Gifting a Car in Oklahoma

Gift a car in Oklahoma by completing a vehicle title transfer with a sale price of $0 at your local OK MVD.
Written by Pat Roache
Reviewed by Kathleen Flear
To gift a car in
, go to your local Motor Vehicle Department (MVD) to complete a vehicle title transfer with a sale price of $0. Complete a family affidavit if you’re gifting to a relative so they won’t have to pay any taxes on the vehicle. 
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How to buy a car as a gift in Oklahoma

When gifting a new car in Oklahoma, it’s a good idea to bring the recipient to the dealership and involve them in the car-buying process—unless you plan to buy the car outright. You won’t be able to transfer the title if there is a
on the vehicle. 
So if you plan to pay for it with a
, it’s best to add the giftee to all the paperwork from the outset (i.e., the car loan, the title, the registration, so on). You could just co-sign for the car and accept responsibility for paying it off. That way, the gifting process goes as smoothly as possible in terms of the legal and financial steps involved.
Key Takeaway You can’t gift a car that has a lien on it so consider involving your recipient in the shopping process when purchasing their new car.

How to gift a used car in Oklahoma

If you’re interested in getting a new car for yourself, gifting your old paid-off vehicle is as straightforward as
transferring the title
over. Plus, you won’t have to sacrifice the element of surprise
Alternatively, buying a used vehicle outright would be much cheaper than buying a brand-new car in terms of ensuring a title transfer is possible.

Negotiate the terms of the gift with your recipient

Giving and getting a car is cause for celebration—but once things settle down, take some time to go over the financial details of the gift. You’ll need to agree on who will pay for the title transfer, as well as the long-term financial responsibility of the car. 
A title transfer in Oklahoma requires a $17 transfer fee, a $4 certificate of ownership fee, and an additional $10 filing fee if you choose to send a notice of transfer to your local MVD. The
notice of transfer
is an optional step to help track legal responsibility for the vehicle while the transfer of title is being processed.
Next, make sure your recipient is clear on things like maintenance,
car insurance,
and gas, and decide who will be covering these and other ongoing expenses.
Oklahoma average
Title transfer
$21 ($31 with a notice of transfer)
Registration fee
$1,633 (liability only), $2,308 (full coverage) per year
$763 per year
$1,802 per year

Purchase Oklahoma liability insurance—or full coverage

Before you can complete the title transfer, the recipient will need to get a car insurance policy that meets
Oklahoma’s minimum requirements
. This includes liability insurance, which covers other drivers in the event of an accident you cause. But you and/or your recipient should consider
full-coverage insurance
for better protection.
Once you’ve got valid
proof of insurance
, you can head to your local MVD!
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Transfer the vehicle title

To make your gift official, transfer the vehicle title at your local MVD within 30 days of the gifting. You and your recipient will need to go together with the following documents in hand:
When performing the title transfer, fill out the title section labeled “Price” with $0 or “gift and the recipient may be able to avoid paying any sales tax at registration. Fill out the title assignment on the back of the original title to complete the transfer of ownership, then sign and notarize to make it official!

Special circumstances for family 

If you’re gifting your vehicle to a family member, you’ll also have to fill out a Family Affidavit to finish the process. This additional document ensures that your recipient will not have to pay taxes on the vehicle. You can find the Family Affidavit form on the Oklahoma
MVD website
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Not necessarily. If you gift a car to a family member, you’ll need to fill out a Family Affidavit to avoid taxes. Otherwise, the recipient may be subject to paying taxes at registration if the car is worth more than $15,000.
Opt to gift your car with a sale price of $0 for best results in Oklahoma.
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