All About Ford F150 ECO Mode

Eco Mode on the Ford F150 allows you to optimize fuel efficiency—but it’s best not to leave it on all the time.
Written by Sarah Williams
Reviewed by Jessica Barrett
Ford’s Eco mode adjusts your F150’s throttle response and analyzes your driving patterns to decrease your fuel consumption by up to 20%. 
As one of America’s most popular vehicles, the F150 caters to exactly what drivers need behind the wheel—and that means a selection of seven different driving modes. At the switch of a button, you can customize your ride and optimize your F150 driving experience, whether that means turning on Eco Mode or not!
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What is Ford F150 Eco Mode?

The Ford 150 Eco Mode, or “Economic Mode,” is a system that continually analyzes your driving behavior to optimize fuel consumption. By assessing your gear shifting, speed, braking, and anticipation levels, and the number of short and long trips you make, Eco Mode determines what is needed by the engine at a particular moment. 
Eco Mode’s analysis helps your F150 operate more efficiently by using less gas and maximizing your fuel economy. Your Ford F150 Eco Mode may accomplish this by reducing your throttle responsiveness (so you accelerate slower than usual) or regulating instruments that use power, like air conditioning. 
Key Takeaway Eco Mode analyzes your driving and then adjusts your Ford’s settings for a more fuel-efficient drive.

Does Ford F150 Eco Mode save fuel?

Yes—the Ford 150 Eco Mode can decrease fuel consumption by up to 20%. This number will vary from driver to driver and depending on how much time you spend driving in the city versus the highway.
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How to turn Ford F150 Eco Mode on and off

Lucky for you, engaging your Ford 150’s Eco Mode is simple. All you have to do is follow these simple steps:
  • Ensure your F150 engine is running so you can access the “driving mode menu”
  • Depending on which type of shifter you have, either press the button at the end of your column shifter lever or press the “DM” button on the center console to bring up the drive mode menu
  • Select the “Eco” driving option and press “Ok” on your steering wheel to confirm
  • When you see the “Eco” icon on your instrument cluster, Eco Mode is engaged!
In less than a minute, you’re all ready for a fuel-efficient ride!

Is Ford F150 Eco Mode worth it?

It depends on when you decide to use it. While maximizing fuel efficiency is certainly a good thing, using Eco Mode all the time isn’t necessarily your best option. 
Because Eco Mode restricts the throttle and adjusts your gear shifting, it will change your driving experience. Since Eco Mode disables four-wheel drive, it can make your acceleration less responsive. It’s better to keep it off in the following scenarios: 
  • Driving off-road or on unpaved roads
  • Accelerating onto the highway
  • Passing slow vehicles
  • Driving in adverse weather conditions or hilly areas 
So while Eco Mode can be helpful (and save you money on gas!), using it strategically will give you the best results. In some of these other scenarios, consider using one of your Ford F150’s other seven driving modes. 
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