Nebraska Car Sales Tax: Reviews and Estimates

Nebraska car sales tax is 5.5% for any new or used car purchases. When state and county rates are added, the average car sales tax becomes 6.324%. Learn more.
Written by Max Werner
Reviewed by Jessica Barrett
The average car sales tax for Nebraska is 6.324%. This value includes both state and local taxes, and the latter varies based on the county.
Buying a car doesn’t stop at the asking price. In Nebraska, the flat sales tax rate is only 5.5%—but you can expect to pay more when including county and local taxes. You’ll also have to consider (and pay) insurance costs, registration fees, and additional expenses.
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How much is the car sales tax rate in Nebraska?

The statewide sales tax for Nebraska is 5.5% for any new or used car purchases. While some counties forgo additional costs, most will charge a local tax on top of the state rate. The average combined sales tax rate for Nebraska is 6.324%.
The highest rate can be found in Gage County—home to a high concentration of car owners in the state—where the local sales tax is 3.5%. Residents in Gage County can expect a total combined tax rate of 8.0%
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How are car trade-ins taxed in Nebraska? 

In Nebraska, trade-ins will drastically reduce both a car’s purchase price and how much you’ll pay in taxes. This is because the trade-in value is not subject to taxation. Said simply, Nebraska will only tax the price of a vehicle after the trade-in credit has been subtracted.
Imagine you’re shopping for a new
, which costs roughly $36,000. You’d usually pay $1,980 in state taxes according to the 5.5% rate. However, if you were to
trade in a car
worth, say, $18,000, the sales taxes on the new car would be sliced in half.
Nebraska taxation won’t honor any rebates or incentives. For example, even if your auto dealer offers you $2,000 cash back with your new vehicle, you’ll still be taxed according to the full asking price.

How to calculate sales tax on a car in Nebraska

To calculate your tax payment, visit the Nebraska DMV website and use their
Vehicle Fee estimator
. If you’d rather go the old-school route, combine Nebraska's statewide 5.5% rate with the tax rate of your dealer’s county. Doing so will estimate how much you should expect to pay.
Key Takeaway The state tax rate when buying a vehicle in Nebraska is 5.5%. Combine this with the county rates to find out how much you’ll pay in sales tax.

Exemptions from Nebraska car sales tax

It’s challenging to avoid sales tax when buying a vehicle in Nebraska. However, you can be exempt under the following conditions:
  • You are a blind or disabled veteran
  • You are a member of an Indian tribe
  • You belong to the United States military or navy (or the spouse of one)
  • You represent a non-profit (or equally protected organization)
For more specific exemption requirements, explore the
Nebraska statute 60-3,185
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How to estimate Nebraska tax, title, and registration fees

Sales tax can be an important cost to consider when buying a new vehicle—but it isn’t the only one. Most dealerships will charge you a documentation fee for handling the paperwork. You’ll also have to pay for
vehicle registration
and titling fees.
Look to the chart below for a full breakdown of additional costs in Nebraska:
Average cost
Sales tax
Registration fee
$50 to $87
Title fee
$10 ($14 for replacement)
Plate transfer
Documentation fee
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Regardless of whether you're buying a new or used car, you’ll still pay the same sales tax. In Nebraska, you’ll pay a 6.234% combined rate on average.
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