All About the Audi First-Time Buyer Program

Audi first-time buyer program, available at some dealerships, offers those with no credit history (but good existing credit) the chance to buy an Audi at preferential rates.
Written by Jason Tushinski
Reviewed by Amy Bobinger
Audi’s first-time buyer program allows drivers with no credit history (but good existing credit) the chance to buy or lease a new Audi at preferential rates. Prospective buyers will need to provide proof of income and verify they have been employed with the same employer for at least one year. The First-Time Buyer program is only available at some Audi dealerships.
  • Audi’s First-Time Buyer program offers preferential rates to first-time buyers with no credit history (but whose existing credit is in good standing).
  • You must reside (for at least a year) in a participating dealer’s sales market in order to qualify.
  • Not all Audi dealerships participate in the First-Time Buyer program.

What does the Audi First Time Buyer program offer?

At participating dealerships, Audi offers first-time buyers preferential rates in order to lease or finance new Audi vehicles or certified pre-owned Audi vehicles. To qualify for the program, you’ll have to meet the following criteria:
  • Provide proof of income and at least one year of full employment with your current employer
  • No credit history required, but any existing credit must be in good standing
  • Must have at least one year’s residence in your Audi dealer’s market area
  • No co-signer required
You’ll also need to provide the following information:
  • Proof of U.S. citizenship, or proof of permanent residency
  • U.S. Social Security Card
  • Contact name and phone number of a member of the Human Resources department at your current place of employment
  • Proof of home address and phone number
  • Address and phone numbers for two complete personal references (one must be a relative) who live in the U.S., so Audi Financial Services can contact them
The biggest downside to Audi’s First-Time Buyer program is that not every dealership offers it. For the dealerships that do offer it, terms and conditions may vary, as well as the rates you’ll be able to get. If you think you might qualify for Audi’s First-Time Buyer program, call your local Audi dealership to see if this program is offered, as well as its specific terms, conditions, and rates.

Tips for low-credit Audi financing if you don’t qualify for the First Time Buyer program

Sadly, not everyone can apply for Audi’s First-Time Buyer program, but that doesn’t mean it will never happen. Say you’ve only been working for the same employer for six months instead of a year, or you just started a high-paying job a few weeks ago, or Audi decides
your income
doesn’t meet its eligibility requirements for the program?
All is not lost, friend. There are a few other ways you can lower your car buying costs, even if you don’t qualify for Audi’s First-Time Buyer program.
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Pick a vehicle you can afford

Use a handy car loan payment calculator to get an estimate on which Audi you’ll be able to afford (if it must be an Audi), based on your existing credit score and income.
If you can stomach it, buying a used car is a sure way to
make financing easier to handle
if your credit rating isn’t where you want it to be, or your income is lower than Audi requires. Ask Audi about buying certified pre-owned vehicles, which are tested to ensure reliability. Or, ask to take a look at your local Audi dealer’s used inventory.

Compare loan offers from multiple lenders

It’s a good idea to compare car loan offers from a few banks or credit unions and, if possible, get pre-approved for a loan before heading to a dealership. This will allow you to negotiate from a position of strength. Why? Because a dealer will likely offer you financing options. Sure,
financing through a dealer
is convenient, but they usually offer financing at a higher rate. With a pre-approved loan, they’ll be forced to get close to (or match) the loan you’re already approved for, if they want your business.

Get an assist from a co-signer

Audi doesn’t require a cosigner for its First-Time Buyer program. But if you don’t meet Audi’s eligibility requirements, or you’re at a dealership that doesn’t honor the First-Time Buyer program, you could get a deal done with the help of a cosigner. This can help your odds significantly, if a person (a parent or spouse) with good credit can co-sign your lease or financing arrangement. If your credit improves or your income jumps, you can
take your cosigner off your loan
. If you want, you might even be able to
your loan or lease arrangement.
MORE: How to get a cosigner for a bad credit car loan

Wait a bit

If you’re able to, waiting a few months can help you get your financing in order and potentially make you eligible for Audi’s First-Time Buyer program. Giving yourself more time allows you to improve your credit and to save up money for a more robust downpayment. Luckily, we’ve got some tips to help you boost your credit rating as well as how to save on your car costs.
MORE: Car loans for people with no credit history

The best Audi models for first-time car buyers

Whether you qualify for Audi’s First-Time Buyer program or not, you’ll want to have an idea of which Audi is best for a first-time buyer. Here are five Audis ideal for someone buying a car for the first time.
  • Audi A3
    : Starting at $36,496, this spritely, shifty sedan features a subtly-chic interior, loads of tech features, and a sporty driving demeanor—not to mention oh-so-sharp looks.
  • Audi A4
    : This compact luxury sedan, starting at $41,395, brings effortless style and driving verve, all in one handsome package.
  • Audi A4 Allroad Quattro
    : The A4 wagon with all-wheel drive starts at $46,995, and is ideal for taking the family for an adventure over light trails (though it's not as practical as some compact SUV rivals).
  • Audi Q3
    : More like a mini-version of the Audi Q8 mid-size SUV, the Q3 starts at $37,995 and brings a shifty nature that its larger cousin doesn’t quite match, not to mention boasting a cozy and tech-filled interior.
  • Audi Q5
    : A more high-end offering that’s still relatively affordable, at $45,395, the Q5 is Audi elegance defined—a premium SUV with a subtle yet gorgeous interior, matched by an effortlessly refined drive.
If you think any of these Audi’s are the right fit for you, contact Audi Financial Services to inquire about financing options available. You might not qualify for the First-Time Buyer’s program, but there could be other incentives on offer that can help make your dream of driving an Audi a reality.
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