SR-22 in Texas: What You Need to Know

Texas requires an SR-22 for two years after a conviction for DUI, reckless driving incident, or other serious violation.
Written by Jessica Barrett
Edited by Kathleen Flear
If you want to reinstate your driving privileges after a license suspension in Texas, you’ll need to file an SR-22 certificate. It confirms that you carry enough
car insurance
to meet the minimum Texas coverage requirements.
  • Texas requires an SR-22 to demonstrate proof of financial responsibility in the form of car insurance after a serious violation.
  • If you let your SR-22 lapse or cancel your insurance policy, the Texas Department of Safety (DPS) may suspend your driving privileges and vehicle registration.
  • It costs about $15 to $50 to file an SR-22, but you can expect your
    Texas car insurance rates
    to be about 50% higher afterward.

Texas SR-22 insurance: the basics

SR-22 form
is a legal document that your insurance company submits to the DMV on your behalf, confirming that you carry minimum liability insurance to satisfy Texas’s financial responsibility requirements.
Your policy must include at least the state minimum coverage:

You might need Texas SR-22 coverage after a serious violation

You’ll typically need a valid SR-22 insurance certificate to
reinstate a revoked or suspended license
after a significant traffic incident or moving violation, such as:
  • Driving while intoxicated (
    DWI conviction
  • Drug offenses
  • Driving without a valid driver’s license
  • Multiple convictions for driving without insurance
What to expect: You’ll receive a court order to file an SR-22 and your insurance company will do so on your behalf. Expect to need SR-22 insurance coverage for two years after your conviction.

How to file an SR-22 with the Texas Department of Public Safety

State law requires your insurance company to
file an SR-22
on your behalf with the Texas DPS, but there are a few steps you’ll need to take: 
  1. Pay your license reinstatement fee: Before you can request an SR-22, you must complete any payments and other requirements from your former conviction.
  2. Contact your insurance agent: Ask your insurance provider to file an SR-22 certificate on your behalf to prove to the state that you carry enough insurance to legally drive.
  3. Pay a small filing fee: This is usually anywhere from $15 to $50. You can check both your driver eligibility and your filing fee online.
Some auto insurance companies in Texas won’t file SR-22s. If yours is one of them, you’ll need to shop around to find an insurer that accepts
high-risk drivers
and will provide an SR-22 certificate for you.
If you don’t own a vehicle: You’ll need to look into
non-owner SR-22 insurance
, which offers liability coverage for people who don’t own a car but have SR-22 requirements.

Texas SR-22 insurance costs: fees and premiums

The SR-22 filing fee in the state of Texas is between $15 to $50—but auto insurance policies can be up to 50% more expensive for drivers with an SR-22 requirement compared to those with a
clean driving record
High risk means higher payments: Insurers view anyone with a significant traffic violation that requires an SR-22 insurance policy as a high-risk driver. Due to this increased risk, you can expect a serious insurance rate hike and the loss of any good driver discounts if your license is suspended and you are required to file an SR-22.
Here are some average insurance rates after violations that typically come with SR-22 requirements:
Average annual insurance rate
License suspension
Driving with a suspended license
Careless driving
Some of the biggest car insurance companies in Texas offer SR-22 filings and typically have affordable rates after a violation:
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