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How much does Cadillac car insurance cost? 

Since its inception, the Cadillac brand has exemplified precision engineering and elegant luxury finishes—making vehicles that remain among the most esteemed in the United States. Positioned at the top of the luxury vehicle segment, Cadillac has become synonymous with affluence, achievement, and sophistication.
Subaru drivers pay an average of $1,164 per year for
auto insurance
—but every Subaru car insurance policy is unique. This number is just an estimate, there is no real ‘average’ cost of car insurance. Your price will depend entirely on your driver profile, which is why it’s so important to compare quotes.

How to find the cheapest Cadillac car insurance quotes

We closely analyzed Cadillac insurance quotes from real Jerry customers to help us generate accurate, personalized quotes for you.
Jerry has helped hundreds of drivers to find cheap car insurance. Check out some of our recent quotes below!

The best car insurance companies for Cadillac drivers

There isn't a single insurance company out there that can universally offer the best or cheapest rates for every Cadillac driver. The ideal company for you will depend on various factors, such as your driving record, demographics, eligibility for discounts, and the specific model of your vehicle. 
It’s important to keep these factors in mind when
shopping for car insurance
To find out which insurance companies provide the most competitive rates for Cadillac owners, Jerry conducted the most extensive nationwide survey on insurance shopping. Take a look at the table below to see how Cadillac drivers rank various insurance companies.

Insurance CompanyOverall RatingPriceClaims ExperienceCustomer Service
State Farm
Liberty Mutual

How'd we get these scores?

Jerry's experts conducted one of the largest car insurance surveys in the United States. We surveyed 15,000 policyholders, in all 50 states, over the span of 18 months. These policyholders hold insurance policies with 87 different insurance companies. We surveyed policyholders to gauge their satisfaction with their insurance carriers in: policy cost, customer service, buying and renewal experience, as well as claim experience. These scores were all reported by real customers of the insurance companies.

Over 4,000,000 customers and counting

We love saving our customers money. Turns out, they love it too! Here's what they have to say about their switch with Jerry:
Great price and amazing coverage!
The General
The general is affordable and will work with you on your monthly payments
Bristol West
They have help me w all my needs. Patient and understanding
State Farm
Great Customer Service.

Are Cadillacs more expensive to insure?

Compared to the average cost of other cars, Cadillac vehicles cost 3% more to insure. 
Car MakeAverage State Minimum Insurance CostAverage Full Coverage Insurance Cost
Land Rover

Cheapest Cadillacs to insure

When it comes to a standard auto policy, the cheapest Cadillac model to insure is the 2020 Cadillac CT4-V, which costs on average $40 per month for state minimum coverage or $171 per month for full coverage. 

Car MakeAverage Monthly State Minimum Insurance CostAverage Monthly Full Coverage Insurance Cost

Most expensive Cadillacs to insure

Cadillac insurance rarely comes cheap—but some models cost more to cover than others. The most expensive Cadilliac model to insure is 2018 Cadillac Escalade, with an average monthly premium of $192 for state minimum coverage, or $218 for full coverage. 

Car MakeAverage Monthly State Minimum Insurance CostAverage Monthly Full Coverage Insurance Cost
Although averages can help provide a rough estimate of your personal insurance costs, it's important to remember that insurance rates are influenced by various factors such as your driving history, demographics, residential location, and more. The best way to find accurate rates is by shopping for personalized auto insurance quotes using a comparison website or app, like Jerry.

What factors affect Cadillac car insurance rates?

A number of factors contribute to
how car insurance rates are calculated
, including:
  • Vehicle cost: Premiums tend to be higher for higher-value models.
  • Vehicle age: With the exception of some collector models, older versions of Cadillac cars incur lower insurance costs compared to new ones.
  • Cost of parts: Less common and customized models have higher replacement and repair costs, making them more expensive for insurance companies to cover. 
  • Your age: Drivers under 25 usually face higher insurance rates due to limited experience, while senior drivers above 70 may also encounter increased rates.
  • Your driving record and claims history: Drivers with a clean record are often offered lower rates, while those with a history of accidents, tickets, and violations can expect higher premiums.
  • Where you keep your car: Insurance costs can be higher for individuals who park in neighborhoods with more elevated rates of property crime, auto theft, and/or weather risk—meaning rates can vary from city to city. 
Here are a few specific factors that impact insurance rates for Cadillac vehicles:
  • Availability: Replacement parts for many Cadillac cars are expensive, even if you’re using aftermarket or used parts. This is especially true for classic Cadillacs. 
  • Imports: Cadillacs are primarily manufactured in the U.S., Canada, and China. Models made in other countries need to be shipped in, which can increase costs. 
  • Trim level: The cost of your Cadillac can vary greatly based on the trim level you select. Base trims cost less to insure than upper-tier trim levels. 
  • Safety: Cadillac’s high safety ratings are offset by their turbocharged engines and capacity for high speeds. 

Cadillac insurance cost for young drivers

Teen drivers aged 16 to 19 are often confronted with disproportionately high car insurance rates, due to limited driving experience and lack of insurance history. Whether you’re considering coverage for your teenager or are a teen with your own car, it’s worth investing in a full-coverage policy—which can provide the highest level of protection for inexperienced drivers.

Cadillac insurance cost for senior drivers

A lot of insurance companies see senior drivers as a risky bunch to insure. That’s because:
  • Senior drivers have a higher probability of being involved in car accidents
  • Accidents involving senior drivers often lead to more severe injuries and higher medical expenses
As a result, drivers may notice an increase in their car insurance premiums once they turn 75. 
Remember though, that the cost of insurance also depends on other factors such as your driving history, where you live, and more—so shopping for personalized insurance quotes will be more informative than averages alone.

