GMC Yukon Denali Lease

The average cost of a GMC Yukon Denali lease ranges from $1,000 to $1,200 a month.
Written by Amber Reed
Reviewed by Jessica Barrett
A lease for a GMC Yukon Denali costs between $1,000 and $1,200 per month. Exact costs depend on the car’s negotiated price, your down payment, your credit score, and whether you choose two- or four-wheel drive. 
With plenty of space for both passengers and cargo, the GMC Yukon Denali is a popular choice amongst luxury SUV enthusiasts. If you want a truck-based SUV with all the bells and whistles, but don’t want the commitment of a
car loan
, leasing might be the right choice for you.
Read on for more information on how leases work, how much you can expect to pay for a GMC Yukon Denali lease, and what to expect when you reach the end of the term.
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How to lease a GMC Yukon Denali

While the Yukon Denali itself comes with all the frills and features you could ask for, the lease process is simple and straightforward. Follow this checklist, and you’ll be set to get the best lease deal.  
  • Start by checking your credit score. A credit score under 520 probably won’t qualify for leasing, and anything under 630 is considered poor and may cause your monthly payments to be higher.  But if your credit score is 650 or higher, you’re likely to get a good lease deal. 
  • Figure out your leasing budget. A monthly payment that’s no more than 15% of your income is affordable for most people. For example, if you make $5,500 a month, a lease payment of up to $825 should be easy to manage—but if you can get closer to $550, or 10% of your income, you’ll be even better off. 
  • Estimate how much you can pay upfront. Putting more money down means you’ll have a lower monthly payment. If you have the option, wait until you’ve saved up a little extra for a higher down payment.
  • Calculate your annual mileage. Yukon Denali lease deals come with an annual limit of 10,000, 12,000, or 15,000 miles. For most people, that’s more than enough, but if you go on a lot of road trips, or have a long commute, do the math to see if that mileage limit works for you. 
It’s time to head to your local GMC dealership once your finances are in order and you have a budget in mind. Knowing what you can afford makes it much easier to negotiate and come out on top.

The final step: shop for insurance

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How much does a GMC Yukon Denali lease cost?

The cost of leasing a GMC Yukon Denali averages about $1,000 to $1,200 per month
Whenever you lease a vehicle, your exact price is determined by several factors: the trim level and options you pick, your credit score, lease term, and your down payment. The price can also change based on your location, the time of year, or special promotions.
The trim level directly influences how much you pay to lease a vehicle. Because the Yukon Denali is GMC’s luxury trim for its Yukon line of SUVs, it costs a little more than the Yukon SLE, SLT, or AT4—but it’s not without its perks. Between a distinctive exterior design that sets it apart from the rest of the Yukon line and an interior that’s fully loaded with features, the Denali delivers on luxury driving.
You can still save money, however, if you opt for the standard size Denali or two-wheel drive. If you prefer the larger Denali XL or four-wheel drive, your monthly payment will go up.
Both your monthly payment and the amount due at signing can change depending on which 2022 Yukon Denali you choose. Assuming you have a good credit score and are able to put $2,000 down on a 36-month lease with a 12,000 annual mileage limit—the cost breakdown is as follows:
Trim level
Monthly payment
Amount due at signing
Standard 2WD
Standard 4WD
The other major factor in determining what you’ll pay for your 2022 GMC Yukon Denali lease is your credit score. If your credit score is at least 650, you are likely to get a good rate. The higher your credit score is, the lower your payments will be.

Services included in a GMC Yukon Denali lease

If you’re thinking about leasing a GMC Yukon Denali, be sure to talk to your local GMC dealers about any services included in your lease. These often vary by region and may be attached to special promotions.

What to do when your GMC Yukon Denali lease is up

You have three options at the end of your GMC lease. You can: 
  • Return the car and lease a new GMC vehicle (either a Yukon Denali or a different model)
  • Have your vehicle
    and turn it in 
  • Purchase your leased vehicle

How to return a leased GMC Yukon Denali

Once your lease is up, you’ll need to decide if you’re ready to move on with a new GMC vehicle. If you decide you no longer need the vehicle, it’s easy to return your SUV and walk away by following GMC’s
return process
Before you return your Yukon Denali to the dealership, make sure to remove all personal items from the vehicle. You’ll also need to ensure all equipment and accessories that originally came with the vehicle are accounted for, including:
  • Keys and key fobs
  • Owner’s manual
  • Original entertainment system
  • Original manufacturer wheels
  • Removable seats
  • Any other accessories included in your lease package
You’ll also need to have your vehicle inspected for acceptable wear and tear. You may need to pay a fee when you return your Yukon Denali if the inspection determines that there’s heavier damage to the vehicle. The vehicle inspection is a free service and can be scheduled through your local GMC dealer or the
AutoVIN website
. Be sure to schedule your inspection about 15 to 60 days before your lease is up
Once you’ve had your Yukon Denali inspected, call your local dealership to schedule a return appointment. You’ll need to sign a turn-in receipt and confirm the mileage recorded on it is correct. You’ll be asked to pay a disposition fee of up to $400, but this fee will be waived if you buy or lease another GMC vehicle.

How to purchase a leased GMC Yukon Denali

If your lease is up but you love your Yukon Denali, you can request a payoff quote or arrange for financing through GM Financial or by calling 1-800-284-2271. Don’t forget that you’ll need full coverage on your car loan.
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