Volvo Payments: What You Need to Know

Volvo offers numerous ways for you to make car payments—online, by phone, wire transfer, autopay, and more—but credit card payments are not directly accepted.
Written by Zachary Morgan
Reviewed by Jessica Barrett
If you need to make a payment to Volvo Car Financial Services, you can do so online, by phone, through the mail, via autopay, or with a wire transfer through MoneyGram.
If you’re financing a Volvo, you have some options in terms of how to make your regular payments. Don’t worry, we’ll go over the various payment methods available to you and help you decide which is best for your needs. Plus, if you’re thinking about getting a Volvo
car loan
or lease, we can give you a good idea of your costs by listing average monthly payments for their best-selling vehicles of 2022.
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How to pay your Volvo car bill

If the due date for your next Volvo payment is coming up, you’ll have the option of paying online, by phone, by mail, through autopay, or via a MoneyGram wire transfer.


The easiest way to make your Volvo payment is with their
autopay system
, wherein your monthly car payment is automatically deducted from your checking or savings account.
is easy and takes less than five minutes, but be sure to keep an eye on your account balance when payment day is around the corner.


If autopay doesn’t float your boat, you also have the option of making online payments directly to Volvo Car Financial Services using either your debit card or checking account. You can even schedule your payment up to 30 days in advance and split the payment across three different methods if you need to!

By phone

You can also make your payment by phone by calling Volvo’s automated service line at 1-866-499-6793. You can call this number at any time (even on weekends), but if you want to receive same-day credit you’ll have to call sometime Monday-Friday before 4pm ET. Make sure you have your payment information at-hand before you call.

By mail

If you’re a big fan of the US Postal Service or vintage things in general, you can send a check to one of the addresses provided by Volvo Car Financial Services. Remember to write your account information on the check and allow up to three days for delivery and processing. 
Volvo’s mailing addresses are as follows (based on payment):
Volvo Car Financial Services
PO Box 70899
Charlotte, NC 28272-0899
Volvo Car Financial Services
PO Box 71102
Charlotte, NC 28272-1102

In person

While you can’t just waltz into your local Volvo dealership and make an in-person payment, what you can do is personally visit a
MoneyGram location
and send a wire-transfer. Once you arrive at MoneyGram, you will need to give them the following information:
  • Pay To: Volvo Car Financial Services U.S., LLC
  • Receive Code: 10857
In addition, you will need to include your Volvo Car Financial Services account number so that the payment can be properly credited to your account. You might have to pay a convenience fee to transfer your payment, as well.
Sure, a convenience fee is a bit annoying, but paying for a wire transfer is really the only way to make a Volvo payment with cash or a credit card. You’ll have to weigh your options, of course, but the added expense might be worth your while.  

Can I make my Volvo payments with a credit card?

No, not unless you’re using a third-party service for a wire transfer. You can only use your debit card and/or your checking account to make online Volvo payments.

Is there a grace period for Volvo car payments?

Volvo allows for a
small grace period
after a
missed or late payment
, but there is no fixed amount of time for this period (eg. 10 days, 12 days, etc.). Instead, you’ll have to review your specific contract in order to find out how long you have before a late charge is levied against your account.

How much are Volvo payments?

Since Volvo is a luxury car brand, you can expect higher-than-average payments if you buy or lease a new Volvo. Starting MSRP for new Volvo models ranges from $35,100 for the XC40 plug-in hybrid (PHEV) all the way to $67,300 for the V60 PHEV.
Take a look at the table below to find pricing information and
average loan payments
for the best-selling models from Volvo’s lineup. The averages in the table below are based on the base trim for that particular model with a 10% down payment, a 72-month loan term, and an estimated interest rate of 4.90% (the average for new car buyers with credit scores between 661 and 780). Your payment could be slightly different based on your personal loan profile.
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MSRP range
Average monthly payment
$52,315 – $54,911 
$35,100 – $36,200
$65,800 – $72,600
$47,650 – $52,000
2022 Volvo S90 PHEV
$61,050 – $62,050
2022 Volvo V60 PHEV
$67,300 – $68,000
2022 Volvo C40 EV
2022 Volvo XC40 EV
$51,700 – $58,150
Your exact payment will be determined by a multitude of factors, including your credit score,
trade-in value
, size of your down payment, and vehicle price, to name a few. For example, shorter loan terms lead to lower payments and vice versa, meaning that a
72-month term
will have lower payments than an 84-month term. One last thing to remember is that used cars typically have higher
than new-car loans.  
is awesome! I loved my experience. Love from Las Vegas NV.” —Kelly G.
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Volvo Car Financial Services requires a credit score of at least 600 in order to qualify for a car lease or loan.
The exact interest rate on your car loan will be determined by your credit score, but Volvo’s most commonly-offered interest rate for new vehicles is 6.9% for qualifying customers.
Can’t decide which Volvo is right for you? The Swedish brand has committed to going fully-electric by 2030, so we hope you like the idea of driving a hybrid or an EV! If we had to choose, we’d say that the
triumphant XC60
and the super-safe XC40 would be two of your best bets.
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