Car Sales Tax in New Mexico

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When you buy a car in New Mexico, you will need to pay a 4% sales tax.
There are more fees associated with buying a car than just the sticker price—and sales tax is a big one. If you’re about to buy a new or used car, don’t forget to include sales tax when creating your budget. Depending on where you buy your car, sales tax can sometimes increase the cost of your vehicle by a lot!
If you’re buying a car in New Mexico, however, you’ll only be charged a 4% sales tax on a new or used car—far below the national average.
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How much is the car sales tax rate in New Mexico?

When you buy a car in New Mexico, you’ll be charged a 4% sales tax on your purchase. You will always pay a sales tax of 4% on vehicle purchases, even though the regular sales tax in New Mexico can be between 5.5% and 9.4375%, depending on where you are.
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How are car trade-ins taxed in New Mexico? 

A great way to save some money when you buy a car is by trading your old vehicle to the dealership. In exchange, the credit you get from your trade-in is applied to your new car purchase. In New Mexico, the value of your trade-in vehicle is not subject to sales tax.
To put it simply, let’s say that you want to buy a new
Volkswagen Jetta
for $23,000 in New Mexico. You decide to trade in your old
Nissan Sentra
and are offered a credit of $2,000 from the dealership. Since New Mexico doesn’t charge sales tax on the value of your trade-in, you will only pay the 4% sales tax on $21,000 of your purchase.
While shopping for a car, your dealership may offer you a cash incentive or a manufacturer’s rebate. While rebates and incentives are still a great way to save money, sales tax in New Mexico is applied to the full cost of the vehicle before any rebates or incentives are applied. This means that you will pay sales tax on the full price of your car.
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How to calculate sales tax on a car in New Mexico

When you buy a car in New Mexico, you always pay a 4% sales tax. The regular state and county sales tax rates do not apply to vehicle purchases anywhere in the state.
Key Takeaway You will pay a 4% sales tax on any vehicle purchased in New Mexico. 

Exemptions from New Mexico car sales tax

Nearly all vehicle purchases in New Mexico are subject to sales tax, but there are a few exceptions. You might not have to pay sales tax on a car purchase in New Mexico if:
  • You are purchasing a vehicle for the State of New Mexico
  • You have a disability and can prove that modifications made to the vehicle are due to your disability and are necessary for you to be able to drive
  • You are a disabled veteran
If you’re not sure if you qualify for an exemption, you can find a complete list on the
New Mexico DMV website

How to estimate New Mexico tax, title, and registration fees

Sales tax isn’t the only additional cost you’re responsible for when you buy a car in New Mexico. You’ll also need to pay for your title and
vehicle registration
fees to cover the cost of filing the sales contract and tax documents for your vehicle. 
Here’s how the extra charges break down if you buy a car in New Mexico.
Cost type
Average cost
Sales tax
Registration fee
$43 to $232.50
Title fee
Documentation fee

How to find affordable car insurance in New Mexico

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New Mexico applies the same 4% sales tax to both used and new car purchases.
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