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Compare quotes for Cadillac car insurance cost, 2023

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The average cost of Cadillac car insurance is $2,845 per year. However, what you’ll pay for Cadillac insurance depends on factors like your driving history, location, vehicle model, and the insurance company you choose.
No one insurance company provides the best rates for all Cadillac owners. A driver with a brand-new Cadillac Escalade and a reckless driving charge will require different coverage than someone with a 2005 Cadillac CTS and a clean record. And as you might expect, these car owners will receive drastically different quotes based on their driving histories.
So, how can you secure quality car insurance for your Cadillac without paying a fortune? By shopping around with several insurance companies—and the Jerry app makes it easy. 
Jerry, the trusted comparison tool that saves drivers money on insurance, has created this guide to Cadillac car insurance costs, including tips to help you find the right coverage at the right price for your individual needs.

How much does Cadillac insurance cost?

The average annual cost of car insurance coverage for a Cadillac vehicle is $2,845. However, insurance premiums for Cadillac drivers vary based on your particular model, as well as things like your age, driving history, and location—not to mention the coverage you select.
As a luxury vehicle, Cadillac insurance is typically more expensive compared to the most popular car brands on the market. That’s because:
  • Cadillac parts are generally more expensive to repair or replace, especially if you require OEM parts
  • Cadillacs lack some modern safety features and driver-assistance technologies that would otherwise help lower your rates
  • Cadillac’s reliability ratings vary drastically and have slipped over the years, which may contribute to more insurance claims associated with Cadillac vehicles
There are many moving parts to consider when it comes to your insurance costs. For instance, if you have a classic Cadillac, locating replacement parts may be challenging to come by, and this could raise your average insurance rates. Additionally, a lack of standard safety features on your Cadillac may also send your rates through the roof.
So, what’s the best way to ensure you’re getting fantastic rates on your Cadillac car insurance? Comparison shopping, of course! 
And with Jerry in your pocket, the process is quick and simple. In less than one minute, super app Jerry will compare customized quotes from over 55 insurance companies to help you find the most competitive rates based on your driver profile.
Are you curious to discover what kind of Cadillac insurance quotes you’ll get with Jerry? Check out the table below and then read what our customers have to say about Jerry!
Quote DateCar
Before Jerry
After Jerry
LocationZip CodeNameAgeInsurance Company
May 2, 2022Cadillac Eldorado Esc$284/mo.$115/mo.Lake City, FL32055Norman B.42Progressive
April 24, 2022Cadillac Escalade Luxury$181/mo.$167/mo.Riverdale, GA30296Lettie M.57Allstate
February 20, 2022Cadillac CTS$103/mo.$91/mo.York, SC29745Jeremiah C.33Progressive
July 26, 2021Cadillac Sts$192/mo.$76/mo.Oakdale, TN37829Isabella H.39Electric
May 12, 2021Cadillac ATS Premium$130/mo.$118/mo.Philadelphia, PA19120Melvin C.29Clearcover

How much insurance do you need for a Cadillac?

How much insurance you need is based on many factors, like where you live and which Cadillac model you drive.
You are required by law to purchase your state’s minimum-required car insurance, which generally includes liability coverage. This type of insurance typically consists of both bodily injury liability and property damage liability
If you’re at fault in a car accident, you won’t have to pay out-of-pocket costs for damages you cause other drivers by carrying bodily injury and property damage liability.
But required coverage varies from state to state, and your state may mandate additional coverage, such as:
While you’re legally set after you obtain your state’s minimum requirements, you should consider adding more coverage—especially with an expensive luxury car like a Cadillac. If you have a brand-new Cadillac CT5-V, it would be in your best interest to opt for full-coverage car insurance, which includes collision and comprehensive coverage.
With full coverage, your Cadillac will be protected from a slew of damages—whether caused by collisions, severe weather, vandalism, theft, or any threats in between. 
Insurance agents generally recommend adding collision and comprehensive coverage to your policy if you can afford it, but if you financed your vehicle, you may not have a choice. It may be required by your lender(in addition to gap insurance) if you paid for your Cadillac with a car loan. 
You see, full coverage protects your lender since they technically own your car until you pay off the loan. A wrecked car you can’t afford to repair is of no value to them. Gap insurance protects you both. It will cover the difference between your Cadillac’s worth and how much is left on your auto loan in the event the vehicle is totaled.

Cadillac car insurance rates by model

The model you drive is one of the major factors that affect the cost of Cadillac car insurance. Generally, if you’re looking to save on insurance costs, you’ll want to stick with the least expensive models of the bunch. The Cadillac CT4 will be less pricey to insure as opposed to more expensive models like the Cadillac CT5-V or Cadillac Escalade.
Of course, it’s usually more complex than just opting for the least expensive model. Let’s check out the average annual premiums for a few of the most popular Cadillac models and consider how your particular model could influence your insurance rates.

How much does Cadillac Escalade insurance cost?

The Cadillac Escalade is the luxury car brand’s flagship full-size SUV. It comes equipped with a powerful V8 engine and tons of space for up to seven passengers. But due to its sheer size and luxury status, it’s also one of the most expensive Cadillac models to insure.
Let’s look at the table below to see how average premiums for Escalade drivers may differ depending on how old the vehicle is and the coverage options you select.
CarFull CoverageMinimum Coverage
2019 Cadillac Escalade$4,552$1,830
2018 Cadillac Escalade$2,910$2,615
2017 Cadillac Escalade$1,360$2,269
2016 Cadillac Escalade$2,334$1,990
2014 Cadillac Escalade$3,013$1,282
Check out our comprehensive guide to Cadillac Escalade insurance costs for more information!

How much does Cadillac XT5 insurance cost?

