Audi Resale Value

If you bought a new Audi and want to maximize its resale value, sell it within three to five years of purchase.
Written by Cassandra Hamilton
Reviewed by Jessica Barrett
You could get close to 75% of the original value of your Audi when you sell it—as long as the sale occurs within the first three to five years of ownership. There are a lot of factors when it comes to determining the depreciation of a car, like Age, condition, mileage, and market demand.
 If you love to drive luxury cars, you’re no stranger to Audi. These sporty driver’s cars handle well and are loved throughout the luxury car community. If you have an Audi, you already know how fun they are to drive—and you’ve probably formed an emotional connection with yours. If it’s time to say goodbye though, you’ll need to calculate your Audi’s resale value.
 It’s no secret that cars instantly depreciate in value as soon as you sign the paperwork and drive it off the lot. But  
, the
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comparison app, is here to help you determine your car’s resale value. We’ll talk about how your Audi’s resale value is determined, the steps you can take to get the max profit, and how to find the best for your next one!

What goes into determining my Audi’s resale value?

Your sporty Audi does more than just get you from work and back—it’s also taken you on thrilling drives through the countryside and more. While these memories don’t have a price tag, you can still figure out your Audi’s resale value with a few tools at your disposal
Let’s get into what the various influences are on your Audi’s resale value: 
  • Depreciation: You can’t control the immediate loss in value once you leave the new car lot. Audis hold their value better than other luxury cars, but some models lose up to 65% of their value in the first three years of ownership.
  • Mileage: Your car’s condition is mostly determined by mileage. Try keeping your mileage at 12,000 annual miles or fewer to prevent your car from aging too quickly.
  • Accident history: You can’t always avoid them, but accidents take a big piece out of your resale value.
  • Model popularity: An SUV like the
    Audi Q3
    is a classic choice, but when it comes to luxury cars, sporty coupes like the
    Audi TT
    generally hold their value better than their clunkier sedan siblings, even though the
    Audi A4
    holds its value well, too.
  • Interior and exterior conditions: Stay on top of your Audi’s maintenance and cleaning schedule to get the most out of its resale value. You’ll lose money for any dents, dings, blemishes, and neglected repairs.
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Resale value vs. trade-in value

Should you trade in your car or conduct a private sale? There are pluses and minuses to both
options, so let’s go over the differences between them. Trading in your car won’t put cash in your pocket, but the dealership will give you credit towards purchasing a new car.
 A solid financial choice is resale, but it takes a lot of effort. An unknown amount of strangers will be poring over your car’s every detail, from its age to its condition and mileage, and potential buyers don’t give you feedback on how to maximize your profit like a dealership might.
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What is the MSRP of my Audi?

To find the most accurate resale value of your Audi, you should know what the car’s original MSRP was—or the price you paid when you bought it new.
 If you didn’t buy your Audi brand new or forgot what the original MSRP was, you can use Kelley Blue Book's
handy guide
to find an estimated MSRP for your Audi.
 Key Takeaway Your Audi’s resale value takes several factors into consideration: the original MSRP, interior andexterior conditions, accident history, age, and model type.

How does wear and tear affect my Audi’s value?

An incredibly important aspect of your car’s resale value is the condition of your Audi. Luckily, the condition of your car is something you can mostly control and manipulate to increase your car’s value. 
Ideally, you have followed Audi’s recommended
car maintenance schedule
, but if that’s something you neglected, get to a mechanic and take care of any repairs. If a prospective buyer has to cover those costs out of their pocket, you’ll get less for your Audi.
 Generally speaking, you lose $2,500 of value for every $5,000 you spent on repairs. It doesn’t matter if those repairs were due to an accident or regular wear and tear. If you didn’t save your repair receipts, see if you can find an online wear-and-tear calculator to help determine what your repairs have cost.
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How to calculate the resale value of your car

No two cars have the same story or journey, and your Audi isn’t an exception to this rule. You can still use this
helpful tool
to help estimate what your resale value will be, though.
 Before proceeding with the sale of your Audi, you should know how it compares to other Audi models on the market. First, you’ll need to determine the depreciated value of your Audi. Car Edge says the 2020 model year is the best for retaining an Audi’s value at about 75% of the car’s new value. This is the best year to buy a new or used Audi.
 We’ll talk about specific examples so you can see how the numbers shake out. If you bought a 2020 Audi A3 for $41,500 and drove it for three years at 12,000 miles annually or less, it would have retained 61% of its value, bringing its resale price to $25,502.
Different models fetch different prices. For example, if you bought a 2020 Audi Q3 at $37,250 and drove it that annual 12,000 miles, the resale value would now be $26,079. In contrast, this model retained 70% of its original MSRP.
 All this might be sounding truly great, but remember these estimates assume the car is in top condition. While the model year does play a big role in depreciation, there are other factors that play even more of a role.
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The bottom line: is my Audi worth reselling?

You’ve gathered the information on your Audi’s MSRP, its depreciation, the condition, and the mileage. How can you tell if it’s worth the hassle of a private sale?  The effort might be worth it if your Audi is in top cosmetic shape, has less than 15,000 miles per year on average, was brand new within the last three to five years, and is an SUV or coupe.
 If your Audi doesn’t quite measure up to these expectations, there are some last-minute adjustments you can make to increase your chances of resale.

How to prep your Audi for resale 

You can try the following steps to get the max profit from your Audi. Take care of these details before passing the keys to the new owner. 
  • Get your car detailed. People will pay more for a super clean car over one that’s a little grimy.
  • Take care of routine maintenance. Check your fluid levels, get the oil changed, rotate the tires, and align the wheels before you post your “for sale” flier.
  • Gather the original parts. The new owner will feel confident they’re buying a well-cared-for car if you can produce all the original manuals, key fobs, and accessories that the car originally came with.
 Following these steps will really maximize your earning potential from your Audi and increase not only the number of interested parties, but also the amount of money they’re willing to pay.

Finding cheap Audi car insurance 

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The Audi models with the highest resale values are the Audi TT, Audi S4, and Audi S6—followed closely by the Audi Q series.
You’ll need to factor in your Audi’s depreciation, mileage, condition, accident history, and more to determine its resale value. Try using this
helpful tool
from Edmunds to get a better idea of what your Audi is worth.
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