How Long is a Smart Car?

The Smart Fortwo and Smart EQ measure a petite 8.8 feet long by 5.1 feet wide.
Written by Jasmine Kanter
Reviewed by Kathleen Flear
Measuring just 8.8 feet long and 5.1 feet wide, the Smart Fortwo (and Smart EQ) can fit into just about any garage or parking space.
The Smart Fortwo (colloquially known as a “Smart car”) is short. Like, really short. Tiny. That’s one of its most famous features! Back in its heyday, during the early 2000s, images circulated of Smart cars parked in odd places—illegally, perpendicular, or even among Wal-Mart shopping carts!
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How long is a Smart Fortwo?

Between 2008 and 2018 (when the manufacturer pulled out of the American market), the Smart Fortwo and Smart EQ Fortwo never grew longer than 106.1 inches—8.8 feet. At 5.1 feet wide and 5 feet tall, as its name suggests, this extra compact vehicle was only ever meant for two people. The circus is the only place where you could find more passengers in a smaller car.
The Fortwo’s length was also unaffected by its
trim levels
—the quirky
, Passion, Prime, and Proxy. If you opted for the convertible Cabriolet, you’d gain extra headroom, but no extra length. Unless you took it upon yourself to do some serious modding, Fortwo remains the smallest modern microcar.

Will your Smart Fortwo fit in your garage?

You might as well ask whether you can fit an ant in a cat carrier. There’s no doubt you can fit a Fortwo in a garage—there may be room enough to fit four
The average American garage measures 20 to 24 feet long. That’s enough for at least two Smart Fortwos. A modern suburban garage, designed for a monster SUV, might even accommodate three. At 12 feet wide, the average garage can fit two Fortwos side-by-side—you’ll just need some luck when it comes to opening the doors.

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