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As the most populous state in the US, California is one of the busiest states for drivers. There are over 27 million licensed drivers on the road, so it isn’t surprising that it’s one of the top states for car accidents, too.
This makes car insurance all the more important. And if you’re looking for cheap car insurance, your best bet is to shop around to compare multiple quotes from different insurance providers.
Each insurer uses its own formula to determine premiums, weighing factors such as location, age, sex, driving history, and vehicle type. This means that car insurance rates can vary substantially from one insurance company to another.
Jerry offers a quick and convenient way to compare quotes and switch plans. Want to give it a try? Enter your ZIP code to get cheap car insurance quotes from the best insurance companies in California. And if you want to learn more about California’s car insurance rates, keep reading.
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Here’s how much real Jerry customers saved in California when they compared and switched.
Quote DateMake/modelcityAgeCarrierCoverage Type
Before Jerry
After Jerry
August 30, 2021Toyota PriusLos Angeles30InfinityCustom$200/mo.$71/mo.
August 10, 2021Dodge Challenger SEStockton22Bristol WestBasic$120/mo.$85/mo.
July 30, 2021Toyota Corolla SESan Diego40Aspire AdvantageCurrent$175/mo.$91/mo.
August 30, 2021Honda Accord EXLos Angeles26National GeneralCustom$240/mo.$162/mo.
August 30, 2021Honda Accord EXLos Angeles26National GeneralCustom$240/mo.$162/mo.

Find the cheapest car insurance in California with Jerry

California has three of the biggest cities in the country, lots of drivers, relatively high crime levels, and a high cost of living, which can sometimes lead to drivers cutting corners on insurance coverage.
It’s one of the top five states with the most expensive insurance—but that doesn’t mean there aren’t savings to be found!
Here’s how much Jerry customers were paying for car insurance in California before they compared quotes and switched plans with Jerry:

Best insurance companies for cheap insurance in California with Jerry

Insurance Company
Before Jerry
After Jerry
Commonwealth Insurance$1,800$1,236
National General$2,486$1,406

Cheapest minimum coverage car insurance in California

Each state has different requirements when it comes to the minimum coverage that drivers must carry. In California, all drivers must meet the following minimum coverage requirements:
  • $15,000 bodily injury liability per person
  • $30,000 bodily injury liability per accident
  • $5,000 property damage liability per accident
Failing to meet the required minimums while driving in California is illegal. If you’re caught, you may be subject to fines, license suspension, and vehicle impoundment.
Remember, the minimum insurance coverage is a requirement, not a recommendation. In some cases, minimum liability car insurance won’t cover all your expenses in the event of an accident. If you can afford to pay for more coverage, it’s generally a good idea to purchase a more comprehensive policy.
Here’s how much Jerry users pay for minimum liability car insurance in California:
Before Jerry
After Jerry
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Additional coverages you might want to consider when shopping for car insurance in California

Risk FactorCoverage to Consider
High percentage of uninsured driversUninsured/underinsured motorist protection offers coverage if an uninsured or underinsured motorist seriously injures you or a member of your household.
High population densityWith more drivers on the road, chances of an accident are high. Accident forgiveness coverage means that your insurance rates won’t go up after your first at-fault accident.
Mountain roadsRoadside assistance can be helpful if you’re driving on California’s many mountain or back roads and require help. This coverage can provide towing services, locksmith services, tire changes, and battery boosts.
Minimum liability insurance is all that’s required in California, but it doesn’t offer physical damage protection for your own vehicle.

Best carriers for minimum coverage car insurance in California

With so many drivers, California offers a unique landscape for insurance providers.
The “best” insurer for you is the one that provides all the coverage you need at the most affordable price. And that will depend on your driver profile, minimum coverage requirements, and any discounts that you may be eligible for.
Here’s how much Jerry customers pay for minimum liability coverage with various carriers in California:
Insurance Company
Before Jerry
After Jerry
National General$2,499$1,079

Cheapest full coverage car insurance in California

Although full coverage costs more upfront, purchasing more coverage can protect you from the financial burden of an expensive accident—which means it could end up costing less in the long run.
And in a state like California, where you have a perfect storm of big cities, many drivers, and higher crime rates, securing more than the minimum required coverage can make a lot of sense.
Full coverage car insurance policies generally include:
If you decide that full coverage insurance is the best option for you, Jerry can help you save there, too. Here’s what Jerry users pay:
Before Jerry
After Jerry
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Best carriers for full coverage car insurance in California

