2011 Honda Civic MPG

The 2011 Honda Civic gets 29 mpg combined city/highway fuel efficiency, but how does it compare to other sedans?
Written by Christelle Agustin
Reviewed by Kathleen Flear
The 2011 Honda Civic is undoubtedly fuel efficient, receiving an EPA-rated 24 to 41 mpg combined, depending on the trim level.
The ever-popular Civic has stood the test of time since 1972. After nearly 40 years of production, the 2011 model continues to satisfy drivers looking for a budget-friendly option. Whether your tastes point to the manual six-speed drivetrain or the automatic five-speed, this
is one of your best bets for fuel-efficient drives.
To learn more about the 2011 Honda Civic’s fuel efficiency, stick around!

2011 Honda Civic fuel economy

Just how fuel-efficient is the 2011 Honda Civic? That all depends on the trim. The 2011 Civic came in nine trim levels, four variations of fuel economy, and three fuel tank capacities.
The first six trim levels—DX, DX-VP, LX, LX-S, EX, and EX-L—come with a 13.2-gallon tank and have a fuel economy of 29 mpg combined city/highway driving. If you ask us, that’s an incredible number for the low- to mid-level trims!
Next up is the 2011 Honda Civic Hybrid. If you like to go above and beyond with your eco-friendly efforts, you won’t be disappointed by the 41 mpg combined pumped out by this hybrid superstar. It may only carry 12.3 gallons of fuel, but you have the zippy electric battery to thank for its high EPA rating.
Finally, there are the more premium gas-powered trims: the Si and GX. The Honda Civic Si is for the speed demons who could care less about fuel economy. Reaching a maximum output of 197 horsepower, it’s no surprise that it only achieves 24 mpg combined. It holds 13.2 gallons of fuel.
And the GX? Since it’s powered by compressed natural gas, its fuel capacity is much lighter at a feathery 7.8 gallons! Its fuel efficiency doesn’t take a hit though—it achieves an excellent 28 mpg combined.
Here’s a quick summary of each 2011 Honda Civic trim’s fuel economy and fuel capacity: 
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Is the 2011 Honda Civic good on gas? 

Absolutely. The 2011 Honda Civic may be on the older side, but it still can compete with today’s sedans. Even the young 2023 Honda Civic, which gets 30 combined mpg, has only improved by one mpg from the 2011 Civic!
However, when it comes to rival brands, Honda seems to have a middling performance. The 2011
Toyota Corolla
is better at holding its fuel with a fuel economy of 31 combined mpg. On the other hand, the 2011
Nissan Sentra
is slightly worse than the Civic and gets 27 combined mpg despite its heavier 14.5-gallon capacity.

How to improve fuel efficiency for a 2011 Honda Civic

With a car as great at using fuel as the 2011 Civic, you won’t need to do any major catching up to today’s fuel efficiency standards, but you can always practice good car ownership habits to maintain your Civic’s fuel economy. 
Here are easy ways to improve fuel efficiency:
  • Follow these
    cruise control safety tips
    . Sudden braking or accelerating can waste gas and reduce your fuel efficiency. Turn on cruise control to temper your handling and speed.
  • Clean out your car. Your car needs as much care as your house or room. Schedule days to focus on
    car organization
    and remove unnecessary items (like your camping gear from several months ago!) to lessen the load your car has to carry.
  • Follow a regular
    car maintenance schedule
    . Avoid big mechanical issues with regular check-ups at the mechanic. Your fuel economy will thank you.
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