Is an Audi Head Up Display Worth It?

Many Audi upper trims come with the head up feature, but is it worth shelling out for?
Written by Meaghan Branham
Reviewed by Pat Roache
An Audi head up display is a convenient safety feature that projects important information onto the windshield in the driver's field of vision. But is it worth the added cost? 
Audi offers an extensive state-of-the-art virtual cockpit on many of its latest models. This usually includes an entirely digital instrument panel, speedometer and tachometer—and a head up display. This feature displays information above the dashboard on the lower section of the windshield, where it appears to float six feet in front of the driver. 
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Audi head up display: what is it and do you need it?

A head up display, also known as an HUD, is a feature that projects information on the lower portion of your windshield. This allows you to see information like navigation and safety alerts without having to take your eyes off the road. In other words, it helps you keep your “head up” while driving. 
It works through a projector that is embedded in the car dashboard and sends an image to the windshield through a series of mirrors that magnify it to make it easier for drivers to read. 
The information displayed on your Audi's head up display can be customized through the Multi Media Interface (MMI). The height and brightness of the display can also be controlled via the MMI. 
You can choose to display information like: 
  • Current speed
  • Speed limit
  • Turn-by-turn navigation directions
  • Driver assistance system alerts
  • Road sign information
Audi is the first automaker to incorporate a full-color head up display, and the high contrast ensures that the information is easy to see.

Which Audi models have a head up display (HUD)?

There are two head up display options offered by Audi on most of their vehicle. The one you end up with depends on which model you select. 
Some models come with a head up display that works through the series of projectors and mirrors mentioned above. Models that include this display are:
  • Audi S3: available on the Prestige trim, which starts at $52,800
  • Audi RS3: Head up display is available with the RS technology package, starting at $2,750. 
  • Audi A4: available on the Prestige trim, which starts at $50,200
  • Audi S4: available on the Prestige trim, which starts at $67,000
  • Audi A5: available on the Prestige trim level, starting at $55,950 
  • Audi S5: available on the Prestige trim, which starts at $63,900
  • Audi RS5: available with the RS driver assistance package for an additional $3,000
  • Audi A6: available on the Prestige trim. starting at $69,500
  • Audi S6: available on TFSI Prestige trim, which starts at $81,500
  • Audi RS 6 Avant: available with the Executive Package, for an additional $2,750
  • Audi A7: available on Prestige trim, which begins at $78,350
  • Audi S7: head up display comes with Prestige trim, starting at $90,500
  • Audi RS7: available with the Executive package, for an extra $2,750
  • Audi A8: available with the comfort plus package, which can be added for $4,100
  • Audi S8: available with the purchase of the S8 Comfort Plus package, for $4,700
  • Audi E-Tron S: the Prestige trim adds head up display for $95,300
  • Audi E-Tron GT: for $111,300, the Prestige package comes with head up display
  • Audi Q4 e-Tron: available on the Prestige trim, starting at $61,900
  • Audi Q5: available on the Prestige trim; starting at $54,500 for the 40 TFSI, $57,000 for the 45 TFSI, and $65,300 for the 55 TFSI e quattro 
  • Audi SQ5: head up display comes on the Prestige trim, which starts at $65,700
  • Audi Q7: opt for the 55 Prestige trim, which starts at $74,000
  • Audi SQ7: the Prestige trim comes with head up display and starts at $94,500
  • Audi Q8: available on the Prestige trim, which starts at $82,700
  • Audi SQ8: this $101,100 Prestige trim includes head up display 
  • Audi RS Q8: add the Executive package for $2,800 to get this feature 
The other head up display option from Audi is one in which the information is displayed on a separate glass panel, which extends upward from the instrument panel behind the steering wheel on the dashboard. The only model that currently uses this head up display is the Audi Q2 Prestige for around $52,500. 
As you’ve probably gathered, if you want the head up display on your Audi, you’ll want to go with the Prestige trim level
If your model doesn’t come with a head up display, you can also choose to purchase and add one to your vehicle later as a modification. 
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Can you add a head-up display to an Audi?

Speaking of—you can add a head up display to an Audi that didn’t come equipped with one!
While some methods will require you to swap out the windshield for a brand new one that includes that transparent screen, this option is the most expensive and can run you a couple of thousand dollars. 
However, retrofitting a HUD screen into your current windshield is a lot more affordable. You can typically find one online for anywhere between $500 and $1,500. 
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How to use the Audi head up display

If you haven’t ever used the Audi head up display before, you may wonder how exactly you control it. The good news? Audi has made it easy to get the most out of this feature. 
Locate the silver button near the headlight switch. Press it once to turn the head up display on, and once again to turn it off. 
To alter the brightness, height, or information displayed, you may be able to locate a control on your driver's seat. If it isn’t there, try pressing the car button on your center console, which should bring up a menu on your MMI screen in the center of your dash. Select “head up display” from here, and you can customize how yours appears. 
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Is an Audi head up display worth it? 

So, after all of that, is an Audi head up display worth it? It really depends on what your needs and priorities are. 
Sure, it isn’t necessary for your car's function, but it is a valuable tool that can reduce
distracted driving
and help you avoid dangerous situations. This could even help you earn a
safe driving discount
on your car insurance policy!
If you don’t mind shelling out a bit of extra money for that peace of mind, opting for the Prestige trim of your desired model, or paying a couple of thousand more for a package that will add the head up display, might just be worth it. 

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