If you’re looking for full coverage for your car insurance, policy pricing will likely be a top factor. But you’ll also want to consider other things that can make or break your experience with your insurance provider:
  • Overall customer satisfaction
  • Policy offerings
  • Billing process
  • Customer service
  • Claims handling
Here’s how much Jerry customers pay for full coverage car insurance with various carriers in California:
Insurance Company
Before Jerry
After Jerry
National General$2,151$1,680
While minimum liability insurance is sufficient to drive on California roads, securing additional coverage (like comprehensive and collision insurance) can give you added peace of mind and financial security.

Cost to insure your car in California by age

Insurers value driving experience. The younger you are, the less experience you have—and this will likely be reflected in higher insurance premiums.
In California, drivers under the age of 18 must complete classroom driver education and behind-the-wheel driver training before getting an instruction permit. These courses teach safe driving habits and can help you maintain lower rates in the long term.
If you’re a young driver, don’t despair. While you’re unlikely to enjoy the same low rates as your parents, you can still get cheap car insurance quotes by shopping around and maintaining a clean driving record.
No matter your age, quote shopping with Jerry is a good place to start. Here are the prices Jerry offers drivers by age:
Age Group
Before Jerry
After Jerry
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Cost of insurance for drivers in California with a bad driving record

Drivers who have gotten into an accident, received a speeding ticket, or have been convicted of a DUI often pay higher car insurance rates.
A major violation like this can affect your rates for longer than you might expect. The lookback period varies depending on where you live, who your insurance provider is, and the nature of the offense. In California, insurers aren’t allowed to offer discounts for good driving until 10 years after a DUI conviction.
The good news is Jerry can help you find a competitive and cheap car insurance policy even if your driving record isn’t squeaky clean.
Driving Violation
Before Jerry
After Jerry
Clean Record$2,664$1,708
Cell Phone$1,368$1,014
Leaving scene of an Accident/Hit and Run$1,440$1,016
Racing/Drag Racing$2,040$1,444
Seat Belt$4,297$1,613
Improper Passing$2,501$1,642
Vehicle Theft$6,060$1,756
Careless Driving$2,963$1,779
Driving on Sus. License$2,769$1,800

Best carriers for drivers with infractions in California

Insurance Company
Before Jerry
After Jerry
National General$2,609$1,485

Cost of insurance for young drivers in California with a bad driving record

Young drivers with less-than-stellar driving records have “double-trouble” insurability status, which can make finding affordable rates extremely difficult.
Even a minor offense can have a significant impact on car insurance rates. And depending on the situation, the incident could continue to influence the premium for anywhere from 3 to 10 years—well past the end of ‘young driver’ status.
Fortunately, Jerry can help young drivers with prior incidents find the right coverage for the best price.
Driving Violation
Before Jerry
After Jerry
Clean Record$2,948$1,844
Cell Phone$1,368$1,014
Seat Belt$5,053$1,509
Improper Passing$3,096$1,748
Vehicle Theft$6,060$1,756
Speeding over 15$2,892$1,802
Driving on Sus. License$3,579$2,164
Failure to Obey Traffic Sign$3,644$2,168
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Best carriers for young drivers with infractions in California

If you’re looking for the most affordable insurance for a young driver with a poor driving record in California, check out these top carriers.
Insurance Company
Before Jerry
After Jerry
National General$2,807$1,518
Young drivers are already deemed higher risk by insurers, and a moving violation only adds to their statistically high premiums. Comparing rates from various providers can help find the most affordable premiums.