If the Escalade is too overwhelming for you, then perhaps a compact SUV like the Cadillac XT5 is more up your alley. And bonus, you can expect your insurance rates to be considerably lower with a smaller luxury vehicle like the XT5! 
As mentioned before, smaller vehicles tend to be less expensive to insure. Plus, this compact Cadillac SUV comes with many standard safety features that may help to drive down your car insurance costs.
Let’s examine the table below, which compares full and minimum coverage rates for different Cadillac XT5 model years.
CarFull CoverageMinimum Coverage
2019 Cadillac Xt5$4,552$1,830
2018 Cadillac Xt5$2,910$2,615
2017 Cadillac Xt5$1,360$2,269
2016 Cadillac Xt5$2,334$1,990
2014 Cadillac Xt5$3,013$1,282
Your driving record may affect the cost of XT5 insurance, as well. Here’s what Cadillac XT5 drivers with certain violations pay for insurance coverage.
Check out our comprehensive guide to Cadillac XT5 insurance costs for more information!

How much does Cadillac CT6 insurance cost?

The Cadillac CT6 is one of the luxury car brand's largest sedans available. The CT6 not only features an upscale interior and decent fuel economy, but it’s also often praised for its sporty performance
However, as with most high-performance vehicles, the full-size sedan poses a risk for insurance providers—which will likely result in a higher annual premium.
Here’s the rundown on average annual premiums for CT6 drivers.
CarFull CoverageMinimum Coverage
2019 Cadillac Ct6 Luxury$4,552$1,830
2018 Cadillac Ct6 Luxury$2,910$2,615
2017 Cadillac Ct6 Luxury$1,360$2,269
2016 Cadillac Ct6 Luxury$2,334$1,990
2014 Cadillac Ct6 Luxury$3,013$1,282
Check out our comprehensive guide to Cadillac CT6 insurance costs for more information!

How much does Cadillac CT5-V insurance cost?

Just like the CT6, the Cadillac CT5-V is a performance-oriented midsize sedan. Its mighty, twin-turbocharged V6 engine cranks up to 360 horsepower and 405 lb-ft of torque. So it should come as no surprise that the CT5-V will also come with higher rates for Cadillac insurance compared to less-sporty Cadillac options.
You can see higher insurance rates for your CT5-V based on factors like your age, driving record, and location.
CarFull CoverageMinimum Coverage
2019 Cadillac Ct5 Sport$4,552$1,830
2018 Cadillac Ct5 Sport$2,910$2,615
2017 Cadillac Ct5 Sport$1,360$2,269
2016 Cadillac Ct5 Sport$2,334$1,990
2014 Cadillac Ct5 Sport$3,013$1,282
Check out our comprehensive guide to Cadillac CT5 Sport insurance costs for more information.

How much does Cadillac XTS insurance cost?

If you’re looking for another powerful full-size sedan, the Cadillac XTS has you covered. But just like the other peppy luxury vehicles on this list, the XTS’s insurance rates are more on the expensive side.
CarFull CoverageMinimum Coverage
2019 Cadillac Xts$4,552$1,830
2018 Cadillac Xts$2,910$2,615
2017 Cadillac Xts$1,360$2,269
2016 Cadillac Xts$2,334$1,990
2014 Cadillac Xts$3,013$1,282
Check out our comprehensive guide to Cadillac XTS insurance costs for more information!

Compare Cadillac insurance quotes

These days, finding car insurance quotes online has never been easier. But unlocking real quotes based on your vehicle and driver profile tends to be more difficult to come by.
Thankfully, that’s all changed because ofJerry! As a trustworthy licensed insurance broker, Jerry will provide you with dozens of competitive quotes from some of the best insurance companies for Cadillac drivers. 
Never accept the first quote you’re offered—especially if you’re at a dealership. Instead, try comparison shopping with Jerry to find the coverage you need at the right price.

Best insurance company for your Cadillac

Generally, Cadillac drivers tend to secure some of the best rates from insurance companies likeErie, State Farm, andUSAA. But this doesn’t mean that these providers offer the cheapest insurance rates for all Cadillacs.
The reason? Every auto insurance company uses a distinct algorithm to crunch the numbers and price your insurance premium. While one insurance provider may primarily look at your Cadillac's safety features, another company will providediscounts based on your perfect driving record.
The best way to figure out which insurance company can offer the cheapest auto insurance rates for your Cadillac is through comparison shopping. And super app Jerry will scan customized quotes from over 55 top providers in the nation and deliver the best deals straight to you—in roughly 45 seconds, at that!
Take a look at various insurance companies' quotes for Cadillac vehicles in the table below, along with how much you could save with Jerry.
Insurance Company
Average Cost
Annual Savings with Jerry
National General$3,296$1,280
State Auto$2,539$726
Compare Prices

Cadillac Insurance by driving record

While your Cadillac model greatly determines how much you end up paying for Cadillac insurance, your driving record is just as big of a factor when it comes to insurance rates.
We’ll be real with you: all you have to do is drive safely and your insurance premium will cost you less. Repeat minor violations or even one major violation can send your insurance rates through the roof. 
Cadillac drivers with a DUI conviction under their belt will likely pay $2,845 more per year for car insurance. On the flip side, a speeding ticket may add an average of $1,885 to your annual premium!
Check out the table below to guesstimate your savings on Cadillac insurance once you improve your driving record!

Cadillac Insurance based on location

And finally, we must consider your location. As mentioned before, insurance rates depend on your state—and even your zip code—no matter what vehicle you drive. So don’t be surprised when Cadillac drivers in Maine pay drastically different rates than Cadillac drivers in Louisiana.
But how do your insurance rates compare to your state’s average? Check out the table below.
Average Cost
Annual Savings with Jerry
Fort Worth$3,279$1,166
Silver Spring$2,918$627
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