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Compare quotes for Chevrolet car insurance cost, 2023

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The average cost of Chevrolet car insurance is $2,473 per year. But the exact cost of Chevrolet insurance varies based on your model, driving record, location, and insurance company.
Trucks, SUVs (of all shapes and sizes), sedans, muscle cars, electric vehicles, and more! Chevrolet takes great pride in its ability to offer a wide variety of vehicles to meet the diverse needs of its drivers. 
However, whether you drive a rugged-tugged Silverado or a highly efficient Bolt, you will need a customized car insurance policy to match the unique profile of your car model.
But don’t worry, customization doesn’t have to be expensive! With the help Jerry, the licensed insurance broker and world’s first super app for car owners, you can find cheap car insurance that offers top-of-the-line protection for your vehicle—no matter what Chevy you drive.
But your car model is just one factor that influences the cost of car insurance. So follow along as Jerry breaks down all the factors that affect car insurance rates—and some foolproof strategies to help you find the best quotes!

How much does Chevrolet car insurance cost?

The average annual premium for car insurance coverage for a Chevy vehicle is $2,473. Keep in mind, that’s the average cost. Insurance rates can fluctuate greatly based on the individual’s driving record, coverage limits, and location.
But in general, Chevrolet insurance is fairly affordable. That’s because:
  • Chevrolets are mass-market cars, meaning replacement parts are available and affordable at local dealerships.
  • Chevy Saftey Assist comes standard on most modern models and offers a variety of driver-assist technologies that help accident prevention.
  • A wide range of Chevrolet vehicle options allows you to have some insurance cost flexibility, depending on the model you choose (more on that later) and the age of your vehicle.
Chevrolet does have a shaky reputation for reliability. However, the Impala, Suburban, and Silverado have a better track record, receiving 2019 J.D. Power awards for Most Dependable. Owning a make and model with better reliability can reduce the potential for filing an insurance claim—which inherently lowers car insurance rates.
Costs aren’t set in stone. Comparing multiple quotes from different car insurance companies is the only way to ensure you’re paying the lowest rate.
But instead of weighing all the factors yourself (and spending hours on hold with insurance agents), Jerry can compare quotes for your Chevy from over 55 providers in less than 45 seconds! At the end of this user-friendly process, Jerry locates an average of $800 in annual savings. Comparison shopping has literally never been easier!
Want to see the kind of Chevrolet insurance quotes you could get from Jerry? Take a look at the table below—and hear from real Jerry customers!
Quote DateCar
Before Jerry
After Jerry
LocationZip CodeNameAgeInsurance Company
May 12, 2023Chevrolet Hhr LS$168/mo.$76/mo.West Columbia, SC29172Isabel W.49Progressive
March 17, 2023Chevrolet Camaro LS$450/mo.$277/mo.Maud, TX75567Noah H.27Progressive
February 14, 2023Chevrolet Equinox LT$201/mo.$98/mo.Newport News, VA23608Lulu D.24Progressive
January 10, 2023Chevrolet Equinox LT$174/mo.$115/mo.North Charleston, SC29406Rosetta C.45National General
December 29, 2022Chevrolet Cruze LT$575/mo.$223/mo.Barnhart, MO63012Kyle T.39Gainsco

How much insurance do you need for a Chevrolet?

To answer this question, we’ll need to look at your state’s minimum required car insurance and the age/condition of your Chevy. Let’s dive in!
All states across the country (except New Hampshire) require drivers to hold a minimum amount of liability coverage (both bodily injury liability and property damage liability). This coverage ensures you won’t need to pay out of pocket for other drivers’ expenses if you’re at fault in an accident. Having liability insurance as a legal requirement creates a reliable system for accountability on the road.
However, some states require more coverage to meet minimum legal standards. Check with your local insurance agent to see which of these you may need:
Ok, now that you’ve fulfilled your legal obligation, it’s time to look at building a full coverage insurance policy. While optional, these coverages are strongly recommended for broad financial protection:
  • Collision coverage: Reimburses you for repairs to your vehicle after a collision with another vehicle
  • Comprehensive coverage: Reimburses you for repairs to your vehicle after a non-collision-related event, like vandalism or a falling object
  • Gap insurance: If you wreck your car and your outstanding auto loan exceeds the actual cash value of the vehicle, this coverage will pay you the difference
Obviously, you can see the benefit of adding these to your insurance policy, especially if you’re buying a brand new 2022 Chevy right off the dealership lot.
But, they may be overkill for older model years. For example, it’s probably OK to skip out on collision and comprehensive coverage when your annual premium equals or exceeds 10% of your car's value. So if your 2006 Chevrolet Blazer is only worth $4,000 (see Kelly Blue Book for estimates), you should pay no more than $400 annually for these optional coverages.

Chevrolet car insurance rates by model

One of the biggest factors that determine the cost of insurance is the make and model of your vehicle. So let’s take a look at average annual premiums for some of the most popular Chevrolet models and see how your car could affect your insurance rate.

How much does Chevrolet Silverado insurance cost?

The Silverado is Chevy’s fearless leader, up for any task in front of it. Unfortunately, however, this rough and tough nature isn’t kind to auto insurance rates, as providers expect to file more work-related comprehensive insurance claims (door dings, bumper dents, falling objects, etc.)
Here’s a look at average insurance prices across different model years.
CarFull CoverageMinimum Coverage
2013 Chevrolet Silverado C1500$2,995$3,788
2009 Chevrolet Silverado C1500$2,116$1,678
2008 Chevrolet Silverado C1500$1,620$1,364
2007 Chevrolet Silverado C1500$2,122$1,162
2006 Chevrolet Silverado C1500$1,104$1,133
For more information, check out our in-depth guide to Chevrolet Silverado insurance costs!

