2022 Lincoln Navigator vs. 2021 Lincoln Navigator: Which is Better?

Although the 2021 Lincoln Navigator costs less, the 2022 Lincoln Navigator is the better option. Click here to find out why!
Written by Alita Dark
Reviewed by Brittni Brinn
Despite a significant $930 difference in the starting MSRP for the two model years, it’s still worth it to go with the newer upgraded 2022 Lincoln Navigator. 
The Lincoln Navigator is the grandest of Lincoln’s SUVs, both in size and quality. With an astounding eight-passenger capacity and a towing capacity of up to 6,200 pounds, this vehicle really can haul it all—and look great doing it. 
Okay, so you’re convinced this is the one for you. Now you have to determine exactly which model year you’re going to get. We’ll compare the 2022 and 2021 models to show you differences in price, fuel economy, safety ratings, and more. 
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2022 Lincoln Navigator vs. 2021 Lincoln Navigator: What’s the difference?

Although the Lincoln Navigator has the same body as its cousin the
Ford Expedition
, the two can’t really be compared. Lincoln screams luxury—which is good, considering it costs quite a bit more than the Expedition. In the same class as the
Cadillac Escalade
, the Lincoln is one of the best you can get in its price range (at least, if you go with the basic model). 
Of course, you may decide it’s better to go more economical and buy used, in which case you’d want to go with the 2021 Navigator. But it may be worth it to spend a little extra cash and get some of the enhanced benefits the 2022 Navigator provides. 
There were quite a few upgrades introduced between the 2021 Lincoln Navigator and its 2022 counterpart, mainly with interior styling. However, some infotainment and other technology features were included in this reconfiguration. We’ll break them down here. 


It’s worth noting that the $930 price difference between the 2022 and 2021 models only applies to the base trim. The more luxurious the trim, the greater the gap. Between the highest trim levels (the L Black Label), the 2021 Navigator is exponentially cheaper—nearly $8,000 less than the 2022 model!
This table makes it easy to compare the differences. You can even click the links to find out how to save more on your insurance! 
2022 MSRP
2021 MSRP
Lincoln Navigator Base
Lincoln Navigator L Reserve
Lincoln Navigator Black Label
Lincoln Navigator L Black Label
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Note These MSRPs were sourced from Edmunds.com and could be subject to change depending on the exact specifications of each vehicle. 

General specs

For a better look at why the 2022 Lincoln Navigator commands a higher price, let’s take a peek under the hood. Both model years possess a 3.5L twin-turbo V6 engine and automatic 10-speed transmission. Both have 103.4 cubic feet of cargo space behind the front row and both have a maximum towing capacity of 6,200 pounds—or 8,300 pounds if you spring for the Black Label trim.
Build-wise, you’re getting about the same car, no matter which year you decide to get. The only area with any difference is horsepower—and, shockingly, the 2021 Navigator outperforms with 450 hp as opposed to the 2022 Navigator’s 440 hp. But unless you’re really craving that extra 10-horsepower kick, it probably won’t be a deciding factor. 

Fuel economy

Here’s something that may actually influence your purchasing decisions: the 2022 Lincoln Navigator gets better gas mileage than the 2021 model. Being an SUV, neither is going to win any awards, but the 2022 model year pulls slightly ahead. Here’s how the two compare: 
  • 2022 Lincoln Navigator 2WD: 17 city/23 highway/19 combined
  • 2022 Lincoln Navigator 4WD: 16 city/22 highway/18 combined
  • 2021 Lincoln Navigator 2WD: 16 city/22 highway/18 combined
  • 2021 Lincoln Navigator L 2WD: 16 city/21 highway/18 combined
  • 2021 Lincoln Navigator 4WD: 16 city/20 highway/17 combined
The actual mpg you get will fluctuate depending on your driving habits, but if you go off the EPA estimates, the 2022 Navigator is the winner in fuel efficiency—though not by much.

Safety ratings

Neither the 2021 nor 2022 Lincoln Navigator has been tested by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, and the 2022 model hasn’t received a rating from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), either. Luckily, the 2021 Navigator has been rated by the NHTSA with a perfect five stars
However, one blight for the 2021 model comes in the form of three recalls. The
NHTSA currently has an urgent recall
listed for the battery junction box, whose malfunction can result in a vehicle fire
Lincoln itself has warned drivers
not to park in or near structures due to the fire hazard. Marginally less serious recalls have been issued for airbag and windshield wiper failure as well. 
The 2021 Navigator isn’t the only one facing recalls—the 2022 Navigator has
two of them
on record. These include trailer brake failure and loss of daytime running lights. 
Still, safety is one area where the 2022 Navigator outshines the 2021 version. It introduces a couple of features meant to increase driver safety—ActiveGlide is Lincoln’s new semi-autonomous driving system meant to let you operate the vehicle hands-free (in a limited capacity). It also comes equipped with a front-facing camera that senses changes in the terrain and adjusts the suspension to keep the ride smooth. 

Styling and interior changes

This is the area where the 2022 Lincoln Navigator really shows off its upgrades. It not only improves upon the technology the 2021 model offers, but it comes with two new themes for the Black Label. In addition to Yacht Club and Chalet, you can now purchase: 
  • Invitation: Inspired by pergolas and bedecked in Venetian leather, this new theme exudes lush comfort. Rich earth tones and khaya wood make you feel as if you’ve brought the outdoors inside, while sleek chrome and well-placed lights give it just enough of a modern touch to keep it feeling new. 
  • Central Park: If you want a “wow” factor, this is it. Woodsy green leather encompasses the interior—but that’s only the beginning. Along the trim, you’ll find a laser-etched map of its namesake!
But the themes aren’t the only aspect that’s been revamped. Some other improvements include: 
  • Redesigned grille
  • New exterior lighting
  • Optional massage seats in second row
  • Ventilated second-row seats
  • Adjustable rear seats/climate system
  • Amazon Fire TV compatibility 
  • Larger touchscreen (13.2 inches vs. 10.0 inches)
  • Alerts recorded by the Detroit Symphony Orchestra 
While some of these might seem pretty frivolous—like massage chairs and symphonic alerts—other upgrades provide real value. A larger touchscreen makes navigation easier, and backseat passengers will be more comfortable with their independent climate control and seat maneuverability. 
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2022 Lincoln Navigator vs. 2021 Lincoln Navigator: Which one should you buy? 

We get that a higher price tag is hard to swallow, but a bevy of safety and comfort features only available in the 2022 Lincoln Navigator make it the better option. And that’s not to mention the expanded aesthetic options it includes.
Part of what makes this decision so easy? There isn’t any recall warning that your 2022 Lincoln Navigator might catch on fire—a pretty big bonus if you ask us.  
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