Cadillac insurance cost for drivers with driving violations 

Aside from the model you drive, your Cadillac insurance costs are affected by your personal
driving history
. Typically, drivers with a “clean” record (one that does not contain traffic violations or insurance claims) are offered the most affordable rates.
But if you’ve earned one or more of the following violations within the past three to five years, you could end up paying even higher premiums for coverage:
  • Speeding tickets
  • DUIs
  • At fault accidents
  • Reckless driving
  • Driving on a suspended license

Cheapest car insurance for Cadillac drivers with a speeding ticket

Speeding tickets are one of the most common violations on the road—we’ve all been there. If you get a speeding ticket in your Cadillac, your insurance premium could increase by
an average of 13%
Jerry can help Cadillac owners keep car insurance costs low after a speeding violation. 

Cheapest car insurance for Cadillac drivers with a DUI

If you have a
DUI conviction
on your driving record, insurance companies can hit you with substantially higher rates or even deny coverage altogether.
You may need to compare rates from multiple providers to find low-cost insurance coverage after a DUI. That's where Jerry comes in to lend a hand:

Cheapest car insurance for Cadillac drivers after an accident

Your car accident or claims history can have a substantial impact on your Cadillac car insurance costs. If you've been involved in an at-fault accident recently, there's a chance your costs could shoot up. 
Check out how Jerry has assisted Cadillac drivers in saving money after an accident:

Cheapest car insurance for Cadillac drivers with other driving violations on their record

Besides speeding tickets and DUIs, other types of traffic violations can bump up your car insurance rates. Even your classic car insurance rate can be affected by at-fault accidents, speeding tickets, or DUI convictions on your driving record. 
We have helped Cadillac drivers save on their insurance despite these violations.

How can I lower the cost of my Cadillac car insurance?

Cadillacs come with high price tags and expensive insurance costs—but affordable coverage is out there if you know where to look. Here are some tips to help keep your rates even lower: 
  • Shop around: The first insurance policy you find may not be the cheapest—that’s why it’s important to shop for quotes from multiple insurance companies to find the best deal. Luckily, that’s exactly what Jerry was designed to help you do. As a licensed insurance broker that’s partnered with over 55+ leading insurance providers, Jerry can narrow down all the best quotes and coverage options for you.
  • Bundle your insurance policies: Consider bundling your car insurance with your
    renter’s insurance
    to receive a discounted rate on both policies. 
  • Look for discounts: Most auto insurance companies offer discounts to help lower the cost of car insurance—and if you’re eligible for multiple discounts, the combined effect could put a sizable dent in your premium. Ask your agent if there are any unadvertised insurance discounts you may be eligible for, such as discounts for good driving, good students, or low mileage. 
  • Reduce your coverage: Consider
    reducing the coverage amount
    on older or infrequently driven vehicles. This is particularly beneficial if your car's value is less than ten times the premium you're currently paying.
  • Raise your deductible: Your deductible is the out-of-pocket expense you pay before your collision or comprehensive coverage applies to a claim. Increasing this cost can lower your average monthly bill. 


As a luxury brand, Cadillacs typically come with higher auto insurance costs—although they’re not the most costly car out there to insure. On average, Cadillac owners pay $1,164 per year for minimum coverage, and $2,376 per year for full coverage—which is only 3% more than the national average. 
Car insurance for the Cadillac CTS costs an average of $100 per year for state minimum coverage, which is 3% more the national average. But if you’re buying or driving a brand-new car, you should plan to purchase full coverage insurance—which costs an average of $2,376 per year. 
The average cost of car insurance for Cadillac CTS owners is $1200 per year—but exact rates can vary among model years and trim levels. The best way to estimate your personal costs for Cadillac CTS insurance is by shopping for free quotes using an online comparison website or tool, like Jerry. 
In order to legally drive your Cadillac on the road, you’ll need the right insurance coverage. Most states mandate a minimum amount of liability insurance, which usually includes set limits of bodily injury liability coverage and property damage liability coverage. In some states, additional coverages like uninsured motorist coverage and personal injury protection are also required by law. 
You may also hear about “Cadillac insurance” when it comes to health insurance. These plans don’t actually have anything to do with the automaker—they refer to high-cost plans.


The Insurance Research Team analyzes insurance products and services to drive insights and help consumers make informed purchase decisions. 
Insurance research: We analyzed over 25 million car insurance quotes; conducted the largest insurance shopping survey (over 15,000 customers surveyed and 85 carriers reviewed in the past 18 months). 
We surveyed insurance policyholders for their experience with their insurers in the following areas: (1) insurance cost (2) customer service (3) insurance buying experience (4) insurance renewal experience (5) claim experience. In addition, we asked people what they like about their insurers and what areas in which their insurers could improve. The driver characteristics used in calculating average rates for auto insurance include: single driver, single car, currently insured, clean driving record.  
For the quotes and sold policies included in this article, please note that personal information has been hidden. Not all customers find savings. 
Team: The team consists of licensed insurance agents, insurance industry veterans, and data scientists.

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*Illustration only. For all the pricing information presented in this article (including various tables), please note that not all customers find savings and the information is for illustrative purposes only. Savings depend on type of car, location, policy features, driving history and other factors. Drivers who switch through Jerry save over $70/month on average.