All About Honda Odyssey Econ Mode

You can improve your Honda Odyssey’s fuel economy with the press of a button thanks to Honda’s optional Econ mode.
Written by Pat Roache
Reviewed by Hillary Kobayashi
You can activate your Honda Odyssey’s Econ mode with the press of a button! Econ mode improves your minivan’s fuel economy on long stretches of flat road in moderate to cold temperature conditions. 
If you already drive a Honda Odyssey from 2018 or newer, you may have noticed the tiny ECON button in the lower left-hand corner of your minivan’s center console. Whether or not you ever activate it is up to you, but did you know that by doing so you could save money at the gas pump?
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What is Honda Odyssey Econ mode?

When activated, Econ mode improves fuel efficiency by adjusting the performance of your engine, air conditioning system, and cruise control. The Honda Odyssey Econ mode is standard on all Odyssey models from 2018 to the present and has also become standard technology on most other models in the brand’s current line-up.
Let’s break down these adjustments a bit more:
  • Engine performance: Econ mode optimizes your engine’s throttle response to cut down gas-guzzling engine revs.
  • Air conditioning: Econ mode diverts power from the climate control system. You may not be able to optimize your cabin’s temperature as much, but your car will optimize your fuel efficiency thanks to the additional energy.
  • Cruise control: Econ mode simplifies cruise control functions to cut out any downshifting that would adjust speed on hills—and consume additional gas.
The Honda Odyssey Econ mode isn’t for all terrains or driving conditions, but it can do a great deal to improve fuel economy and extend the life of your Honda! How? The extra mechanical efforts that tend to spend more gas (like harsh acceleration) also tend to cause a lot of unnecessary wear and tear. Honda’s Econ mode improves these conditions for an optimal ride.
Key Takeaway The Honda Odyssey’s Econ mode reduces harsh acceleration and redirects your minivan’s energy to optimize fuel economy.

Does Honda Odyssey Econ mode save fuel?

Since Econ mode was added in 2018, the Honda Odyssey has received a consistent EPA rating of 22 combined mpg, with 19 mpg in the city and 28 mpg on the highway. 
Previous models had been rated for one less mpg on the highway. 
Econ mode can improve fuel efficiency even more if you regularly use it in proper driving conditions.

How is Honda Odyssey Econ mode different from Eco Assist?

Eco Assist™ is another Honda feature that helps you monitor your fuel economy—but not by adjusting the performance of your vehicle (like Econ mode). Instead, Honda Eco Assist provides real-time feedback on your Odyssey’s fuel efficiency to help inform you of better driving habits. 
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How to turn Honda Odyssey Econ mode on and off

Turning the Honda Odyssey Econ mode on and off is as easy as pressing a button—literally! In the bottom left-hand corner of your center console’s controls, you should see a button with a leafy plant and the word ECON stamped on it. You should see a light illuminate in your gauge cluster with the same leafy plant image—that indicates that your Econ mode is activated!
The best time to turn Econ mode on is when you’re cruising down the open road or city streets with no hills, traffic, or worries in sight.
To turn Econ mode off, simply press the button again. You may be tempted to leave this feature on, but it’s not meant for all types of driving. 
You need to turn Honda Odyssey Econ mode off under the following driving conditions:
  • Hot weather
  • Merging on or off the highway
  • Passing another vehicle
  • Towing with your Honda Odyssey
  • Driving on treacherous roads or steep inclines

Is Honda Odyssey Econ mode worth it?

Using Honda Odyssey Econ mode will almost always be worth it for the fuel savings as long as you regularly drive in the proper condition to use it
Luckily, if you already plan on getting a Honda Odyssey from 2018 or newer, you won’t have to worry about whether or not you should add Econ mode. Econ mode is a standard feature on almost all new Honda vehicles—the Odyssey included! 
If you’re more concerned about whether or not you should try to remember to turn Econ mode on when you’re cruising your Odyssey to and from soccer matches…well, that’s between you and your checkbook, my friend.
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