2008 Honda Odyssey Gas Tank Size

The 2008 Honda Odyssey is a minivan with a not-so-mini gas tank! Learn more about its fuel capacity here.
Written by Drew Waterstreet
Reviewed by Kathleen Flear
The Honda Odyssey is one of the most popular minivans on the market, but there’s nothing mini about its gas tank! The 2008 model of the Odyssey is equipped with a hefty 21-gallon gas tank.
Whether you’re getting the kids to soccer practice or coming home with a load full of groceries, running out of gas simply isn’t an option for minivan owners. 
That’s why the experts at
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Honda Odyssey insurance costs

How big is the gas tank on a 2008 Honda Odyssey?

No matter what trim level 2008 Honda Odyssey you own (
, or
), you’ll have a standard 21-gallon gas tank to work with. At an average combined fuel efficiency of 20 mpg, you can take your minivan 420 miles on a single fill-up—write that down!
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How to check your 2008 Honda Odyssey’s gas tank size

Double-checking to make sure everyone is buckled up is routine, so we’re not surprised that you're asking to check our work, too. No offense taken! Here are a few ways to measure the 2008 Honda Odyssey’s gas tank for yourself.

Measure the gas tank

First, grab your tape measure out of your toolbox or junk drawer. Then locate the gas tank underneath the vehicle and measure the width, length, and height. Multiply the dimensions together and divide the result by 231 (cubic inches per gallon). And wa-la! You should get 21 as your answer. How’d we do?

Check your owner’s manual

This one is pretty obvious. Your owner’s manual has everything you could ever need to know about your Odyssey. Look for “technical specifications” or “fuel tank capacity” within the table of contents or index to locate the correct page.

Drive till empty, then fill it up

Don’t run this experiment when you have other priorities—you don’t want to make the kids late for practice or let the groceries spoil!
But, if you’re riding solo, you can try it: drive until your fuel gauge nears empty and log the number of gallons it takes to refill the tank. This should give you a rough estimate of fuel capacity.

How to save on fuel costs in a Honda Odyssey

Nobody is buying a 2008 Honda Odyssey just for fun. It’s usually out of necessity for expanded passenger space. And with every new addition to your family, the budget becomes that much tighter.
To give you a little breathing room, here are a couple of ways to save on fuel costs:
  • Keep up with
    . Preventing unnecessary wear and tear will help preserve the maximum efficiency potential of your Honda Odyssey.
  • Drive carefully. Being too aggressive on the gas pedal can drastically decrease fuel efficiency. Safe driving is a good rule of thumb anyway, especially with a van full of passengers.
  • Avoid idling, especially in cold weather. You may hear some complaints from the back seats, but letting your minivan warm up by idling is much less efficient than light driving.

How to optimize your Odyssey’s insurance coverage

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