2001 Honda Accord Gas Tank Size

The 2001 Honda Accord has a gas tank capacity of 17.1 gallons for all trim levels and body styles.
Written by Mary Cahill
Reviewed by Kathleen Flear
The gas tank size of a 2001 Honda Accord is 17.1 gallons for all trim levels. When in doubt, you can find out the gas tank size of your 2001 Honda Accord by checking the owner’s manual. 
Depending on what trim package your 2001 Accord has, it will come with either a four-cylinder or V6 engine. The important thing to know is that regardless of which engine it's fitted with, the gas tank size will remain the same.
If you drive a 2001 Honda Accord and are looking to learn more about its gas tank size, you’ve arrived at the right place. The folks here at
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How big is the gas tank on a 2001 Honda Accord?

The Honda Accord is a tried and true classic whose production dates back to 1976. Since Hondas are well known for their reliability, it’s common for Accord owners to still be driving older model years decades after they’ve debuted.  
More than one engine was offered in the 2001 Accord, and it was available as either a coupe or sedan. Here are the trim levels  for the 2001 model year: 
  • DX
  • LX
  • EX
  • LX V6
  • EX V6
As we mentioned before, despite the 2001 Honda Accord being offered with either a 2.3-liter four-cylinder engine or a 3-liter V6 engine the size of the gas tank will stay at 17.1 gallons in capacity. 

How to check your 2001 Honda Accord gas tank size

Wondering how much gas your 2001 Honda Accord can hold? Here are a few handy indicators: 

Take a look at your owner’s manual

The fuel tank capacity will be printed within the pages of your 2001 Honda Accord owner’s manual. But, we understand that sometimes it’s quicker to just ask us, and that’s exactly why we’ve done the research for you. 

Drive till empty, then fill it up

One straightforward way to know your 2001 Accord’s gas tank size is to drive until you’re almost out of gas and then fill up at the station. The number of gallons you pump indicates how much gas the tank can hold. Just make sure that you don’t accidentally run out of gas in the process! 
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How to save on fuel costs in a 2001 Honda Accord

With gas prices being what they are, pretty much everyone is trying to cut down on using a lot of gas. Here are a few ways you can lower your fuel costs for your 2001 Honda Accord. 
  • Don’t prolong scheduled maintenance. When you fail to change the oil in a timely fashion or neglect mechanical issues that seem minor (at first), you’re making your Accord work harder just to run properly. Cars with mechanical problems are known to burn more gas. 
  • Don’t be rough on your pedals. If you drive your car gently, meaning that you go easy when you apply the gas and brake, you won’t go through gas as quickly. 
  • Over-idling is a waste of fuel. Idling can be unavoidable when you’re stuck in traffic, but if you can limit the situations in which you are idling for longer than necessary (like sitting in a parking lot with your car running), you’ll save money in the long run.  

How to optimize your 2001 Honda Accord’s insurance coverage

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