yukon XL

The Yukon XL is essentially an extended version of the traditional Yukon. Opting for an XL will increase the size of your SUV by over a foot. All XL trim levels measure 18.8 feet or 225.6 inches long
The XL offers more third-row legroom as well as 40 cubic feet of cargo space. With its rear seats folded down, the XL has up to 121.7 cubic feet of storage compared to the regular Yukon’s 94.7 cubic feet maximum. If you’re regularly transporting a lot of equipment, you may appreciate the extra room the XL offers.
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Will your GMC Yukon fit in your garage?

The best way to check to see if your Yukon will fit in your garage is to measure your garage. If you’re moving into a new house and don’t have access to the garage yet, don’t stress! We’ll help you figure it out!
The average garage in America is between 20 and 24 feet long. That should be enough space for a regular Yukon that measures 17.5 feet long, but at 18.8 feet, the XL might feel a little cramped. Keep in mind that you’ll want a bit of space to get around while the SUV is parked.
If you’re concerned about width, we’ve got you there, too. The width of an average garage is at least 12 feet wide, and every Yukon is 81.6 inches wide, which is under seven feet. While that measurement doesn’t include side mirrors, you should still have plenty of space.
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