1999 Toyota Camry Gas Tank Size

The typical 1999 Toyota Camry has a gas tank size of 18.5 gallons, no matter the trim level.
Written by Brad Marley
Edited by Amy Bobinger
While you’ll find a few different engines in the 1999 Toyota Camry, the fuel tank size will remain the same: 18.5 gallons. 

How big is the gas tank on a Toyota Camry?

One of Toyota’s most reliable mid-size sedans, the Camry comes with a gas tank big enough to fuel even the longest road trips. Even though there are three engines you can choose from with the Camry, there’s only one gas tank size across those specs: 18.5 gallons.
No matter the engine type, the Camry’s gas tank is far and away larger than those of its closest competitors. The
Honda Accord
’s gas tank checks in at 17.1 gallons, and the
Chevy Malibu
is a measly 15 gallons compared to the Camry. 

How to check your 1999 Toyota Camry’s gas tank size

If you are still unsure how much gas your Camry can hold, we’ve got you: there are other ways to nail down the number.

Measure the gas tank

Did you know you can go old-school to check the volume of your tank? All you need is a calculator and measuring tape. 
To get the right size, multiply the width, length, and height of the tank and divide the number by 231, which is the number of cubic inches in a gallon.

Check your owner’s manual

Another way to check the size of the gas tank is to look it up in the owner’s manual that’s probably in your glove box. Look for “fuel tank capacity” or something similar, and you’ll get an accurate measurement.

Drive till empty, then fill it up

If you’re feeling frisky, you can find out how much gas can fit in your Camry’s gas tank by
driving until the fuel gauge reads “E”
before you pull into the gas station. Once you fill it up, check the meter on the gas pump for an approximation of your gas tank capacity. 
Most modern cars will tell you exactly how many miles you have left to empty, but not a 1999 Toyota Camry, so take heed.

How to save on fuel costs in a Toyota Camry

With regular gasoline in the base engine for the 1999 Toyota Camry, the vehicle gets up to 23 mpg city and 32 mph highway. Those are decent numbers for a mid-size, front-wheel-drive sedan that’s over 20 years old. 
It’s certainly not a gas-guzzler, but it can still stretch your wallet when you fill up. Here are some tips to help save gas and money:
  • Keep up with
    car maintenance
    . Wear and tear on any car will lower fuel economy, so keep up with regular maintenance. 
  • Be a careful driver. Don’t rev the engine or accelerate quickly. Easing into the gas and steady braking will keep fuel consumption steady. 
  • Don’t run your car in cold weather. Starting your vehicle in the mornings so you have a warm car to get into might seem like a good idea, but it’s just going to waste gas. Instead, just drive gently until your car gets warmed up.
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