All the Best Honda Compact Cars

The Honda Fit might be the smallest and cheapest Honda, but it was discontinued recently. The Civic is the current leader of Honda’s small car lineup.
Written by Jessica Gibson
Reviewed by Jessica Barrett
The Honda Civic is one of the most recognizable compact cars in the world. The 2022 Civic—its 11th generation model—continues to dominate Honda’s small car lineup.
It’s easy to overlook the other small cars in Honda’s compact lineup, but that would be a mistake. While it’s true that the Honda Civic is an affordable compact that’s frequently updated for quality and comfort, Honda also manufactures the Fit and Insight—subcompact and hybrid offerings, respectively. 
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2022 Toyota compact and subcompact car models

2022 Honda Civic sedan ($22,550 - $30,050 MSRP)

Honda Civic
might be the carmaker’s most popular vehicle. After all, it’s been in production since 1972, and it just keeps getting better. Edmunds gives the newest Civic an 8/10 rating, ranking it #1 out of seven compact sedans, while U.S. News ranks it #1 out of 10 compact cars.
Reviewers liked the Civic’s easy acceleration and handling. Consumer Reports notes that it was one of the sportiest compacts it tested. However, its low proximity to the ground compromises comfort, so drivers might find the Toyota Corolla a more agreeable ride for long distances.
That being said, the Honda Civic boasts a clean, streamlined interior, and an infotainment system that’s easy to use. Owners seem to enjoy its nimble handling, safety features, and affordable price tag, too. 
Simply put, the Civic is priced low, fun to drive, and gets good gas mileage. It’s no wonder Kelley Blue Book placed the 2022 Honda Civic at the top of its Compact Car Best Buy list for 2022. 
Highlights of the Civic sedan include: 
  • Standard forward-collision mitigation, adaptive cruise control, and lane departure warnings on all models 
  • 5-star safety rating from NHTSA
  • IIHS Top Safety Pick+ for 2022
  • 33/42 EPA-estimated mpg (city/highway)
Weaknesses include:
  • Noisy cabin
  • Uncomfortable ride
  • Lack of front-seat lumbar support
  • Occasional false alarms from safety features

2020 Honda Fit ($19,975 - $24,400 MSRP)

Honda Fit
is Honda’s practical compact car. It maximizes interior space and gets pretty good gas mileage. 
While its base model is cheaper than the base Honda Civic, it’s not as fun to drive. Fit owners dislike the loud cabin noise and rough handling. The Fit also struggles to get up and go—it’s got much weaker acceleration.
The newest models no longer offer the LX and Sport trim or the navigation option. This means the 2020 Honda Fit feels more stripped down and bare-bones than the previous generation. 
Despite this, Consumer Reports gives the newest Fit 5/5 for overall reliability. And U.S. News ranked the 2020 Honda Fit #1 out of 10 subcompact cars.
If you’re looking for a vehicle for short trips or you want the smallest possible Honda, the Fit will probably suit your needs. Its cargo space, roomy interior, and maneuverability may help you overlook the Fit’s drawbacks. 
Highlights of the Honda Fit include: 
  • 5-star safety rating from NHTSA
  • Spacious interior
  • Great cargo capacity with rear-seating configuration
  • 36/40 EPA-estimated mpg (city/highway)
  • Optional Sport trim level
Weaknesses include: 
  • Driving performance isn’t as fun as Honda’s other offerings
  • Abrupt braking 
  • Weak acceleration

2022 Honda Insight hybrid ($25,760 - $29,790 MSRP)

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Honda’s compact hybrid gets rave reviews. Edmunds gives it 8.1/10, ranking it #1 out of seven hybrids. The
Honda Insight
gets the best gas mileage of any Honda vehicle—44/62 mpg (city/highway)—and averages 2 mpg better than the Toyota Prius.
Since it's based on the newest Civic, it’s designed for comfort and smooth driving. It’s also surprisingly affordable for a hybrid and looks like a regular sedan. The Insight also offers quick acceleration (something that many hybrids struggle with). 
The most common complaint about this gas-sipper is the engine noise. You might notice vibration or rough engine sounds when the battery needs charging. The Insight is also noisier on freeways than other hybrids, but these are the trade-offs for an affordable Honda hybrid.
Highlights of the Honda Insight include: 
  • Honda Sensing Suite of advanced safety features
  • Smooth handling
  • 5-star safety rating from NHTSA
  • IIHS Top Safety Pick+ for 2022
  • 44/62 EPA-estimated mpg (city/highway)
Weaknesses include: 
  • Gas engine sounds coarse at times
  • Small infotainment screen
  • Low to the ground
  • Poor lumbar support in the seating

Other small Honda models

While the five models outlined above are the only true compact cars sold by Honda these days, they’re not the only small Hondas worth looking at. Here are a few more small models—both cars and SUVs—you should have on your radar: 
  • Honda Accord ($26,520 - $38,450 MSRP): This sedan is a great choice if you enjoy the design of the Civic but find that the interior is just too small.
  • Honda HR-V ($23,650 - $28,950 MSRP): This compact crossover is Honda’s smallest SUV, built on the same platform as the popular Civic.
  • Honda Clarity ($32,525 - $33,875 MSRP): The “Clarity” line refers to Honda’s alternative fuel vehicles, which are continually being revamped but always offer fantastic mileage.
If you’re looking for a larger Honda, check out their midsize or SUV offerings like the
, or Passport models.

What is Honda’s cheapest compact?

Drumroll, please—it’s the Honda Fit! However, since Honda stopped distributing the Fit to U.S. markets, it can be hard to get your hands on one. 
The runner-up for cheapest Honda is the Civic, especially if you choose a base trim or manage to get your hands on a used model.

What is Honda’s smallest car? 

The Honda Fit is also Honda’s smallest compact car, measuring 164.1 inches long and 67 inches wide.
Of the current models, the Civic gets the distinction of being the smallest car. Here are a few more measurements pertaining to the Fit and the Civic:
  • 2020 Honda Fit wheelbase: 99.6 in.
  • 2022 Honda Civic wheelbase: 107.7 in.
  • 2020 Honda Fit passenger volume: 95.7 cubic ft.
  • 2022 Honda Civic passenger volume: 99 cubic ft.

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