Acura MDX Lease

Leasing an Acura MDX typically costs between $671 and $1,091 a month.
Written by Zachary Morgan
Reviewed by Jessica Barrett
An Acura MDX lease will typically cost between $671 and $1,091 a month, with the exact rate determined by trim level, negotiated price, down payment, and your credit score.
Acura has gained a reputation for making luxury vehicles that are both reliable and affordable, and the MDX is no exception. With an 8/10 rating on Car and Driver, the MDX is able to hold its own against higher-end luxury SUVs from the likes of Audi and BMW. If you’ve got your eyes on an MDX but don’t want to deal with the
car loan
process, leasing is always an option.
Despite being more restrictive than a regular car loan, a lease can net you lower monthly payments, lower repair costs, and more. 
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Acura MDX insurance costs

How to lease an Acura MDX

The leasing process is not a particularly difficult one, but you should still know what to expect before starting it. Follow these steps to get a great deal on your MDX.
  • Check your credit score. This should be your first step. You won’t be able to get a lease with a score under 520. A score between 520 and 630 will qualify, albeit with higher monthly payments. You’ll be able to get the best deals with a good credit score of at least 650.
  • Calculate your leasing budget. Your monthly payment should be no higher than 15% of your monthly income, but 10% is even better.
  • Figure out your down payment. Your down payment, also known as a capitalized cost reduction, is the money you’ll have to pay for the car upfront. If you can save up enough for a sizable down payment, your monthly rates will be reduced.
  • Determine your annual mileage. Acura offers annual mileage plans of 7,500, 10,000, 12,000, and 15,000 miles. There is also the Momentum Miles program, which allows you to roll over any unused miles into your next Acura lease.
Once all your personal finance ducks are in a row, you can head to the Acura dealership and compare offers. Remember that in order to make a well-informed pick that fits your needs, you need to determine your budget first.

The final step: shop for insurance

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How much does an Acura MDX lease cost?

It costs between $671 and $1,071 a month to lease an Acura MDX.
A variety of different factors will affect your monthly payments, including trim level, lease term, down payment, and credit score. Leasing offers can change over time, as well, so the time of year and your location could also impact the price.
The trim level that you select at the dealership will play a major part in determining your monthly payments. 
The standard MDX, with its high-performance V6 engine and full digital display system, is a great choice for drivers uninterested in extra amenities. If you want something a bit more responsive and sporty, the MDX A-Spec Package is a fine-tuned, performance-oriented model. Of course, there are also the supercharged Type S models that come with all the bells and whistles, if you’re willing to pay for them.
We can calculate how your monthly payment and amount due at signing can change as you navigate the various trim levels for the 2022 MDX. In the table below, we will assume that you have a great credit score (690-719) and that you’re able to put down $1,500 on a 36-month lease with 12,000 in annual mileage.
Trim level
Monthly payment
Amount due at signing
FWS Tech
SH-AWD Advance
Type S
Type S Advance
Your selected trim level isn’t the only thing that will affect your monthly payments. Remember that your credit score will also be a primary factor in determining your rates. 
In the next table, we’ll take a look at how your rates for a standard MDX model can change based on your credit score. Once again, we’ll use the format of a $1,500 down payment, 36-month lease, and 12,000 annual mileage.
Credit score
Monthly payment
520 to 579
580 to 609
610 to 629
620 to 649
650 to 669
670 to 689
690 to 719
You could potentially qualify for a rebate on your MDX lease if you are a recent college grad ($500) or a member of the military ($750).

Services included in an Acura MDX lease

An Acura lease might not come packaged with a service plan like leases from some other car companies, but Acura does provide customers with a variety of helpful services. They offer flexible contract terms between 24 and 60 months as well as multiple mileage plans of 7,500, 10,000, 12,000, and 15,000 miles. 
In addition, their Momentum Miles plan allows you to roll over unused miles (up to 15,000) to your next Acura lease.
Acura also rewards loyal customers who lease a new Acura or Honda vehicle within 30 days of the turn-in date (before or after). These loyal customers will have their turn-in fee waived and enjoy double the amount of wear and tear protection offered on a standard lease, $1,500 as opposed to $750.   
Standard lease agreements also lock in the end-of-lease purchase price at signing, meaning you won’t have to pay extra for any unforeseen market variations if you decide to keep the vehicle. 
Lastly, Acura offers
gap insurance
as a standard on all leases. If your vehicle is stolen or totaled, the gap insurance plan will cover the difference between your insurance company's payout and the outstanding lease amount.
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What to do when your Acura MDX lease is up

After the lease on your Acura MDX expires, you’ll have three options:
  • Return the vehicle and lease a new Acura (either an MDX or a different model)
  • Follow the Acura Lease Return Guide and return your MDX to the dealership
  • Buy the MDX you’re currently driving for the locked-in end-of-lease purchase price

How to return a leased Acura MDX

If you want a new car or no longer need the one you have, you can return the vehicle to the dealership. Acura has published a checklist to describe the process, which begins two or three months before the lease expires.
The first step is to contact Acura’s Lease Maturity Center to initiate the return process. They will then direct you to your local vehicle inspection provider. As mentioned, this should be done two to three months before the lease ends.
After you’ve started the return, schedule a free vehicle inspection to evaluate wear and tear on your MDX. Remember that your lease includes a waiver covering $750 of use-related damage ($1,500 for loyal customers). 
After the inspection is complete, you will receive a Vehicle Inspection report, which you will need to bring to the dealership at the appointed return time. Schedule the inspection for two months prior to the lease expiring.
Next, make an appointment to return your vehicle to the Acura dealership. When you arrive at the appointment, make sure you have the following:
  • All keys to the vehicle
  • Owner’s manual and maintenance records
  • Vehicle Inspection Report
  • Vehicle Return Receipt
  • Receipts for any repairs completed
Once you’ve turned in your MDX, contact a customer service representative at 1-866-777-6495 to inform Acura Financial Services that you have returned your vehicle.
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How to purchase a leased Acura MDX

If you love your MDX and don’t want to get rid of it, contact a leasing professional at your Acura dealership and discuss it with them. You will be able to purchase the car for the price that was guaranteed at the time the lease was signed, even if the market has changed and it’s technically worth more!

How to find the best car insurance for an Acura MDX lease

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