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A full coverage
car insurance
policy in College Station, TX costs about $85 per month, while liability-only coverage averages about $33 monthly. While this is lower than the average cost of insurance in
, working with an insurance broker is the best way to ensure you get the best coverage at the best price.

How much does car insurance cost in Texas? 

has helped thousands of drivers in the Lone Star State find affordable coverage, and here’s what we’ve learned in the process:
  • Texas drivers pay an average of $1,565 per year or $130 per month for full coverage. A liability-only policy averages about $636 per year and $53 per month.
  • Drivers in College Station pay about 14% less than the statewide average—$1,345 annually or $112 monthly for full coverage and $554 per year or about $46 per month for liability coverage.
You may save a few hundred dollars upfront by opting for
minimum coverage
, but it could wind up costing you thousands in the long run. Texas’s minimum coverage requirements don’t include high enough property damage and bodily injury liability limits to ensure you’re financially and legally protected if you cause a serious accident—and they include no provisions to pay for damage to your own vehicle.
To make sure both you and your car are fully protected in case of an accident, you’ll need a
full coverage car insurance policy
Texans pay significantly less than the
national average for car insurance
, but, like drivers across the country, they, too, have seen record premium increases over the last few years. One of the main culprits driving increases is natural disasters.
Texas has the dubious honor of being ranked first in the nation for frequency and variety of natural disasters. 1 This coupled with nationwide post-pandemic economic stresses and increased vehicle repair costs have led to a 26% increase in insurance costs in the last two years. 2

The best car insurance companies in College Station

No single car insurance company will be the cheapest option for every driver or fit every driver’s insurance needs. The primary reason is that every customer gets different
car insurance quotes
based on their profile—so the most affordable company differs for everyone. 
Jerry conducted the largest insurance survey in the country to help drivers better compare the cheapest car insurance companies. While big-name carriers like
State Farm
got mixed reviews for policy cost and customer service, smaller insurers like
Aspire Advantage
National General
came through with the highest ratings from actual customers.

How to find cheap car insurance quotes in College Station, TX 

Drivers in College Station have the benefit of low accident rates 3 to help keep insurance down—but comparing car insurance quotes with
can help you ensure you get the lowest rates possible without sacrificing coverage quality.
All you need to do is:
  1. Enter your information in the Jerry app.. We’ll ask for basic information insurers need to generate quotes, like your name, address, and vehicle identification number (VIN). We’ll also ask about your
    credit score
    and driving history.
  2. Compare coverage levels and pricing
app screenshot
Once your profile is complete, you’ll receive a list of quotes from carriers in your area.
Your list will include insurance options for everything from bare-minimum coverage to robust full-coverage policies with added optional insurance products like rental reimbursement and roadside assistance.
3. Select the quote you like best. Click “Confirm your rate” on the quote you like best, and we’ll finalize your quote with the provider you’ve selected.
4. Make your first payment to activate coverage. With your price finalized, enter your payment information to purchase coverage and bind  your policy—no need to leave the app.
“First of all! Thank you! I’ve struggled for a year with insurance companies! Always trying to up my monthly premium, when my driving record is clean. Thank youuuu Jerry for giving me the opportunity to insure with you! Insurance is so expensive in Texas and you have absolutely made it affordable for me at this time! By the way! Thank youuuu for the FAST response! God bless yay!” - Delia, College Station, TX

How to save on car insurance in College Station 

If you’re not getting quoted for the affordable coverage you want, or you just want to see just how cheap your insurance can get, here are some tips to help lower your policy costs.
  • Bundle your policies: Whether you own your home or rent, Jerry can help you
    bundle your auto and homeowners
    insurance or renters insurance policies.
  • Take advantage of discounts: Many insurers offer a variety of discounts to help make coverage more cost effective. Be sure to check out which
    car insurance discounts
    you may be eligible for. 
  • Raise your deductible: The higher the deductibles on your collision and comprehensive insurance, the less you’ll pay for your policy. Most insurance companies will allow you to set your
    car insurance deductible
    as high as $1,000, although you may be able to request a higher deductible. 
  • Improve your driving: The fewer at-fault accidents and tickets you have on your driving record, the less you’ll usually pay for car insurance coverage. If you have the Jerry app on your phone, you can get a free safe driving score and tips to improve! 
  • Reshop often: Car insurance rates change often as companies rewrite their rating guidelines and your own profile changes. The Jerry app can automatically check for the best rates whenever you might be eligible for savings. 


All premium data in this article comes from real car insurance quotes obtained through the Jerry app and analyzed by our editorial team. Jerry’s data scientists analyzed over 25 million real quotes issued to users in Jerry’s proprietary database. Jerry is partnered with 55+ insurance companies in 48 states. 
Unless otherwise stated, all data represents the average of the lowest quoted price for a currently insured single driver with a single vehicle. 
Minimum coverage refers to policies with the following coverage limits: 
  • $30,000 of bodily injury liability coverage per person
  • $60,000 of bodily injury liability coverage per accident 
  • $25,000 of property damage liability coverage
Full coverage refers to policies that contain at least the minimum liability required by law in Texas along with comprehensive and collision insurance with deductibles of either $500 or $1,000. 
All quotes shown in this article are real Texas auto insurance quotes obtained through the Jerry app using the following profile: 
  • Drivers: 32-year-old male and 31-year-old female drivers, married 
  • Driving record: Clean 
  • Vehicle: 2020 Toyota Corolla SE, driven 35 miles daily
  • Location: College Station, TX 77845


Who typically has the cheapest car insurance?

No one car insurance company offers the cheapest rate for every driver. The primary reason is that every customer gets different car insurance quotes based on their profile—so the most affordable company differs for everyone. 

How much is car insurance per month in Texas?

Texas drivers pay an average of $1,565 per year or $130 per month for full coverage. A liability-only policy averages about $636 per year and $53 per month.

What is the average cost of car insurance in College Station?

Drivers in College Station pay about 14% less than the statewide average—$1,345 annually or $112 monthly for full coverage and $554 per year or about $46 per month for liability coverage.

Is car insurance cheaper in College Station?

College Station car insurance rates tend to run about 14% cheaper than average rates in the rest of Texas. 

Should I shop around for cheaper car insurance?

You should absolutely shop around for cheaper car insurance. Comparing quotes from multiple insurance providers is the best way to ensure you’re getting the best rate based on your driving profile.

What is the average car insurance cost?

As of December 2023, a full coverage car insurance policy costs drivers an average of $1,790 per year.

At what age is car insurance cheapest?

Drivers between the ages of 45 and 70 usually enjoy the lowest rates on auto insurance coverage.

How can I lower my car insurance in Texas?

A few things you can do to
lower your Texas car insurance rates
, take advantage of discounts, adjust your policy deductibles, and reshop your policy at each renewal. 

What is the cheapest car insurance company in College Station, TX?

No one car insurance company is the right fit for every driver. The primary reason is that every customer gets different car insurance quotes based on their profile—so the most affordable company differs for everyone. 

Does credit score affect car insurance?

In most states, including Texas, your
credit score
does influence your car insurance rates. If you live in Hawaii, Massachusetts, California, or Michigan, your credit score cannot be taken into account when calculating your car insurance premiums.

Why is auto insurance so high in Texas?

A key factor driving up Texas’s auto insurance policy rates is the frequency and variety of natural disasters that can lead to high-dollar comprehensive coverage claims.

Is $300 a lot for car insurance?

Arguably, yes, $300 is quite a bit to pay for car insurance. The national average for auto insurance rates is about $150 per month, so if you're paying $300 per month for insurance coverage, Jerry may be able to help you find a lower rate with another provider.


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