Buying a Car in Oklahoma From Out of State

You’ll have to get a new, notarized Oklahoma title and pay Oklahoma’s excise tax on a car that you buy from out of state.
Written by Pat Roache
Reviewed by Jessica Barrett
To register a car in
that you’ve bought from out of state, you’ll need to get a new, notarized Oklahoma title from the Motor Vehicle Division of the Oklahoma Tax Commission and pay Oklahoma’s excise tax.
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How to buy a car out of state as an Oklahoma resident

Say you’re an Oklahoma resident, but you found a great deal on a used
Ford F-150
across the border in Texas. Even though you might buy the truck in Texas, you’ll still have to notarize a new title, register the truck, and pay taxes in Oklahoma. 
You’ll have to
register your vehicle in Oklahoma
within thirty days of the out-of-state purchase. 
The first thing you’ll need to do is apply for an original Oklahoma title. Make an appointment with a
tag agent
or head to your local
OK Tax Commission (OTC) lobby
and bring the following documents:
If you’re bringing in a used car purchased from out of state, you’ll also have to submit to a physical vehicle inspection conducted by a representative of the OTC Motor Vehicle Division or Oklahoma motor license agency. There is a section on Form 701-6 to document this inspection. You’ll also have to pay an $11 fee for the original title.
Don’t sign the title just yet! Oklahoma requires all titles to be notarized. Head to your local bank or post office so a notary can witness your signature and authorize it as valid—don’t forget to bring a valid ID!
Now that you’ve got a notarized Oklahoma title for your out-of-state car, you can make another appointment with your local tag agent or OTC lobby to register your car and get your Oklahoma license plate. Make sure to bring the new title and the car’s old tags to your registration appointment. There is a $96 fee for your Oklahoma car registration.
The good news about paying the Oklahoma excise tax on your car purchase is that you don’t need to make a new appointment! The bad news is that you still have to pay the taxes. You’ll be charged these taxes when you register your car. 
Use the
Oklahoma excise tax estimator tool
to get an idea of just how much you’ll be paying.
Once you’ve gotten an original Oklahoma title, registered your vehicle, and paid the excise tax, your out-of-state purchase is officially a Sooner State car!

How to buy a car in Oklahoma if you live out of state

Now, if you find a great deal on a Ford F-150 in Oklahoma, but you live somewhere else, you’ll be subject to your own state’s processes for buying a car out of state. It will likely be similar to the process in Oklahoma, but check your state’s requirements just in case. 
It should go something like this:
  • Make sure you receive a valid bill of sale and the Oklahoma title for your car purchase if possible—a notary will have to authorize the bill of sale and title transfer.
  • Be prepared to head to your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) with proof of ownership (i.e. the bill of sale or title), a valid ID, proof of insurance, proof of residency, payment for fees, and any other forms, documents, or disclosures required by your state.
  • Register your vehicle in your home state and put on your new tags.
Out-of-state buyers who purchase a car in Oklahoma will not need to pay Oklahoma’s sales tax, but you’ll likely have to fulfill tax requirements in the state where you register your vehicle. 

What if I don’t have a physical title?

Oklahoma only requires that you provide an original copy of your out-of-state car purchase’s title—the rules and regulations do not specify if it can be physical or electronic
If the car you plan on purchasing only has an electronic title, talk to a tax agent or a representative at the Oklahoma Tax Commission (OTC) lobby where you plan on applying for your original Oklahoma title. They may ask you to obtain a physical copy for your appointment. If that’s the case, you’ll have to request a physical copy of the original title from the DMV.
MORE: Title transfer in Oklahoma

Tips for buying a vehicle out of state

As you may have already gathered, buying a vehicle from out of state comes with its own set of hoops to jump through. It may be worth it if you found a good deal, but follow these tips to make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible with your out-of-state purchase:
  • Always check the vehicle history report for a used car with a service like
  • Check the requirements for the physical inspection. But since Oklahoma doesn’t require inspections for most vehicles, make sure to ask specifically about inspections for used, out-of-state purchases.
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