How Long Do Porsches Last?

On average, Porsche vehicles last about 10.6 years and can turn over up to 150,000 miles or more with proper maintenance.
Written by Lindsey Hoover
Reviewed by Kathleen Flear
Porsches—hailed by car enthusiasts for their excellent German-engineered craftsmanship—are known for their long-term reliability and ability to perform well over time. In general, a Porsche can last at least 100,000 miles and about 9 years.
  • On average, Porsche vehicles last about 10.6 years and up to 150,000 miles or more with proper maintenance.
  • Porsche models have better long-term reliability compared to other high-performance competitors, but they’re known for high maintenance costs.
  • The most reliable Porsche models include the 718 Boxster, Macan, and Cayenne, while the Panamera earns the lowest reliability ratings overall.

The average Porsche can last about 150,000 miles or 10.6 years

Porsche vehicles commonly last between 100,000 and 200,000 miles. With proper maintenance, it’s not unusual for Porsche models, like the Cayenne or Porsche 911 Carrera GTS, to hit 250,000 miles and surpass the average lifespan.  
Compared to other luxury automakers, like Ferrari, Lamborghini, and BMW, Porsche owners not only report their vehicles lasting longer but also have higher satisfaction with their purchases over time. 
As a luxury car brand, Porsche is a safe bet for car owners looking for longevity and dependability. 
Where Porsche succeeds, other luxury and sports brands (even those with cheaper price tags and repairs costs) fall short—even used car dealerships like and have high-mileage Porsches on their lots.  
Key Takeaway Your vehicle’s model and age, as well as your maintenance practices, will determine how long your Porsche will last. Your car could last as long as 250,000 miles or 11.3 years.

Porsche reliability 

With a RepairPal Reliability Rating of two out of five, a Porsche may not seem to be worth it, but hear us out.
One of the most sought-after European luxury car brands, Porsches are known for their longevity and long-term reliability, but there’s a small catch. Maintenance, daily driving habits, and service history can knock years off of your model. 
According to J.D. Power, Porsche ranks 4th on its list of dependable cars in 2020. In 2018, the same company surveyed owners of three-year-old vehicles and found that Porsches have better long-term dependability than competitors like Chevrolet. 
That said, Porsches are infamous for high maintenance costs, which is one reason they scored so low on RepairPal’s Reliability Rating. A simple
oil change on a Porsche 911 Turbo
, for example, can cost anywhere from $334 to $479.
Expensive cars, like Porsches, are also engineered with complex mechanisms. This means a mechanic will spend more hours repairing your vehicle, which drives up the average cost of regular maintenance and care for your metal baby—especially on older air-cooled models.

The most reliable Porsche models

On average, Porsches have no problem speeding past the competition when it comes to dependability. They not only rank well above the industry average but you can also find them sitting pretty in the top five. 
But not all Porsches are created equal. 
A car’s reliability depends on
  • The rate of recalls
  • Mechanical mishaps
  • Maintenance costs
Using that metric, along with J.D. Power’s Quality & Reliability ratings and Edmunds True Cost to Own estimates, we’ve evaluated each Porsche model’s overall reliability and cost of ownership. 
Based on these calculations, here’s a closer look at the most reliable Porsches: 

Porsche 718 Boxster 

  • 2023 starting price: $65,500
  • Edmunds True Cost to Own (5 years): $91,955
  • 2022 J.D. Power Quality & Reliability Score: 88/100
In 2021, the 718 Boxster was named J.D. Power’s #1 Premium Sporty Car. Car and Driver named this model to its Editor’s Choice List and 10Best list.

Porsche Macan 

  • 2023 starting price: $57,500
  • Edmunds True Cost to Own (5 years): $78,708
  • 2021 J.D. Power Quality & Reliability Score: 82/100
In 2021, the Macan was J.D. Power’s #2 choice for Best Compact Premium SUV and made Car and Driver’s Editor’s Choice list, as well as their 10Best list.
Plus, whether it’s your daily driver or just for weekend fun, the Porsche Macan has impressive performance. The SUV comes with all-wheel drive, and drivers can choose between one of three turbocharged engines, leaving you in control.

Porsche Cayenne

  • 2023 starting price: $72,200
  • Edmunds True Cost to Own (5 years): $100,540
  • 2021 J.D. Power Quality & Reliability Score: 81/100
In 2021, this SUV was ranked the #1 Upper Midsize Premium SUV by J.D. Power. The 2021 Cayenne also made Car and Driver’s Editor’s Choice List. Providing a range of power options, from a V-6 engine to a twin-turbocharged V-8 or the plug-in hybrid, the Porsche Cayenne will have you wondering if you’re driving a sports car or an SUV. 
The Cayenne on average gets between 200,000 and 250,000 miles and can last up to 11.3 years—that’s the longest average lifespan of any other Porsche model.

The least reliable Porsche model: Porsche Panamera

Unfortunately, not all Porsche models will have the longevity of the Cayenne or the dependability of the 718 Boxster. The Panamera is far and away Porsche’s least reliable model. 
  • 2023 starting price: $92,400
  • Edmunds True Cost to Own (5 years): N/A (for the 2020 model, the true cost was $107,452)
  • 2023 J.D. Power Quality & Reliability Score: 74/100
According to Repair Pal, the Porsche Panamera scored a 0.5 out of 5 reliability rating, causing it to rank the lowest out of 30 luxury full-size cars. 
Another thing to take into consideration is maintenance cost—the Panamera averages an annual repair cost of about $1,252, making it difficult for owners to save money. The frequency of breakdowns requiring repairs is also much higher than the average vehicle—and because Porsches are luxury cars, you can’t skimp on parts.
Another thing to bear in mind, 25% of Panamera buyers reported that their repairs were for severe issues. That’s 11% higher compared to other luxury full-size cars. 

How to make your Porsche last longer

When it comes down to it, the longevity of any car is dependent on the care it receives from its owner. 
Here are some tips on how to make your Porsche outlive the competition:
  • Follow a
    maintenance schedule
    to keep your car running smoothly and prevent damage
  • Stick to what your car knows—use original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts
  • Avoid unexpected issues by scheduling inspections in between services
  • Maintain a clean vehicle to fight aging caused by the elements
  • Be cautious when driving—accidents shorten your car’s lifespan
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A Porsche is a luxury car, so upkeep can come at a hefty price. If you’re seriously considering housing a Porsche in your garage, you should set aside about $1,200 a year for maintenance alone.
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