Is the Ford Ranger Black Appearance Package Worth It?

The Ford Ranger Black Appearance Package brings jet black exterior touches and a rugged spray in bedliner for those days when the tough get going.
Written by Amber Reed
Reviewed by Jessica Barrett
Ford Ranger’s
Black Appearance Package makes your Ranger look like it might be a more of a dangerous dark horse than a knight in shining armor, and can be added to the XLT and Lariat trims for $1,000–$2,000.
  • The Ford Ranger Black Appearance package is available on 2023 XLT and Lariat trims—but only if you already opted for an upgraded equipment package.
  • This package adds black exterior accents like black aluminum wheels, mesh grille, mirror caps, and the Ford logo. It also adds a Tough BedⓇ  spray-in bedliner.
  • The Black Appearance package will add about $1000–$2000 to the purchase cost of your truck.

What is the Ford Ranger Black Appearance package?

The Ford Ranger Black Appearance package is an add-on package that’s available on the 2023 Ford Ranger. You can only get it on the XLT and Lariat trims, and you also have to have opted for one of the upgraded equipment packages in order to unlock it.
True to its name, the Black Appearance Package offers a plethora of black exterior accents, which vary a little depending on which trim level or other options you’ve chosen. It also includes a Tough BedⓇ spray-in bedliner to help protect the bed of your Ranger when you’re loading, hauling, and doing other Truck Stuff. 
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What’s included

Here are the features you’ll get with the Black Appearance Package:
  • 18 inch black painted aluminum wheels with black center cap
  • Tough BedⓇ spray-in bedliner
  • Black Ford logo 
  • Black mesh grille with black surround (plus black bars on Lariat trim)
  • Black mirror caps (Lariat trim only)
  • Black fender vent surround
  • Black sill plates
  • Black running boards
  • Black steel exposed bash plate (FX4 off-road package only)
  • Black lower front fascia with body-color bumpers
  • Dark box decal (FX4 package or 4x4 only)

What it does

The Black Appearance Package brings a lot of eye-catching black exterior accents, so its benefits are almost entirely from an aesthetic point of view. The one feature that does add some functionality is the bedliner. This keeps the bed of your truck from getting scratched and dented when you’re loading and hauling cargo, and is a handy feature to have in a truck. 
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How much is a 2023 Ford Ranger Black Appearance package?

Depending on which trim level you choose, the Black Appearance Package is going to add roughly an extra $1,000 to $2,000 to the price tag. Here’s what you’re looking at: 
  • XLT: $1,090
  • Lariat: $1,995
Keep in mind that in order to be eligible for the Black Appearance Package, you also have to purchase a higher tier equipment package. Here’s the pricing for the packages that you’ll need in order to add the Black Appearance Package. 
  • XLT
Equipment Group 301A—$1,670
Equipment Group 302A—$2,450
  • Lariat
Equipment Group 501A—$2,005
So at the end of the day, you’ll have to spend up to $4,000 to get the Black Appearance Package—but you’ll also get all the cool features of the equipment package as well. 

2023 Ford Bronco trim pricing

Starting price
XL (not eligible)
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Is the Black Appearance package worth it?

Since it’s almost an entirely aesthetic package, this is really up to you! If you love the look of the black accents, then it’s certainly an option worth considering. The Tough BedⓇ spray-in bedliner is also available as an a la carte add-on for $495, so if that’s a feature that you’re particularly interested in you can add just that for less money. But if all the extra black exterior touches are really to your liking, then go for it!

Black Accent package vs. Chrome Accent Package

If you’re more into the shiny side of the spectrum, then you might want to consider the Chrome Accent Package. Unlike the Black Accent Package, this package is available on all three trim levels, albeit at a stripped down version for the base XL trim. 
For the XL trim, the package is $365, and brings chrome bumpers, fog lamps, and running boards. It’s $895 to add the Chrome Accent Package to the XLT and Lariat trims, and is more or less the same as the Black Accent Package, but in chrome. However, you don’t get the spray-in bedliner with any version of the Chrome package. But if you do want a different kind of accent (or to stick with the base trim level), then the Chrome Accent Package is a less expensive option. 
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Black Accent package vs. Sport Accent Package

If neither of those accent color palettes is to your liking, then you might be interested in the Sport Accent Package. This is only available in the XLT and Lariat trims, and is essentially like the Black Accent Package—but this time it’s Magnetic!
Before you get too excited, it doesn't actually make the truck magnetic. While that might be fun, it would pose a bit of a safety hazard. Magnetic is the color of the accents, and it looks like a dark metallic gray. This package is $895 for either trim, and also does not include a spray in bedliner. What exactly makes this a “Sport” appearance isn’t clear, but it is a really cool color. 

The bottom line

At the end of the day, the Black Accent Package is really about enhancing the look of your Ranger, and there’s nothing wrong with that! Part of the fun of buying a new vehicle is the ability to customize it to your liking. If it’s just the spray-in bed liner that you’re after, then it makes much more sense to skip the package and just add on the liner. But if you want to make your Ranger uniquely yours and like that sleek, blacked-out look, then this is the package for you!
was easy to use, and they saved me a lot of money on my truck. I would definitely recommend them.” —Johannes T.
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