SR-22 in Texas: What You Need to Know

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In Texas, an SR-22 form is required to reinstate your license after it’s been suspended due to a serious moving violation.
Although SR-22s are often referred to as “insurance,” they’re not official policies. Rather, they function as guarantees that a driver can meet state minimum liability requirements.
Filing an SR-22 in Texas sounds like a complicated process—but it doesn’t have to be. With your insurance provider and the help of car insurance comparison shopping and broker app Jerry, you’ll be back on the road and driving safely in no time!
Read on to find out exactly how SR-22s work in Texas.
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What is an SR-22 in Texas?

In Texas, an SR-22 is a legal document that your insurer submits to the DMV after you’ve had your license revoked or suspended. It guarantees that you meet certain insurance requirements to stay on the road. The form is in effect for two years.
SR-22 are typically filed after a significant traffic incident or moving violation, such as:
  • Driving while intoxicated
  • Drug offenses
  • Driving while license is invalid
  • Multiple convictions for driving without the minimum required insurance
At the very least, Texas law requires that insured drivers have a solid liability package. Requirements include:
  • $30,000 of bodily injury coverage per person injured in an accident
  • $60,000 of bodily injury coverage per accident
  • $25,000 of property damage coverage per accident
A wreck could easily cost more than that, though, so it’s a good idea to see if you can purchase a more comprehensive insurance package that gives you greater coverage.
Be warned: insurance providers aren’t always inclined to file an SR-22 form for you, especially if it represents a large financial commitment following a serious incident.
Key Takeaway You’ll need an SR-22 for two years after having your license revoked or suspended in Texas.

Who needs it?

In Texas, drivers who have been convicted of a significant driving violation such as a DUI, drug offense, or driving uninsured are required to obtain an SR-22. You may also need an SR-22 if you refused to take a blood-alcohol test.
Often, SR-22s are mandatory after drivers have their license temporarily suspended or revoked. You’ll usually receive a court order to file one and your insurance provider will do so on your behalf.
Expect to need an SR-22 for two years after your conviction. It will likely need renewing annually.

How to get it

Obtaining an SR-22 in Texas isn’t too difficult. State law requires that your insurance company file one with the Texas Department of Public Safety—so all you have to do is inform your insurer.
Before you can request to file, though, you must pay your license reinstatement fee and finish up any legal processes outstanding from your conviction. You may have to show proof of completing a DWI-awareness program, for example.
Once you’ve sorted those extra bills and processes out, you’ll likely have to pay a small filing fee—usually anywhere from $15 to $50. Your filing information will be available online, where you can also check your driver eligibility.
It’s important to note that some insurance companies in Texas simply won’t file SR-22s. They might not be authorized to or they might consider it too risky. Should that happen, your best bet is to shop around for an insurer that will cover you. Using the Jerry app will save you tons of time and money during this process!
Key takeaway: If your insurance provider won’t file an SR-22 for you, you may need to shop around to find a new one.
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How much does it cost?

Filing an SR-22 in Texas is relatively inexpensive, with fees maxing out at $50. But insurance with an SR-22 requirement is significantly more expensive. Remember, an SR-22 is a result of a significant traffic violation, something insurers don’t take lightly.
You can expect to lose any good driver’s discounts you may have accrued, along with a serious premium hike. Most insurance companies will raise your premiums upwards of 50%.
Rates vary wildly depending on which provider you’re working with, so comparison shopping is the best way to find a good rate.

How does an SR-22 impact your insurance in Texas?

Generally speaking, the more infractions there are on your driving record, the higher risk you are for insurance companies. An SR-22 requirement is a perfect excuse for insurance companies to increase the cost of your coverage—even if you have an otherwise clean record.
Some companies might not be authorized to file out SR-22s at all, so you’ll be shopping around with a smaller pool of providers. It’s all about finding the right quotes for you.
There is good news, though! If you maintain a clean driving record for more than two years, your SR-22 requirement will be removed and you can drive relatively normally. That should mean your premiums fall to standard rates for your profile.

How to find cheap car insurance

SR-22s are a bit of a headache, but they’re not the end of your time on the road. You can still find a good car insurance package at a price that suits you. To find the best deal, use Jerry.
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