Types of discounts that might be available to you in California

Never underestimate a good discount! If you want to find cheap car insurance quotes, be sure to take advantage of any car insurance discounts that are provided by insurance companies in California.
Here are some to keep an eye out for:
  • Customer loyalty (e.g., bundling, early renewal)
  • Demographic (e.g., good student, senior)
  • Driver affiliations (e.g., military, affinity)
  • Driving history (e.g., accident-free, safe driver)
  • Driver training (e.g., defensive driver course)
  • Equipment-related (e.g., anti-theft, new car)
  • Payment (e.g., auto-pay, paperless)
California allows insurers to consider factors like marital status, driving experience, and insurance history when they set their car insurance premiums—so you may also find discounts for things like being married or driving safely over a period of time.
Some of the most common car insurance discounts in California include:
Discount TypeWho is Eligible?
Good driver discountsGood driver discounts are for California drivers who have had a valid driver’s license for the past three consecutive years, have no more than one point on their driving record, and have no serious driving-related convictions. This discount is mandated by state law and saves drivers 20% on their car insurance premium.
Defensive driving discountsA defensive driving course can help reduce your premium by 10–15%. They teach drivers how to better assess road, traffic, and weather conditions to avoid accidents. The classes are mandatory for young drivers in California, but drivers of any age can take them to benefit from the discount.
Good student discountsGood student discounts can help reduce insurance premiums for young drivers, who typically have sky-high rates until they turn 25. Full-time students who maintain a B average may qualify for savings up to 25% through their insurer.
Professional and academic organization discountsMany insurance companies have affiliations with professional and university alumni groups that can save members up to 10% on premiums.
Multi-car and bundling discountsThe more products you insure with a single company, the more you’re likely to save. Insuring multiple cars or bundling policies (like home and auto) together can net you savings up to 25%.
We know it can be a lot to take in. How do you know which discounts you might benefit from?
Jerry can help you determine which discounts you qualify for, and it will automatically include them in real-time quote comparisons.
Most customers are eligible for some kind of discount on their premium, but you may need to ask your insurance company which ones you qualify for.
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Cheapest car insurance by car make in California?

In addition to your personal profile, the car you drive (and the mileage you log on it) can also impact your car insurance premiums. California is the land of sports cars and luxury SUVs—and we hate to break it to you, but they’re definitely not among the cheapest cars to insure.
If you drive a relatively inexpensive car, you might pay lower insurance premiums because it will cost less to repair or replace your vehicle if you’re in an accident.
If you drive fewer miles, you may also pay less for insurance because you’re less likely to get into an accident.
Here’s what it costs to insure some popular car makes and models with and without Jerry:
Make / model
Before Jerry
After Jerry
BMW 328 I Sulev$2,274$1,320
Chevrolet Malibu LT$1,959$1,313
Dodge Challenger SXT$2,644$1,344
Ford Mustang$2,205$1,322
Honda Civic LX$2,210$1,293

Cheapest car insurance in California by city

Just as car insurance rates vary by state, they can also vary by city and ZIP code. Drivers in cities tend to pay more than drivers in rural areas because urban centers have higher rates of accidents, thefts, and claims.
California has a few of the biggest cities in the country—Los Angeles, San Diego, and San Jose. It should come as no surprise, then, that cities in Southern California (specifically Los Angeles county) have some of the highest insurance premiums in the state. Many of these areas also have relatively high theft rates.
The cities with the lowest rates span across the state and tend to have two things in common: low population density and low crime rates. These mitigating factors help keep rates down.
Before Jerry
After Jerry
Los Angeles$3,029$1,871
San Diego$2,639$1,696
San Jose$2,649$1,702
Long Beach$3,176$1,956
San Francisco$2,515$1,658
Mountain View

Additional ways to lower your car insurance

To get cheap car insurance, you may want to consider raising your deductible. When you file a claim, the deductible is the amount of money you have to pay out of pocket before your car insurance kicks in to cover the remaining balance. If you increase your deductible, this could lower your premium—but be aware that this means you’ll incur higher initial out-of-pocket costs in the event of an accident.
It’s also a good idea to update your car insurance to reflect any major life changes that have occurred since you received your last auto insurance quote. For example, if you’ve gotten married, you may be offered lower rates because married people are perceived to be safer drivers. Or if you’ve moved to a rural area, you may qualify for reduced rates because you’re less likely to get in an accident and file a claim.
It can be hard to keep track of your car insurance renewals while also juggling your own daily obligations. That’s why Jerry reassesses your premium every six months. At each renewal period, Jerry can help you make any relevant updates and ensure you get the lowest possible price for your coverage.
Want to find out if you’re overpaying? Let Jerry do the work for you.


Unless otherwise specified, these estimates are based on drivers older than 30 who have good driving records. These are real people who have signed up with Jerry in the last six months.
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