2015 Toyota Camry Gas Tank Size

The 2015 Toyota Camry has a gas tank capacity of 17 gallons across all trim levels. Learn more here.
Written by Rob Shapiro
Reviewed by Kathleen Flear
The 2015 Toyota Camry’s gas tank size is 17 gallons, regardless of the trim level. That’s pretty big for a sedan! Its fuel economy is solid, too—a combined 34 mpg. 
When car shopping, it’s easy to get caught up in the fun stuff like torque and exterior colors. But you need to know everything about a new or used car so you can make an informed decision and budget for car-related expenses. One such thing to know is the gas tank size. 
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How big is the gas tank on a 2015 Toyota Camry?

The Camry comes in a fewtrim levels. Even so, the gas tank on a 2015 Toyota Camry is 17 gallons. It remains the same across all trims.  
Most Camrys are considered to be efficient and a solid option if you want to stick to a fuel budget. It gets 28 mpg city, 25 mpg highway, and a combined 28 mpg. This makes the ‘15 Camry a smart choice for your daily commute or long road trips. 
This popular model features two engine options:
  • 2.5L, four-cylinder, automatic (S6)
  • 3.5L, six-cylinder, automatic (S6)
The 2.5L four-cylinder gets a total range of 476 miles, and its annual fuel cost is approximately $2,250. The 3.5L six-cylinder gets 425 miles and its annual fuel cost is $2,400.

How to check your 2015 Toyota Camry gas tank size

Most people think that measuring their gas tank is a tough job (or even impossible for a non-mechanic)—but it’s not. Here are afew ways to determine the size of the gas tank for your ‘15 Camry.

Read your owner’s manual

If you want to quickly find the size of your gas tank, check your owner’s manual. Scan the index for “fuel tank capacity” (or something close), and you should be able to find the exact figure

Measure the tank

Alternatively, get out your trusty measuring tape and a calculator and follow these simple steps:
  • Measure the tank's length, width, and height and multiply these figures
  • Divide that figure by 231 (the number of cubic inches in a gallon)

Drive till empty, then fill it up

This way is longer and involves a bit of risk, but it’s doable. Just drive your car until your gas gauge reads empty.Once you’ve hit E, go fillthe tank at the closest gas station. 
While somewhat inaccurate, you can get a rough idea of the size of your gas tank and the amount of gas your car needs for a full tank. 
You should only use this method if you can get to a gas station immediately after your tank is empty. Don’t take any chances!
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How to save on fuel costs for a 2015 Toyota Camry

Just because the 2015 Toyota Camry gets pretty good gas mileage doesn’t mean there isn’t room for improvement. Instead of driving without a care, there are certain things you can do to maximize, or even improve, the gas mileage of your car. 
To help you save some money at the pump, use these tips to improve your car’s gas mileage:
  • Idle as little as possible. Idling your car is a bad idea as it is harmful to the environment and wastes gas. Do it as little as possible (or not at all). 
  • Take good care of your vehicle. Regularly caring for your vehicle, including sticking to its recommended maintenance schedule, will make it more fuel-efficient. 
  • Drive with caution. Most drivers don’t realize that their car will guzzle fuel if they drive harshly. Try to limit acceleration, coast when possible, use cruise control, and drive mindfully. 

How to optimize your 2015 Toyota Camry’s insurance coverage

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