Is Bentley a Luxury Car?

Bentley offers top-of-the-line luxury vehicles for the spendy driver.
Written by Olivia Rose
Reviewed by Jessica Barrett
Bentley is a luxury manufacturer under the subsidiary of
—and it makes some seriously bougie European cars. 
When you drive a Bentley, you’ll get incredibly quick acceleration while riding in the comfort of your favorite living room recliner. In addition, Bentley offers customization on a new level, so you can give your luxury ride a personal touch. Pick from over 80 unique colors, different steering wheels, sound systems, and more. No detail is overlooked when you are ordering a Bentley—and that’s why they’ll cost you some big bucks. 
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Is Bentley a luxury car? 

Yes! Bentley is a luxury manufacturer under Volkswagen. And just like Volkswagen, you’ll get a dependable car (and tricky repairs with expensive European parts) with a Bentley.

What makes a luxury car? 

The tell-tale sign of a luxury car is price, and we think Bentley’s average price tag of $150,000–$300,000 speaks for itself. Of course, the price can vary widely depending on the model and year, but you get the gist. These are pricey
But what do you get when you pay that luxury price? Bentley doesn’t just rely on their iconic name—you’ll get improved specs beyond what you’d find on basic economic cars. Here are some luxury features Bentley cars offer:
  • Top-tier technology
  • Unmatched comfort
  • Impressive performance
  • Customizable style
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The best Bentley luxury cars

Bentley has been in the luxury car business since 1919! That’s over 100 years in business—and a whole lot of cars. So which ones are worth the luxury price tag? We have our top picks below. 

Continental GT

When it comes to both contemporary style and staggering specs, the Continental GT is a no-brainer as the most impressive Bentley car. 
The Continental GT gives you the unique option of experiencing a 6-liter W12 engine. Think of this W12 as basically two V6s next to each other. That’s a lot of power—650 hp, to be exact. 
Even if you choose the lesser engine, it’ll be a V8 putting out at least 542 hp
Here are some luxury features the Continental GT offers:
  • Option for coupe or convertible
  • Twin-turbocharged engine (V8 or W12)
  • Real leather and wood interior details
  • High-end safety features, like lane-departure warning and lane-keep assist
  • 22-inch wheels
You’ll get most of the speed you need for daily driving with the base V8 model, but if you’re going all out on a luxury purchase, you might consider the top-tier W12 coupe:
Key specs
2022 Continental GT Speed Coupe
Twin-turbocharged W-12
8-speed dual-clutch automatic
All-wheel drive
0 to 60
3.5 seconds
EPA fuel economy (MPG)
15 combined/12 city/19 highway

Bentley Turbo-R

Not all Bentleys will appeal to the car aficionado with an eye for aesthetics, but the classic Turbo-R is a beauty. You’ll need to peruse the used car market to get your hands on this ‘90s sedan, but you won’t regret it. 
The Turbo-R is a great pick if you want to get your hands on luxury without paying the exorbitant luxury price of a new Bentley. A used Turbo-R will run you around $20,000–$40,000, depending on your location and the car's condition. We mean it when we say this is a steal of a price for a Bentley—the Turbo-R originally sold for upwards of $200,000!
Here are a few unique features to expect with a used Turbo-R:
  • Comfortably seats five passengers
  • Elevated driver’s seat
  • Electronic shifting technology
And for straight-up performance specs, the old Turbo-R still outperforms many contemporary economy cars:
Key specs
6.75-L turbocharged V8
4-speed automatic
Rear-wheel drive
0 to 60
6 seconds
EPA fuel economy (MPG)
11–15 combined (est.)
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Flying Spur

The Flying Spur is designed with passengers in mind—and that’s because it’s the sort of luxury car you buy when you want to be chauffeured around. And while the luxury features will make any passenger feel like royalty, the driver behind the wheel of a Flying Spur will feel happily luxurious, too. 
Here are the shockingly fancy features in the 2022 Flying Spur:
  • Power-adjustable rear bucket seats with heated armrests 
  • Metal, wood, and leather interior accents
  • Optional hybrid powertrain
  • Fully customizable styling choices
  • Optional driver-assistance features
  • Optional refrigerated compartment
Opting for the most powerful W-12 model will give you 626-hp on top of the slew of luxury features:
Key specs
2022 Flying Spur W-12
Twin turbo W-12
4-speed automatic
All-wheel drive
0 to 60
3.9 seconds
EPA fuel economy (MPG)
11–15 combined (est.)

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The recent 2022 Bentley Continental is the make’s fastest car yet. This luxury sports sedan has a max speed of 208 mph and goes 0-60 mph in 3.5 seconds.
While some Bentleys can cost upwards of $300k, a Bentley is not the most expensive car out there. For instance, a classic 1955 Mercedes-Benz 300 SLR Gullwing Uhlenhaut recently sold for $142.5 million!
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