How much does Chevrolet Malibu insurance cost?

Ahhh—old reliable! The Chevrolet Malibu has been transporting drivers from point A to point B since 1964. And after many years of refinement, the Malibu has become one of the most affordable sedans on the market. Of course, this means more affordable car insurance rates too!
Here’s a look at average costs across various model years.
CarFull CoverageMinimum Coverage
2021 Chevrolet Malibu$3,034$1,479
2020 Chevrolet Malibu$1,949$1,563
2019 Chevrolet Malibu$2,503$1,806
2018 Chevrolet Malibu$2,602$1,859
2017 Chevrolet Malibu$2,258$1,825
You can also expect similar rates from the sportier but now discontinued Chevrolet Cruze, since it is in the same affordable sedan classification.
For more information, check out our in-depth guide to Chevrolet Malibu insurance costs!

How much does Chevrolet Equinox insurance cost?

The Chevrolet Equinox is the automaker’s #1 selling SUV in 2022, outselling the Tahoe, Trailblazer, Trax, and more!
Its dashing good looks and convenient crossover body style helped it claim this top spot, but so did a 5-star safety rating from NHTSA. Vehicles with highly effective safety features can help mitigate the consequences of a car accident, which helps keep the cost of car insurance lower.
Due to their great safety ratings, Equinox drivers can expect a lower premium. That said, you may pay something different depending on your model year and coverage—check it out:
CarFull CoverageMinimum Coverage
2021 Chevrolet Equinox Premier$3,034$1,479
2020 Chevrolet Equinox Premier$1,949$1,563
2019 Chevrolet Equinox Premier$2,503$1,806
2018 Chevrolet Equinox Premier$2,602$1,859
2017 Chevrolet Equinox Premier$2,258$1,825
For more information, check out our in-depth guide to Chevrolet Equinox insurance costs!

How much does Chevrolet Camaro insurance cost?

Considering the Chevrolet Camaro has an entry-level 335-hp V6 engine (and up to a 650-hp V8), it’s easy to understand why insurance providers may have a reason for concern. In their eyes, they are assuming a larger risk by providing coverage for a Camaro due to the greater potential for reckless driving behavior.
Whether that’s a fair assumption or not, car insurance rates are impacted, and you can expect to pay even more if you have a poor driving history:
CarFull CoverageMinimum Coverage
2021 Chevrolet Camaro$3,034$1,479
2020 Chevrolet Camaro$1,949$1,563
2019 Chevrolet Camaro$2,503$1,806
2018 Chevrolet Camaro$2,602$1,859
2017 Chevrolet Camaro$2,258$1,825
You will see a similar treatment for other performance vehicles too, like the Chevrolet Corvette. For more information about insuring these types of cars, check out our in-depth guide to Chevrolet Camaro insurance costs!

How much does Chevrolet Bolt insurance cost?

Is the future electric? Well, the Chevrolet Bolt is certainly doing its part to make that a reality, selling nearly 25,000 units in 2022. As technology and production improve, it will be interesting to see how many people will own an electric car as their first car.
So let’s help a new generation of EV owners prepare by breaking down the car insurance costs for a Chevrolet Bolt. You’ll see below that age and driving record can cause this number to fluctuate.
CarFull CoverageMinimum Coverage
2021 Chevrolet Ev Premier$3,034$1,479
2020 Chevrolet Ev Premier$1,949$1,563
2019 Chevrolet Ev Premier$2,503$1,806
2018 Chevrolet Ev Premier$2,602$1,859
2017 Chevrolet Ev Premier$2,258$1,825
For more information, check out our in-depth guide to Chevrolet Bolt insurance costs!

Compare Chevrolet car insurance quotes

Don’t take the first car insurance quote you see! By not shopping around, you could overpay by hundreds of dollars. But who really has time to compare quotes?
Don’t worry, we have a solution for you! Jerry is an app that serves as your at-the-ready licensed insurance broker. In less than 45 seconds, Jerry’s quote comparison software surveys 55 top insurance quotes and pinpoints the most affordable policy that offers the most extensive coverage plan.

Best car insurance companies for your Chevrolet

With so many amazing options, like GEICO, Farmers Insurance, and Allstate, how do you know which provider will get you the best coverage for your Chevy?
Well, as much as they grandstand in TV commercials, no single insurance company offers the cheapest coverage for all Chevrolets. Luckily, Jerry can help you verify which claims are most accurate!
See how different providers quote for Chevy vehicles in the table below—and how much you could save with Jerry!
Insurance Company
Average Cost
Annual Savings with Jerry
National General$2,883$999
State Auto$2,578$772
Compare Prices

Chevrolet auto insurance cost by driving record

Unfortunately, traffic violations and car accidents are huge red flags for car insurance companies. In their eyes—if it happened once, it can happen again! So generally, they will raise rates to compensate for this additional risk they are taking on by providing you coverage.
For example, Chevy owners with a DUI conviction can expect to pay $1,717 more per year for car insurance, while a simple speeding ticket can add an average of $2,473 to your annual premium!
But not all hope is lost! Use the table below to estimate how much you could save on Chevrolet insurance by cleaning up your driving record!

Chevrolet car insurance cost by location

Last but not least, let’s talk location. Insurance rates can vary from state to state regardless of what vehicle you drive. For example, expect to pay more in New York than in Wyoming due to the density of drivers and greater accident risk.
Want to see how your rates stack up against your state’s average? Take a look at the table below.
Average Cost
Annual Savings with Jerry
San Antonio$2,687$837
Compare Prices

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